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Public Enemy No. 1

Dump me, block me, get me out of your head. Police, security, restraining orders. You think you’re hurting me, but you’re only hurting yourself. You think I care? You think I care about you? I could never stoop so low as to care about another human being!

Hell yeah, I'm a menace – a monster. I’m what’s hiding in your closet and under your bed. I’m that thing you see in your nightmares.

You think I care about human beings? You think I care about nature? With this house, these cars, this Louis Vuitton fit? I gave up my humanity a long time ago. Was a human really good enough? Were you really good enough?

Don’t think for a second that I’m thinking about you. And miss me with that “I feel sorry for you”. I don’t need you. I don’t need anybody. I don’t need humans; I can make my own. And I’ll make them far better than the real ones!

Oh, now I’m the bad guy! I’m a maniac, a narcissist, an egoist – call me anything and everything under the sun. It doesn’t faze me anymore. I’m beyond your comprehension. I’m god-like. I am a god, even though I’m a man of God.

Now they’re saying I’m “too dangerous to be kept alive”. They’re saying, “he sold his soul”. In a way, they’re right. I did sell my soul. I sold my soul to myself.

Get ready for the coronation because the king is coming to claim his throne. Like it or not, I’m here to stay. This is my world, and you’re just living in it!

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