Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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“The Trap House”

Some time around 2014 I started staying in this house that all kinds of stuff was going on. I had a few friends living there I went there to smoke pot. But there was blues, Xanax and who knows what else being sold out the house. I’d seen lots of meth, guns and stolen property being dealt around there. One of the guys moved out and I decided to make it my residence. We had a couple parties in there. Maybe 15-20 people at a time. It was lit. I was doing my thing ya know hitting some more randoms. A short while later this guy comes home from prison. Jody c. He was locked up for 4 years and people know him for his rap skills. He can really kill it on the mic. First day he came home we instantly hit it off and he became one of my best friends. He was thug as fuck and I enjoyed that type of drama. Fighting was my other skill next to providing unconditional momentary love to whoever was next in line. We mashed good together me and Jody. Who doesn't want a bunch of women after four years in prison. So we decided to throw a big party. Now I don't know how but somehow the girl was supposed to give me head for a tattoo got my number and begged to come to the party. I let her come. There's probably 8 other girls that come too. When she gets there she immediately ask to be my girl but then two minutes later is inside showing her big ass tits to all the homies. Wtf. Whatever I was already making out with some other random girl. I didn't know her name. She came with somebody I had never seen her before. People are everywhere so every chance this random chick got she'd corner me and blow me. I took the girl to a shed in the yard and was fucking her. I could hear my brand new girlfriend walking circles around the house looking for me. I came out after I was done with the girl and acted like I was also walking in circles looking for her. It worked. Me and her were pretty glued to each other. When she was at the house anyway. She was cheating on me too. I didn't care. I would get mad. But that was just me. She also put me through a lot and we didn't last too long. Maybe a year or little less. She caught me cheating. I had a six foot two girl in my bed. I liked them tall. After she left me and Jody had hoes in and out faster than a fast food joint. He eventually settled on one.

Before he settled we had one room in the house just for fucking, his room. Everything was good. Lots of girls and we were making money of them sometimes too. Occasionally friends would come over and there'd be like 3-5 guys all smashing one bitch. People were getting fucked all over that house. And my room looked like quagmires from family guy. I had a California King size bed lined in silk cheetah print sheets and pillows, walls lined with posters, black light stuff and it looked like a wooing room. The bed was almost wall to wall and I needed it. I’d have two women at a time and a good portion were tall ass girls. One day I had the six two girl in my bed and another girl crystal who was six foot four on the way. Had a lot of crystals in my time. If you come across a crystal. She's probably a whore. And I may have fucked her. So crystal calls me while I'm smashing the other girl. Crystal is cool with it. She said take tour time and asked how many people were in the house. Crystal showed up with hands full of groceries to cook all the homies in the house breakfast. The other girl was still in my bed when crystal came. She still didn't mind. She sat on the couch til the other girl left then she came to my bed. Even made up the bed nice before she climbed in with me. Next morning she made everyone breakfast and then she left. Love you Crystal, come cook for me again. I was still doing shitty tattoos mostly on strippers this girl Ashley would bring around. I’d usually get paid in head or sex. Ashley brought this one girl Jori around one day. She set it up. Called jori and said she’d love me. I think it was the other way around. I loved jori. She was soooo fine. Well jori comes over a day I was high as eagle balls on coc and Xanax. She wants to fuck. I'm bout it. But something went wrong. This was my first sexual embarrassment. Jori was blowing me trying to get me hard I couldn't get it up. She got on top and was grinding on me. Still nothing. I never recovered from that embarrassment. I felt awful. This happened over a few streets at my friend travis' house. That's where I hid a few girls too from girls that I had in the trap house. I'd just walk or skateboard back n forth. Funny story, I brought this girl I knew from high school over to Travis' house. His grandpa had a old jack shack in the backyard that just had a bed and a recliner in it. I bring this girl into the jack shack and start fucking. Travis comes in and gets naked. She doesn't want him to join though. So Travis sits still naked in the recliner at the end of the bed and keeps rubbing his foot all over me while I'm fucking this girl. I couldn't cum quick enough from all the laughing. Shout out to Travis, that's my dude! Later on I fucked Ashley in her car on our way to pick up jori. We took jori back to a hotel with us and the three of us banged out a threesome. Ashley put me on. Shoutout Ashley! All love. Another funny story in the trap house, we had a token black guy living in the house. He was alright but mad weird. Always tried to hard to Mack on girls and it never worked. One day I invited two girls over. I never met them I gave them their shot but wasn’t feeling either of the two. We just got drunk instead. Our token black guy shoots his shot at one. She didn’t go for it. A few minutes later that same girl gets up to go to the bathroom. Man we hear all kinds of noises in the bathroom. What the hell is she doing is sounds like a horror movie in there. I knock to check on her and the door bust open. I jumped back ten feet! This girl was covered in her own shit. Head to toe. The walls, countertop, curtains, floor and toilet even all covered in shit. It was a unbelievable amount of shit. She was only in there maybe three or four minutes. But Ryan the token black guy doesn't give a fuck! Now she's embarrassed and vulnerable we tell him he can fuck her if he cleans the bathroom. And he did. End story. That girl actually hit me up a few more times since then. I just laugh and say hellllll no. That bathroom never truly recovered I mean the shit was gone but I felt uneasy just being in there. Eck. If I could remember her name, I’d call her out in here. Nasty ass.

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