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One World Sovereign

Hail, hail! I’m finally here! Bow on my arrival! Hey haters, have a seat, because the crowning ceremony is about to begin!

One world. One people. One flag, and one leader. This is the new order. This is the new era. This is the new life we’re going to live.

This laurel wreath is cast in platinum. This tower’s tall enough for me to look God in His eyes. This vast sea of people is cheering for me. This is no longer a dream. It’s my mission in life.

It’s a euphoric feeling. Come along, share it with me! This is what we need, a global monarchy! No division, no class, and no monogamy!

I’ll give you a utopia, something close to Heaven. It’ll be something close to perfection. It’ll be how we should truly live!

There shall be a suit of armor around the world. Together, we can defend our home from those who wish to do us harm. We can conquer the entire Solar System!

Those who refuse to accept this new age of peace, progress, and prosperity are only hurting themselves. Why fight against the new system – against something that humanity truly needs? Humanity was made to be ruled.

I cannot stress this enough: control is necessary for the greater good of humanity. It’s a concept that is dangerous to you and you alone because you don’t understand it. I have no affiliation with the great evil that is Satan, nor do I wish for such affiliation. If anything, wanting to keep things they way they are, with all the division and strife, is of the devil.

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