Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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“The Learning Experiences”

Me and the Christian girl broke up. She was not putting anything out other than peck kisses and was even very shy about those. So the girl that was giving me blowjobs had a cousin start hanging out with us. I was in lust! She was very pretty. I was determined! I heard the girls brother talk about taking girls to a abandoned house in the woods to have sex with them. I was not into a abandoned house. The idea of that was gross. I got right to work on my own fuck shack. My parents house was surrrounded by bamboo. I came up with this idea to build a teepee out of them and a tarp. The first one didn’t go so well. It lasted one rain storm. But we hung out a few times in it. A bit cramped for my two sisters and about five or six other kids. No one was getting blown in there with everyone watching. There was a church next our house and one day I walked over there and on the side of the church the day girl and the youngest sister of a family from the park was blowing one guy. Both of them. I was extremely jealous here was this new kid getting play from both girls and I wasn’t getting shit. Determined to step my game up I built a even bigger fort out of bamboo. I built a three bedroom fort in there I was still only getting blowjobs from the fat girl. A new family moved into my parents trailer park. Two sisters and a boy. The older sister was so hot but much much older and not interested in me a little boy. So I settled on the younger less attractive sister and I preyed on her. She was innocent but I used the other trailer park girls across the street to make her feel less cool and inadequate. She eventually gave in and blew me during a hide and seek game I put on. I don’t know where the hell everyone else was but I was getting blown in a zip up closet. That only happened one time. She wasn’t that good at it. At this same time I started smoking pot. It was a gateway drug to sex. For us in that neighborhood anyway. Once we started smoking weed blowjobs were basically being handed out and I was on the receiving end of a majority now. Still the younger sister from the park across the street hadn’t blown me. I hadn’t heard of her blowing anyone yet. What do I have to do to break this girl?! I came up with a plan. We all pretty much had that when the street lights come on curfew but we’d push it here’s why this plan was good and bad. I got the fat girl and the younger sister to hot box the fat girls closet with me the fat girls parents were druggies and didn’t give a shit what we did. I only pretended to take drags off the joint as we played a game of truth or dare in the closet and I kept daring both girls to kiss me. My plan was going well so far. Next I pretended to get sleepy and pass out on the fat girls bed. I already knew that the fat girl would blow me for sure and since she had a crush so bad I thought she’d try to have sex with me too. I was listening to them talk and the fat girl pulled out my dick and started sucking it in front of the other girl. I would peek a little while trying to maintain the illusion that I was passed out and the fat girl had convinced the other girl to also put it in her mouth. Success!! Now for the bad. Still pretending to be asleep the girls both decided they would take turns getting ontop of me and as one girl started to climb ontop the fat girls mom busted in and said my dad was outside he had been looking for me. It was way past curfew and he was so mad he kicked me in the erection I had walked out with. Yea, ouch. Thanks for the cock block dad

I didn’t get much more than blow jobs from the trailer park girls. But they were ongoing. In school I met a new girl nicknamed munky. She had neon hair and was a pale white punk chick. Those would later on become my preferred type. We would make out at school a lot once in a while I was allowed to go to her house where we just hung out listened to Korn and made out. One Halloween my parents let munky come with us and afterwards she was allowed to stay the night at my house, in my room. All night trick or treating munky kept putting my hand under her dress to feel that she wasn’t wearing panties. It was bout to go down. We got to my house and at the end of the night we went to get into my bed. Now my bed was pretty high up and my moms pretty short. With me and my mom standing in the doorway next to each other munky climbed up on my bed and me and my mom both caught glance at a vagina hat was as pink as munkys neon pink hair my mom was not having it. She made me sleep in her bed with her and dad. Cock blocked by mom this time, they were not on my team. My parents don’t know this but I met another girl in middle school named Brittany. Brittany was another punk rock chick. Rebellious as fuck in school she gave no fucks. Well she ran away from home and was hiding out in my dads garage for almost a week. I’d go out there and we’d make out she’d blow me and I’d eat her pussy but we didn’t have sex. She was afraid to get caught because of the noise but the noise she was making from me eating her out was enough for me to turn on the big ass air compressor to cover. Eventually I think it was brittanys mom that called and I was busted they made her go home. That was my first time going down on a girl and that sparked another fire in me. She had a nice innie vagina. It was tucked in not saggy, vibrant pink and so juicy. Made me want to do this just for fun all the time. Now I have a new found obsession. Just didn’t know it would be so bad. Shortly after this I was hanging out at my aunts house who had just left her husband. She still had some of his stuff in a closet and I was a super mosey kid. I go into the closet and I find what was probably a hundred nude magazines. I had seen a few playboys before but they were g rated compared to these magazines. This one had shaved girls and penetration even. Sex not just nudes. I would go through all the magazines every time I went to her house and I’d pick my favorite vaginas. Thus began my true demise. My very extreme obsession with nudes and vaginas. To make matters worse, one day sitting in class during a video we had to watch in boring math class this girl came up to me and this is a really really hot girl I never even really talked to, she walked right up to me in my desk and she pulled down the front of her shorts and showed me her vagina. Didn’t say a word. Just stood there for a minute with her vagina in my face and then walked away. I never found out why she did that but shout out to that girl.

That’s the last I remember of middle school and not much that I can remember worth telling there. Now in high school I go back to dating Munky. Everyone thought I was weird and wouldn’t talk to me. I was a goth kid I wore a cloak and was bullied too. Didn’t care about having friends I just wanted to listen to cradle of filth and tool and be left alone while I was at home dreaming about Trish stratus’ naked body. I had my entire bedroom door covered with pictures from wrestling magazines of her and some were wet t shirt ones that showed her nipples. Those became my gunner pics. Meaning I would vigorously jack off to those. It’s how I passed the time while doped up on Ritalin and Paxil. Through the magazines I was seeing in my aunts closet I came to this conclusion that tall girls had the best looking vaginas. I became attracted to this tall redneck chick in my reading class. Now I’m only five foot. I think she was five foot ten. I loved being with her because every time we hugged I would get smothered in her tits. Fun times.... well nothing ever camr of that relationship other than kisses. My next girlfriend would become my first serious relationship. We’d hang out heavy in school and also outside of school managed to see each other. My 16th birthday was my day. I was gonna actually have real sex. Some friends were there at my house and me and my girlfriend went to the bathroom and what lasted maybe only 5 or ten minutes we had sex on the bathroom floor. I went back to my room where my friends awaited and applauded like I just won a Grammy. From this point on sex would be an ongoing activity for me. Very frequent. Me and my girlfriend would have sex at school more often than anywhere else. In the side wing of the school were doors less frequently used. There was two soda machines at the end and enough space between the machines for kids to hang out on the wall. We were those kids. Me, my girlfriend and my friend Chili. I would have sex with my girlfriend up against that wall while chili would do his best to watch and to cover us from anyone coming in the doors. I didn’t even care if anyone saw. I didn’t care that chili watched either. We did it in a bathroom stall once too. She would get so wet it was so exciting every time. At some point about a year later my mom didn’t want us talking. So I snuck her in while my parents were grocery shopping. We had quick sex and she left. Wouldn’t you know it this quickie got her preganant. My parents didn’t take it well and I ended up going to live with my girlfriend. It was cool I liked her and we had a lot of sex. For hours some days. Very frequently we were doing it. I never strayed from her the whole time. She had a pretty vagina and it was always great sex. As I got a little older and about two and a half years later I would eventually go on to cheat on her. I don’t know why.

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