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Forget The Boat

Humans suck. They really, really do. So much so, even when God unleashed the flood of all floods and almost completely wiped them out, they still didn’t learn anything.

When I tell you that I’ve had the displeasure of existing as one for the past twenty years, I really mean it. No jokes, no bull, nothing but the truth. And where do I even begin on the cancer that is humanity.

All animals have tribalism to some degree. However, humans take tribalism to an absolute extreme. If one group of humans sees another group of humans, they’ll all start to kill each other. The worst part if that these tribal wars are all based on social constructs that are completely false and made up. They’ll go as far as take God’s word and use that as an excuse to commit all kinds of atrocities on each other, whether it be because of skin tone, gender, beliefs, or just because it’s Tuesday.

Humans are incredibly selfish and inconsiderate creatures, always worried about themselves and what benefits them. They cannot work together when it comes to any serious social issues, because – time and time again – they prove that they’re only in it because someway and somehow, it’ll benefit them. It never fails! Deep down, even those that seem like they’re doing good deeds have their selfish tendencies.

Greed is quite possibly humanity’s ugliest characteristic. This God-forsaken species just keeps wanting more and more, but never take the time to give back to the Earth they take from, or their fellow humans. Today, greed runs rampant. Every human being is looking to rip each other every which way, and it makes me sick.

Last, but certainly not least, human beings are unbelievably violent and cruel. They pride themselves on being a so-called “intelligent species”, while molesting their children on an industrial scale, killing both humans and other animals for entertainment of all things, and abusing the weak, the helpless and the hopeless, all to satisfy their fragile egos.

I’m surprised they even made it this far. However, their days are numbered. I know it, and I feel it. It’ll only be a matter of time before humanity explodes itself into oblivion. I await humanity’s extinction, because it’s clear they deserve it.

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