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Christion Thompson presents EGO, a written album. WARNING: Sensitive subjects and brief language.

Christion Thompson
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Burn Bridges, Build Walls

When I was born, the doctors told my mother that I’d be destined for greatness. They said I was going to do great things. As I write this, I’ve come to a realization that there was a lot of pressure put on me. Now, I’m not calling anybody out, but just so you know, my biggest mistake was trying to live up to other people’s expectations.

Turns out, no one truly has the right intentions for me. People throughout my life have twisted and spun it as many times as they possibly could, thinking I was dumber than I was. I’ll admit, I don’t always make the right choices, and I tend to act before thinking, but at least I have the courage and willpower to utilize my free will.

If there’s one thing I hate more than people insulting me, it’s the feeling of being lesser than. You know, being imprisoned, caged like a dog, or being helpless – at the mercy of my tormentors – laughed at and pointed at like I’m some zoo animal. It pisses me off when my free will is threatened and used as some sort of bargaining chip or leverage for power.

Sure, call me a hypocrite, or a liar, or a fraud – say that I’ve had it easy, but nothing’s easy about keeping my mind, my energy, or my soul within some made-up boundary. It’s a force to be reckoned with, if used correctly. I can do great things; all you need is a little bit of patience. I’m slow but give me enough time and motivation – if it’s something I’m interested in – I’ll get it done.

There’s a force inside me, one that yearns to be free. I’ve been living in fear for too long – fear of the thoughts and feelings of others. A change is coming. I’ll be an entirely different person. The best part is that this change is for absolutely nobody. I shouldn’t have to meet anyone’s criteria, or check anyone’s boxes, or be a good ol’ boy – nobody!

Let me be the first one to say, I’d rather be alone and free than stuck with somebody just so I can have company. I don’t need a companion – I don’t need anyone! People just get in the way, and they always want what they want. That’s fine. They can have their ulterior motives. I know I have mine.

I’m tired of kissing ass and licking boots. I’m tired of having to be the good little boy, all just to get pushed around, stepped on, and walked all over. When I make it big – when I head to Los Angeles, I’m bringing no one with me! Hell yeah, I’m going to be selfish! I’m going full Kanye! I’ll be the menace I was always made out to be – Public Enemy No. 1!

Go ahead, try that whole “put ’em in his place” mess with me! That same tool you use to oppress and suppress me, I’ll turn against you. I’m tired of being put in my place. The only place I’m going to be put in is at the top!

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