The nature girl

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Viola is a kind girl that grew up with her parents and older sister Katreen. She loves them so much. She is smart in studies and always score the highest among her class. She has a bestfriend called Sabreen they grew up together. They are in the same age and class. Things will happen and change Viola's life but that won't stop her from being with her family and friends.

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Chapter:1 The beginning

I woke up from a deep sleep when my sister opened the door angrily and walked to her bed. It is normal thing since she shared the room with me , I am used to it but it still shoke me up. I tried to sleep again but I found that sleep had gone away, so I decided to take a shower and eat breakfast better than sitting in the bed.

I went to my closet and looked for an outfit that fit the weather it wasn't hot neither cold that fit the weather, you can say it is warm so I thought of wearing a baby blue dress that is knee length with baby pink flowers. it is simple and it is light and comfortable , just match the weather.

I grabbed all my stuff and went to the bathroom to take a shower. My room is painted in light blue and pink. It is big. My sister is sharing the room with me since her room is sharing room with me because her room is being painted. It is annoying to have your sister sharing the room with you twice a month at least. She never gets bored or annoyed from paining her room ever since we bought a new house.

I shook my head of thinking how annoying she is. I turned the tab on and examined the temperature of the water to find the water just the way I want it. I took off my clothes and hopped in the nice warm water and started washing myself. I then took my clothes and wore them, I turned to the mirror to brush my teeth and run out to comb my hair. I heard my mom calling me to breakfast. I turned to katreen ( my sister) and asked her to eat breakfast. she looked at me and hugged. Her action got me shocked. She said I look cute. I had a pale skin ,cherry lips and hazel eyes with light brown hair. I smiled at her compliment and hugged her back. I told her that she too look nice in her outfit which was a long light brown skirt and pink blouse. She has the same skin color as me.she has a blue eyes and blonde hair that fit her. we went down together and ate food and chatted a bit. It was holiday. I suggested going to the park and they accepted that . I went to my room with my sister to take my phone and my little blue bag. I did some light pink lipstick and ran down to my waiting parents. My sister came after me and we went. The park is not far from our house. I love nature that's why I asked them to go, I know they like the place as well . It is wide green with blooming flowers in different colors. You can see the mountains from behind the trees. The place is amazing. I use to come here ever since I was a child. Whenever I feel I am sad or not well I will come here just looking to the kids playing and the sky wide blue with a shinning sun, I feel happy and all my sadness and worries had been taken away from my chest. I heard my mom talking with my father. My sister calling her bestfriend Poly. So I thought of cally sabreen. She is my bestfriend since we were kids. We grew up together and visited each other, go to the same school , hang out. I called her.

"Hi sabreen". I said.

"Hello Viola. How are you doing? Just now I thought of calling you." Sabreen said.

"I am fine. I just wanted to ask you if you want to come to the park." I said.

"Yeah ,sure. See you " she said in a hurry and hung up.

She came soon. We chatted together for a while till handsome boys came. I had never seen them before. One of them looked at us and had stopped walking. He looked at sabreen and she looked at him. He was tall with a muscular body, blonde hair and green eyes that matches sabreen's. They kept their gaze locked.

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