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For The Mark

The fourteenth day of the tenth month – ah yes! It’s a time to be alive. It’s the time to be alive! We – the world’s new rulers – the Nouveau Riche – come out in our finest clothes, pull up in our fanciest cars to indulge in a night of decadence, mischief, and debauchery. The Diamond Kite glows in a blazing fury. Inside, you’d think you stepped in Vegas, it’s so full of sin. You’ve got two strangers making out at a bar, a violent mosh pit on the dance floor, and a gallery of some of the obscenest art that’ll make your average plebeian squeamish.

Inside, everything’s black and white, with this eerie red glow that just screams, “You’re not welcome here”. Adrenochrome is being served and passed around. And no, it’s not the kind you get from babies. We make our own, and it’s purely for taking the edge.

Midnight is when the fun really begins. The party spills out onto the streets, and we begin wreaking havoc on the world. We terrorize the peasants and let our voices bounce off buildings. You want sleep? Well, we want freedom from the bondage of taxes. We want our money to be ours, and we want to break free from the stigma we’ve been plagued with. It’s time for our revolution!

Some of our brothers and sisters have been waiting for this moment since childhood. Now, we demand our respect. We demand reparations for all the misery you put us through. And most important of all, we demand that you peasants know your place!

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