What I have seen

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The story told from one person that they have witnessed.

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What I have seen

Here I stand to bear witness to events that any people cannot say they have seen. From since the time I was born with my brother and sisters, we have watched time pass. Remember being small yolk to now a giant among you all seen the landscape change from nothing but soil to livestock to live and eat. Not much has changed my view yet I say nothing about this change. When wars struck I have heard the sound weapons clashing, weapon fire from a range. Weapons have changed to able to carry them, and they fire a flame from them. Felt handprints of dead victims of wars that they had no control over blood-stained hands remain on me even if it has faded away memories do no fade away so quickly. Seen more than violence seen joy of happy couples embrace the love that I wish I could have felt—seen the knives carved names of people with names with hearts around them. My siblings do not speak to me but I know how they feel. Joys of children laughter there crying all have heard while I witness it all. Saw couple from their youth from a ring and the words yes couple with children and basket of food. The same couple that was older but never forgot me saw as happy part of their life. So much time has passed now times have changed and not in a pleasant way. My brother and sister where they once stood now gone and here I see people with hats, and machines that make a sound of evil and they slice through my fellow family with struggle and ease. They fell onto the soil. Now it’s only me the last survivor they come with papers and talk about using this place I called home so long an area of homes. Cannot tell them to stop and leave me in peace but now the sounds of the machines are heard and they are getting closer to me. Feel my sides sliced into and after all, and I am a tree and nature of life is that you cannot live forever.

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