Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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I have a problem, a sickness, an addiction. It’s sex, women, nudes and cheating. It’s not just monogamy I have issues with. It’s deeper than that. Let me explain...

Greg Gonzalez
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I have a problem. Maybe it’s a sickness, some may say it’s an addiction. I’m not real sure what to call it myself. Maybe by the end of my story, you could have your own opinion on what you might call it. My name is Greg but most people know me by Chachi. It was a nickname given to me as an infant by my grandmother who was a huge Happy Days fan. You might remember that show. Henry Winkler as the Fonz, Scott Baio was Chachi and like Chachi of Happy Days I also knew a lot of women. He was a charmer, as am I. I liked the nickname. It’s cute and I think it’s quite fitting for my personality. I hate the name Greg. I don’t like to be called by it and it reminds me of my biological father. He was never around. When he was, it was never pleasant. He was a drug addict, and probably more similar to me than I’ll ever know. According to my mother anyway. Maybe she’s not so wrong. From what I hear he was cheater and womanizer. By definition I suppose I am also a womanizer. I love the sexual attention of women. I wouldn’t say I’m a sex addict, it’s much worse than that. This is a story for entertainment. But everything is true. Some is even embarrassing. I hope that someone reads this book and has some insight on how to help me. I have this disease and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to figure out. What’s wrong with me? Here’s my story from the beginning.

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