Love hurts

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A young boy falls in the end he ends up in torn apart. After such a breakdown he cages himself into a small box where he doesn't allow love anyway close to him. In his world love has no room

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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Second year in Secondary school . First year was a hard one on Jordan

But he wants to change all that this year. Jordan and his friend , Norbert have been friends since third grade . They have been neighbors since day one , now they consider each other as family .

Jordan and Norbert were in art class together . There was only six of them in art class.

' hey guys !...guess who has a girlfriend?, now...'

Oscar joyfully asking

"Room silent"

' ahh , you... I guess '

Sheldon guessing for the answer

' of course ! you dummy . I have a girlfriend now so you guys should respect me even more ..., especially you Jordan '

Stated Oscar

' what!?...why me!?...why should I anyway , you don't even respect us anyway ' Jordan sighed

' come on Jordan. Don't get worked up over nothing . He is just trying to impress his girl by... getting us to act like we respect him towards his girl... isn't that so Oscar.'

Sheldon trying to reason with Jordan

' yeah yeah whatever time don't specify your finger or else you will pick it up from the ground .'

Jordan giving a specific warning

Jordan was very angry that Oscar was trying to command him . Which was something he despites a lot .

Later on it was lunch time . His anger had passed

' hey Jordan ! ,Wait up.'

shouted Norbert

' since when do you have lunch without me '

Norbert snarled

' hah hah very funny. You know I can never eat without you bro .'

Jordan joking around

After they had lunch . The bell rang ... They were about to go to the next class.

A dazzling gorgeous girl walked by ...she caught Jordan's eyes . He froze in the moment of time . Everything slowed down in Jordan's eyes . When he got to class he was confused like a baby experiencing new things . He's thoughts hailed him hostage for a moment .

The girl was on replay in his mind

He was now eager to go threw that same moment. He had his eyes peeled hoping that he might see the girl again . Unfortunately the girl was off sight .

The bell rang informing home time .

Jordan wanted to tell his friend what had happened , but he was too afraid, thinking that his friend might judge or make fun of him.

That night he slept with a thought of seeing that girl again. It was morning , it was time to go to school . His mom dropped him off . That morning Jordan had a different thought from the one he had last night . Instead of the hunger he had for her, now he did not want to see her because he had realised where his feelings were taking him . He was not ready for whatever he was feeling . He had a mission , to avoid that girl no matter the cost .

It was art period and Jordan was running late, luckily the teacher was not around that day .

' I liked her first man ! , it's not fair though . '

Timothy arguing .

He found his friends arguing .

' hey hey what's this , why you making so much noise '

Jordan shouting rudely

' hey!! What is wrong with you . Anyway Norbert and Timothy are fighting over Sandra '.

Replied Oscar.

' who is Sandra ?'

Jordan asked curiously

' she is a new comer bro , she is so hot dude , she has been distracting me the whole day man , she has colonised my heart and I love her for that .'

Cried out Timothy

' you just being crazy dude , you don't even know her .'

Jordan trying to be realistic

' yet ! '

Timothy reasoning with Jordan

' ok dude just keep on dreaming , dream land might just favor you '

Jordan cracking jokes on Timothy

"everyone laughing"

' come on so you telling me you have never had a crush before '

Oscar asking curiously

' well I can't say I haven't , not that I have ...

Jordan interrupted by Norbert

' he has ! once , on the first year he had a huge crush on Emma , don't you remember bro . That girl was killing you inside out .'

' ok , yes ... That one time . That doesn't count though. '

Stated Jordan

' we all know how much you wanted that girl , I am just surprised on how you got her out of your mind . '

Norbert stated with a smile on his face

' don't make me relive the past dude

, I am so over that .'

Jordan getting upset

Bell rang for the next lesson .

They all rushed for the next lesson

As they walked towards class , Jordan walked next to Norbert

' hey man , why did you throw me under the bus back there , you were all over me dude , why ?'

Jordan was upset with Norbert

' sorry dude , don't take it too hard nor the wrong way , you have been a little moody lately what's up with you . '

Norbert redirecting .

' it's nothing dude just a little stressed but I will be fine don't worry about it . '

Jordan reasoning

' why shouldn't I worry , give me one good reason why I should not worry about you '

Norbert stated angrily

' come on dude don't start with me '

Jordan trying to buy time to find an answer

' fine ! Fine ! , I will stop poking . '

Norbert trying to avoid a fight

' thank you '

Jordan being great ful

" In class "

In the middle of math period .

The senior woman walks in , with " the girl "

The girl that Jordan had gazed upon the other day .

' class ! This is Yolanda , your new classmate so treat her well , I will be checking on her .'

' ok , someone find her a sit '

Senior woman ordering

' here ! There is space here mam '

Classmate shouted with an opinion

Senior woman left the class .

It was like the senior woman left with Jordan's breath , as he found it difficult to breathe . Yolanda was sitting diagonally directly from Jordan .

Which was putting Jordan in the most uncomfortable position .

It was almost home time , which was something that Jordan was very much looking forward to . He could not handle the emotions he was having .

It was like life just turned upside down for him .

Finally the bell rang . Jordan ran towards the door trying to escape the emotion cage . He felt like he was reliving the first year . Three days passed by as Jordan had began a new habit of bunking lessons just to avoid Yolanda . He only went to art class , the only place where Yolanda and him did not meet eye to eye . With the visible signs of his change of behavior , had Norbert worried .

But Norbert had promised to back off and mind his business . The sight of seeing his friend breaking down was killing him .

With that in he tried to keep his distance .

' yoh what are you doing here . '

Jordan was snooping around the trees .

' none of your business bro . Just leave me alone . '

Jordan replies

' oh so that's how you are these days ha . You want to be all alone . You better be careful of what you wish for , it might come true . '

Said Norbert

' whatever man ! , I just don't want to get to class today , is that a problem to you .'

Jordan reasoning with Norbert

' well it is a problem if you don't tell me why . '

Norbert stated

' you so annoying ! ,You know that . '

Jordan breathing out anger

' is it that bad to get you so worked up . '

Said Norbert

Jordan walked away.

' Jordan ! Am talking to you . You don't get to walk away from me . '

Norbert shouts with an upset voice

Jordan kept walking .

Jordan was feeling really guilty for pushing away his friend. He really wanted to tell his friend what was happening . But he was too afraid , he couldn't imagine himself reliving the past . So he thought telling his friend might make it worst .

Jordan told himself if he kept quiet about his feelings they might pass .

Thoughts were hitting him back and forth . He was having conversations with himself . He knew he needed help but he was too proud to beg for help for such nonsense .

It had been two weeks since Jordan began to bunk lessons . The third week Jordan had go back to class because the teachers might get furious with him . He had missed a lot of assignments and a lot of work was waiting for him . Jordan finally went back to class . What Jordan didn't know was that his best friend was now friends with his heart enemy . Although he didn't blame him because she was so irresistible as he thought to himself and Norbert was not aware of Jordan's feelings towards her . He would be unfair for Jordan to make Norbert destroy the friendship that he had built with Yolanda . Instead he used Norbert as an informate .

' look who decided to drop in today '

Norbert snarled

' hey , what's up dude . I see you have made new friends .

Said Jordan

' oh no dude , that's my girl bro . You have missed quit a lot man . I got a girlfriend now , ain't she pretty . Sometimes I just think she's out of my league , God bless the heavens . '

Norbert stated

' what ! What are you saying dude ? You and her ?, are you serious . '

Jordan furiously stated

' oh come on . Of course I am joking . She is not even my type man . She is just a friend . Why are you getting furious anyway ?, do you like her or something , is she your lost sister or maybe your step sister , is she ? '

Said Norbert.

' man you got me there , you almost gave me a heart attack . I can't let some girl snatch away my best friend dude . '

Jordan reasoned

' that will never happen bro . Hey I hope you ain't got a problem with Yolanda joining us for lunch . '

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