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This is me just writing down my feelings and my thoughts. A peek inside my head.

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Love is a ugly thing. We want it even when it hurts us.

We continue this process over and over again. The process of being in love, then getting hurt.

We think we've found "the one" when it's just another heartbreak. Another hurt.

But we still want more. Its addicting. We need it. At least that's what we tell ourselves.

All love does it cause hurt. Heartbreak. Hate. Bitterness. It causes us to be sad when we cant find it. It causes us to feel like we're worthless.

But you see, that's only when you dont have love.


Love is a beautiful thing. We want it even when it hurts us.

We want it so much we don't give up. We keep trying. We keep fighting for it. Even when it might hurt us, because we dont just want it we also need it.

We think we've found the one. but it turns out it wasnt. But we keep looking because if that wanst love the I cant wait to find out what it is.

If he wasnt The One then I cant wait to find The One. Whoever he is I cant wait to meet him. Or maybe I already have. That's a wonderful thing about love, it's so mysterious.

Love causes us to feel important. Special. Amazing. Just all together wonderful. When we find it it makes us so happy, so good. It causes us to feel like great.


Its beautiful and ugly.

Just like anything else theres a good and a bad side.

It just depends on your prospective.

In the end however we all want the same thing. We all need the same thing.

To be loved.

So heres to you.

Whoever you are.

I know you'll find love. You have to. Dont give up hope. It may seem as though its hopeless, but it's not.

I also know that you'll be strong enough to move on. It may seem like you never be able to move on. But I know you'll be strong enough to carry on.

Never give up.

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