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He Hate Me

Let’s have a moment of silence for 5015. It’s more than just some bar in Houston’s Third Ward. It’s a symbol of what’s possible for our community – it’s what happens when a black man wants to make a name for himself. We can’t have anything in this world, can we?

That’s the thing, though. They don’t want us to have anything. They don’t want us to make a statement, or achieve greatness, or live our dreams. And “they” know who “they” are. It’s always “you’re going to play ball” or “you’re going to rap”. Seriously? We’re more than just puppets for your entertainment!

Mark my words, I’m going to make it big one day. So big, I’ll eclipse the Sun. It’ll be absolutely offensive. Like, it shouldn’t make sense to be so big – so rich and so powerful. I’ll have all the cars, the clothes, the…I’m saying too much. Sike! No, I’m not! I’m just getting started!

Like King Kong, I’m at the top of the tower, and I’ve got the Army coming after me. I’m brazen. I’m mean and I’m angry. You hate me, don’t you? I’m nails on a chalkboard – torn up tin foil, screeching tires and metal scraping.

You want to get rid of me so bad – so desperately. Too bad, because I’ve already reached immortality. You can’t silence me – you can’t kill me! No bullet, blade, brick or boulder can bring me down!

I’m on a mission, and that mission is to meet Jeff Bezos on a podium. That’s saying a lot. But, then again, so is 100 billion.

“They” hate me with a burning, living passion – it’s organic – and we all know who “they” are. Trust me, I’m not done yet! All that hate me are going to hate me even more, and my net worth shall be a middle finger to each and every one of them!

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