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'IM' With Zen

By Michael W. All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Other

Adversarial Opinions

It had been a few weeks since the player known as Darkscript had first met and begun talking with another player called Zendella. For all intense and purposes, we’ll refer to our two protagonist by these titles. Can we really call them both protagonists, I wonder? Reading through this I’d say… well, never mind that. What I have to say isn’t really that important. After all, you’re here to read into these two characters, not my insights.

It was an early morning, at least for the player who sat at his computer behind the face of Darkscript. For Zendella, this was practically the afternoon. Darkscript wasn’t much in a mood to play games today. No he had work that needed finishing on other fronts, and he’d already invested too much of his time into the game realm the day prior. In order to feel any sense of accomplishment, he’d have to devote toady to doing something more meaningful.

Sitting down at his computer, there came a familiar pining noise from the speakers. The sound indicated that a message had arrived for him via the Steam game application. He was not entirely certain as to whom it was from. Based upon previous conversations it was either a user by the name of Holo, or it was Zendella. Of course, it could also have been Tito, or EunWol. Perhaps it was SacredSilence? Come to think of it, the message could have been sent from quite a few people.

Darkscript checked to see.

Zendella: hay

Zendella. Of course it was from Zendella. How could it not have been? He should have expected this coming. In truth, Darkscript was not unhappy to see that she’d messaged him. She often grew bored quite easily and required someone to talk with. Realizing that if he began messaging her, he’d probably not accomplish anything for at least the next hour and a half, he accepted that possibility and decided to reply.

Darkscript: Hi Zne.he replied, before quickly realizing he’d incorrectly typed her name.

Darkscript: Zen.

Zendella: Hi Zen. – she responded, perhaps attempting to show that he’d gotten her name incorrect.

Darkscript: Hi Darkscript. – he replied, trying to play along and inverse their names.

Darkscript: How are you doing?

Zendella: TERRARIA – she replied. Darkscript checked to see, but she was not playing Terraria. To this note, he wondered what she was talking about.

Zendella: Can we call you ------- from now on? – she inquired somewhat randomly.

Darkscript: If I can call you --------?

Zendella: Does anyone ever call you --------?

Zendella: That’s like the most exciting form…

Zendella: of the name --------.

Darkscript: People at school used to, sometimes.

Darkscript: Some of my friends would.

Zendella: Every -------- I ever come across wants to be called --------.

Darkscript: I don't mind what you call me, I'd prefer --------, but you may call me -------- if it pleases you.

Darkscript: Speaking of Terraria we should play again today. I need to write, so I can't right now. Maybe this afternoon? – he inquired, attempting to orchestrate a plan.

Zendella: It is afternoon!! – she shouted.

Zendella: Play 7 days with me pweeeease<33

Darkscript: Its 11:30, that's barely lunch.

Zendella: Its 12:30 here :P

Darkscript: I told you, running it is ‘differcult’ for my computer. I can try, but I’m not sure how long it will run before I have to stop.

Zendella: ‘Differcult’? Nice spelling.

Zendella: Maybe with the graphic changes it will run better?

Zendella: Just keep everything turned way down. – she stated, attempting to offer any means by which an outcome that she desired could be ascertained.

Darkscript: I don’t bother spelling things correctly... I’m dyslexic too, so that never helps me much. – he reminded.

Darkscript: I can try to do that, but I don’t know how long it will run decently. In any case, it will be later today.

Zendella: This guy wants to play Terraria with us by the way.

Darkscript: From our server?

Zendella: Huh?

Darkscript: Which guy? Someone on the Creativerse server?

Zendella: ------- said you promoted me to a moderator on Creativerse what does that even mean?

Darkscript: It means I’ve finally taken into account and publicly recognized that you’re a good Dryad… – he joked, giving reference to events from the prior day.

Darkscript: It just means you have more power than builders.

Darkscript: You can open certain things and do a few more permissions.

Zendella: Oh okay. – she replied, probably not knowing what he meant at all.

Zendella: I’m not sure what that means but okay. – oh, she really didn’t know what he meant.

Zendella: No I don’t know this guy he just added my steam. – she finally replied to the earlier comment about the new possible player.

Darkscript: It's probably better you not know what you are now capable of doing. lol.

Darkscript: Is it the guy from yesterday, -------?

Zendella: Whys that? – she inquired, asking about the previous statement.

Zendella: No.

Zendella: I think this guy saw one of my forum posts advertising the Terraria server I was hosting several months back and he added me.

Zendella: And I told him we were playing a game on the server you just made and he asked to join.

Zendella: He’s new to the game he just started playing it like 3 days ago.

Darkscript: Oh, I see. Adding in random people is sometimes a bit annoying though. I’ve found most Terraria players from the forums are really weird and childish people on almost all occasions. Of the seven people I’ve played with without knowing them first, only one ended up my friend, whom I still play with on occasion. The other six were either little kids, people who trolled, or people who were simply not very willing to play along with the group’s activities. This guy might be ok, but I’ve not had great experiences in the past.

Zendella: idk, one way or the other. – she replied, likely shrugging her shoulders.

Darkscript: I’d like to get you, me, --------, my brother and my other friend on today if possible at about 7:00 tonight, 8:00 ur time I suppose.

Darkscript: If that works out we can play, and if not I’ll play with you instead.

Zendella: What Terraria? – she asked, likely wondering if this comment was meant to be taken as a sexual innuendo.

Darkscript: Seven days.

Zendella: omg – she replied in excitement. This was a game that she’d long wanted Darkscript to play with her.

Zendella: yes!

Zendella: 7 days is so fun with a group!

Zendella: I mean,

Zendella: as long as everyone is willing to respect each other’s' jobs and work together.

Darkscript: Depending on whether or not a certain friend of mine is capable of playing Terraria, we’ll see. I got them the game last night as a Christmas gift of sorts. They really wanted it and had no money to get it, which, is basically the same boat I’m in, but hell it’s Christmas, and they are a pretty great person, so yeah. If they can play today I am going to help them learn the game.

Zendella: Is it --------?

Zendella: YOU TYPE SO SLOW! FUCK! – she exclaimed, not capable of waiting more than a minute for Darksript’s responses, which typically came slowly due to their length. That and the fact that he often ran them through word for spell checking. Though, that didn’t always seem to help.

Darkscript: --------is currently in college, he is a year younger than me. He’s studying to become a Doctor and he has a lot of tough classes he is forced to take. The poor guys has zero time for games, or life, or fun… or anything. But, he’s a very brilliant guy, so I know he’ll make it through.

Darkscript: I type you paragraphs… that’s why I’m slow at responding.

Zendella: You have the biggest gay crush on --------. – she stated.

Darkscript: .... I’ve already explained to you my positions on my sexual preferences. – he reminded, directing her back to a previous conversation.

Zendella: It’s so obvious though. – she assured, or maybe she was just assuring herself?

Darkscript: He’s like a brother to me. Obviously I care about him.

Even with Darkscript’s assurances, and previous statements on this matter, Zendella still refused to accept this statement as truth. While it was in fact accurate what Darkscript had said, she would not have it, not without pressing the conversation in the direction which she normally enjoyed taking it.

Zendella: What if he was begging you to take him?

Zendella: Would you?

Darkscript: -------- is a straight as it gets, as am I. If there were a situation that merited us to do anything gay with one another, we’d probably both honorably commit suicide in substitution… So no. If in an alternate universe -------- was gay, and wanted me to have sex with him, there’s nothing in this universe that would be capable of tempting me to do so. – he assured firmly and without much humor in his tone.

Darkscript didn’t much find this topic to be particularly funny or amusing, but he was far too accepting to cut her off completely. He assumed he could use logic to convince her of his statement. With Zendella of course, attempting to use logic to accomplish much of anything never really pans out.

Zendella: What if he just came over one day and was like a mess,

Zendella: and was just like,

Zendella: "--------, I can’t go on just fantasizing about you…"

Zendella: "I need the real thing."

Zendella: "Please take me right here, right now."

Zendella: … and then he rubbed his tight muscular ass up against your dick?

Darkscript: ... am I being trolled right now? Lol. – he asked, somewhat in shock that she’d have gone that far with her statement.

Despite his mild aggravations he couldn’t quite resist laughing to himself at the last part. It struck him as oddly funny. Perhaps he’d simply not expected to read that line, and was ill prepared when he saw it. His discomfort quickly overshadowed any level of amusement it had brought him and he remembered that he did not find this conversation to be particularly appropriate.

Darkscript: Realistically speaking, if he were really feeling that way, having a hard time and honestly wanted to admit himself, I would calmly and logically debate with him about his feelings. We would come to a logical and reasonable conclusion which satisfied both our view points in the most fulfilling sense possible without taking preference to either of our understandings. -------- and I get along well because we both have immensely open minds, a high degree of intellect in many respects and a vast willingness for comprehensive understandings of one another’s views on things. Though if he grabbed my dick, there would be some degree of tension after that.

Zendella: If you really had an open mind you'd give it a go ;D – she insisted. From her prospective, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the scenario that she’d presented.

Darkscript: I will not sacrifice my views on personal morality for anyone, or anything. What are we if we can’t even be true to ourselves? – he asked with a striking tone of confidence.

Zendella: pfftt – she grunted, no doubt rolling her eyes.

Her response was hardly meaningful. Darkscript was determined to explain himself to her, in hopes that she might understand where he was coming from.

Darkscript: I have a mind with which to consider possibilities, not violate my reasoning on the whim of others. Sorry, you won’t find me much fun in that regard. I have a strong sense of morals. You should talk to Arian, or most of my other characters... – he stated, referencing some of the less moral based characters within certain stories he’d composed.

Darkscript: They are the other sides of me. You'd probably get more joy out of talking with them. Lol.

Zendella: What does having sex with someone have anything to do with morals?

This comment really baffled Darkscript. From his prospective the very word ‘moral’ itself was a near polar opposite of that sentence.

Zendella: Just cause people tell you having sex is wrong doesn't mean it’s true. Lol.

Darkscript: Are you going to make me explain this to you?... – he asked with somewhat of a chuckle..

Zendella: It would likely be a waste. Lol. – she confirmed.

Zendella: I don’t buy into that shit.

Darkscript: See it as you will. – he replied, not particularly wanting to carry this debate on further. In his mind he saw it that she could not be made to reason with logic or even in some cases factual information. Her mind’s perceptions of reality were solidified.

Darkscript: In the end we are who we choose to be and there's not much anyone can do about that, hum. – he said hoping to end it there and on a somewhat light and open ended note.

Zendella: Not really. Most people are products of their environment. They take what society teaches them and just run with it, without ever questioning it. – she continued on, unwilling to let the conversation take any other turn.

Zendella: That’s the opposite of choice.

Darkscript: A learned person has the mind capable of choosing.

Zendella: A "learned" person is one who has experience. Lol.

Zendella: One's knowledge cannot go beyond ones experience.

It was a somewhat accurate statement. However, perhaps she failed to consider that one can learn from the understandings and experiences of others, without needing to make the same choices or mistakes themselves. Most define this realization as, maturity.

Darkscript: I have been taught in a certain way, however my choices are my own, forged from my personal understandings and reasoning. I’ve experienced enough to understand where I stand. – He replied, now more than mildly aggravated with her unwillingness to let this conversation die. He probably should have stopped replying entirely by this point, but he couldn’t quite find the resolve to simply walk away.

Zendella: That’s barely being open minded then. You’re only open minded to the degree which you deem suitable for yourself.

To this Darkscript wondered in his mind if she really had any idea what she was even talking about at this point. The definition of open mindedness is one’s ability to consider other’s viewpoints without bias or prejudice, not necessarily to act upon any given notion without consideration. It would be irrational to simply accept another’s statements or beliefs without testing them for truth, or at least consistency. Open mindedness has nothing to do with accepting a view, simply ones willingness to logically consider it.

Zendella: You won't go beyond what you're comfortable with. If you wanna be truly open minded, try going against everything you "stand for", then you’ll really learn some shit.

To Darkscript, this sounded like approximate or even complete insanity. Without limitations, we aren’t even worth calling human beings. Animals function upon impulse, while humans possess higher reasoning, logical thinking and choice, with which we are expected to ascertain our fates in a manor suitable for upholding society’s most basic of fundamental codes. We do not get to pick and choose animal or human behaviors when it most suits us to be one or the other. It simply does not work that way in the educated, civil world.

Darkscript: I’m open minded in the degree that I will consider all possibilities before making up my mind. What I act upon is a strict code of personal interest yes, but everyone should. I'm no mindless puppet or a robot. We have choice and emotion. With that free thought, we choose how to accept or deny things. I will not shut someone off or shun ideas simply because of my understandings. I will listen, hear your reasoning and decide for myself how I fit into those accusations.

Oh, well, perhaps I need not narrate at all. Darkscript, you seem to be spearheading the same ideological merits to which I’m attempting to communicate. Jolly good fun… I suppose I’ll go silent for a moment and let you two continue on.

Darkscript: No one can make you feel anything, or believe anything, without your permission. Those who are taught and simply believe what they are told without higher consideration, have weak minds. That’s not always a bad thing though. Some people are made to lead, others to follow.

Zendella: I was speaking literally, not philosophically.

Darkscript: All right then. Well, we all have our views on things. No one can ever know who or what truly is right or wrong, just what works and what does not.

Zendella: Who cares about what’s right or wrong or what works or what doesn’t. Lol!

Zendella: That stuff is boring.

Zendella: Why even bother thinking about it?

Darkscript: I think that's what most people care about Zen… Hey, I'll try to get 7 days to run. Maybe if I shut everything else down and get the fans running on high, and maybe a booster program in the background, it might work decently. – he said, finishing off his thoughts concisely and attempting to change the subject. He wished to be finished talking about all this.

Zendella: Just try it on lowest settings before you flip your shit.

Darkscript: Not really sure if it will run or not, as I’ve said.

Zendella: Why do you always seem so concerned with "most people"? Like what "most people" think or what “most people” care about?… It sounds like you compare yourself to others a lot. – she stated, unwilling to let the argument perish.

Darkscript, far too tolerant for his own good, continued, not wanting to tell her off just yet. He was however now feeling aggravated.

Darkscript: It's not so much about what most people do or don’t do, but there are some ways of going about things that seem to function best…

Darkscript: …that’s all.

Darkscript: Not a ‘more people’, ‘less people’ thing. Just, how the world appears to work most functionally.

Darkscript: I did not program the world's codes. Take that up with whatever God might exist.

Zendella: -_-

Zendella: The world doesn’t have codes. Lol. – she insisted.

Zendella: This isn’t a computer game.

Darkscript: I disagree... all things can be calculated and predicted if given enough understandings and examined deeply enough. People are the only thing that are a tad out of the ordinary in that way. We have more free will, and the ability to be somewhat unpredictable. But many factors of life are like a computer, they can be accounted for, and replicated.

Zendella: That sounds mildly autistic…

Darkscript was if anything, mildly offended by this statement, as he was rather sure he was not Autistic. He held a stern appreciation for the sciences that much was true, but also he tried in all things to balance science with the possibilities of uncertainty and the unknown, or otherwise unknowable. For this reason, he could consider himself open minded. He was willing to listen and to seek to understand, before beginning his calculations, before assuming or judging.

Darkscript: ?

Darkscript: Not sure I follow.

Of course, I know that Darkscript did follow. He didn’t know anything else to say in this situation that would not lead him to a full out flame war with what he perceived to be a clearly irrational human being.

Zendella: Autistic people have a tendency to think about things in a way that can make sense to them so usually they try to think of things in a computer type sense cause they don’t like unpredictability or lack of control. – she informed.

Zendella: Computers are a manmade thing and were designed to be controlled but real life =/= computer at all. Lol.

Darkscript: We build what we understand. – he replied simply, calmly and concisely.

Darkscript: We can only take from what is there to take from.

In this statement Darkscript made perhaps the strongest of all points throughout the entire ‘debate,’ if we are calling it that. With his sediment followed a powerful and deeply philosophical notion. Could humanity truly create nothing of its own? Can we only borrow from what we can understand well enough to transform or replicate? Can we truly create anything? One must wonder.

Zendella: Huh? – she asked in confusion.

Darkscript: You don’t think so? – he asked in response, realizing that this was checkmate. There was little logic that she could offer due to her means of thinking that could rationally combat this allegation.

Zendella: I don’t get what you’re saying.

Darkscript: Maybe not.

There arose a brief silence between them, where neither seemed to have anything more to say. Both were frustrated and willing to allow the termination of the conversation. Darkscript, seeing the opportunity to put this conversation to rest once and for all ended to debate with as few words as possible, as to not give her a spark with which to rekindle her flame.

Darkscript: I’m not really sure where this is going anymore... Lol.

Darkscript: Anyways, I need to go write and stuff.

Zendella: Okay :P

It was a wonder to Darkscript as to whether or not Zendella was as aggravated as he was, or not at all. She seemed to be perfectly fine, however, he found that mildly difficult to believe. It took him some time after that in order to calm down. He found himself somewhat disturbed by what he perceived to be a troubled mind’s terribly flawed logic. It saddened him that there were such people in this world, who could not be made to see reason.  Zendella was always like this, no matter what the topic was about. Sometimes Darkscript wondered why he even bothered talking with her.

Within a more rational friend Darkscript would later confide. Having explained the story to his friend, who agreed with his side of the argument, Darkscript found solace. At least there were still a few rational minds remaining in this world.

The moral of the story, if you are so inclined to seek one, I suppose is that one cannot change how any other perceives their own existence or the world around them. All that one can do is surround one’s self with the people who bring them up, not drag them down.

Zendella and Darkscript remain friends, for Darkscript was willing to forgive and remain open minded, while Zendella… well, it’s hard to understand her reasoning for why she continues to take interest in Darkscript. They seem rather opposite ended, in nearly all regards. However, what was that one saying? Oh yes, of course. It is one of my favorite sayings. It goes something along the lines of, “Even unlike minded people, or complete adversaries, can show respect.”

So, there is your moral, as if you can’t bring yourself to read a story unless there is a cherry on top or a sweet treat at the end. In any case, it’s quite likely that this won’t be the last story I have to tell of these two particularly unique minded individuals.

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