The Girl Who Loved Too Hard

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A poem about a girl who has to have sex in order to survive.

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The Girl Who Loved Too Hard

She dropped her dress and her inhibitions at the door.

The door with the brass lion knocker right in the center.

The lion seemed to be taunting her, laughing at her.

“You think he’ll love you?”

“Only with that dress off.”

She knew that brass lion knocker was right.

She knew that no man would ever love her unless she was naked, alone and vulnerable.

Maybe the lion wasn’t mocking her.

Maybe it was a symbol of the men in her life.

Waiting to pounce on her innocent heart and soul.

Waiting for her to say yes to anything.

And she did.

Because she couldn’t bare the thought of being alone... of being unloved.

No, she had to be loved and she would do anything to make that happen.

Even when the men beat her with words and hands she still came back.

She still came back to be beaten and broken.

Because through all of that she still loved them.

So she opened the door and let it slam with a bang.

She walked into the parlor and said Master, here I am.

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