Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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“Applying My Sex Ed”

Me and my girlfriend were doing fine but some certain situations moved us around a few times and eventually ended up living back in my parents home which my mom would press increased amounts of stress on me. She was controlling and nosey. Plus I had kept ahold of a grudge against my mom for kicking me out at 2am for getting this girl pregnant. That’s right, at 2am on like a Wednesday I had to decide between making her get an abortion or go live there. So I got dropped off at her house with just a couple trash bags full of clothes. Anyway the stress of living back at my parents was really getting to and I snapped on my girlfriend. She showed me MySpace two years earlier and that was where she fucked up. Another gateway drug. Surfing MySpace I found the fat girl that use to give me head. My only thought was yes that was some great head. Things weren’t going so smooth with my girlfriend so when I snapped I left to go see the fat girl. Only now she wasn’t fat any more. She was skinny, pretty and TALL. I got caught too. The first time I left I got caught. I was busted and ratted out by my own mother who actually sort of instigated it. She was who showed me the girl on MySpace and started showing me all her pics. Telling me to talk to her. She didnt like my current girlfriend too much at the time. After making a huge scene at the next girls house now I was living with her. And I was feeling like the man at this time. When I messaged the girl to meet up at her place I had no idea what was gonna happen or what I was getting into. Looking back now I wish I hadn’t. I go to this girls house and it’s the same trailer she was living in when I was getting blowjobs from her before. She never left the trailer park. I step into the house when she answered the door and on the couch sitting there is a man she introduces as her boyfriend. Also there is her friend we called bimbo. Bimbo is the trailer park owners daughter. She asks me to the bathroom where bimbo follows and immediately me and her are making out while bimbo looks on I guess. So feeling like the man but only standing a mere five foot five I tell the boyfriend he has to leave and that she’s my girl now. Without hesitation or question he gets up and goes. How cool was I huh? Not that cool. I had made probably the biggest mistake of my life. This girl was trouble. Trailer park trash and she had the tattoo to prove she was proud of it. It was problems from the get go. I was fighting guys left and right just to keep her. And she was no prize. One time we were having sex she leaned over and grabbed a razor. Started cutting me, not deep just scratches deep enough to bleed. She was into that kinda stuff. But when she cut herself it was so deep I was seeing the tissue and all the way to the bones in her arms. I was freaking out. She thought it was hilarious. What did I get myself into?

For three years I put up with a lot more than that. She cheated on me often, she was very abusive. I spent more nights other places than I did with her because she would try to fight me. She was on some serious drugs. I was only smoking pot and doing a little cocaine here and there. Eventually it got to the point where I had to leave her. On her birthday we got into so bad I broke her jaw and was forced to send her home to her mom. Prior to this I wasn’t an abusive boyfriend. She brought that out of me. I was in the army at the time and just came home from work at the base. There was literally a pimp in my apartment. I’m not sure if I’m exaggerating this or if the pimp was. This looks straight out of a movie. He had one of those hats with the huge bills around it and a feather a foot too long sticking out of the top of it, big fluffy mink coat, gator boots, slacks on, silk shirt with a tie, all this gold jewelry all over him and next to him was a little maybe Cuban guy. Next to them all over the table were drugs. I couldn't believe my eyes. So eventually I was able to kick these guys out of the house and me and the girl got into it I broke her jaw and sent her home. Now this is the first time in a long time, six years to be exact since I last was single. I was in the army I was in a uniform, I was fit and I was about to use that to my advantage. Women love a man in uniform I knew that. So the first thing I did was start going to strip clubs and I had a bunch of money from the army to spend. My first day in a strip club I spent $4000. I felt real good about it though because that day I left with two strippers back to my apartment that was bone empty. After the altercation with my girlfriend I emptied the whole apartment not even a couch, no bed, no tables, nothing. These girls didn't care I don't know if these were their real names but it was Heather and Teagan. They claimed to be sisters I'm not sure if they were but they were both real tall about the same height six foot and in the strip club I had already seen them naked, I knew they were tens. We got to my apartment we went inside and they asked why I didn't have furniture I told them I just moved in so they go and they sit on the living room floor up against the wall. They asked for drinks I had beer in the fridge we started drinking and before I knew it Heather and Teagan were taking off their clothes still in the beginning of the war they put one leg over the other on each girl and told me eat. And so I did. I began to eat both of them out at the same time right next to each other. These girls were supposed to be sisters I'm still not sure if they were but I didn't care. After a few minutes of eating them out the girls laid down one on top of the other and I went to town on both these girls for hours. We were so high on cocaine we were doing in the strip club I couldn't bust a nut I thought something was wrong with me but it was amazing. From that day on I continued to go to that strip club and many other strip clubs most of the time I wouldn't even spend money I would just flash it and feed them a little bit of cocaine. I never had a lot of cocaine anyway. I was getting blow jobs and having sex in the VIP rooms of these titty bars, sometimes we go out in the parking lot to their cars and sometimes I'd take them to my apartment. I was going so crazy I can't even count how many strippers I had sex with within a year. One sometimes two or three at a time they would bring their friends or invite other strippers from the bars. Everything I seen in those videos as a kid I was putting to use experimenting with strippers. If I had to guess I'd say somewhere around a hundred girls i slept with in that year after leaving my girlfriend. I did cheat on her a few times before I left her while I was in the army. Those were also fun times.

I joined the army in 2008 out of Tampa Florida meps station. The bus left Tampa and we picked up soldiers along the way to Fort Jackson. When we got to Jacksonville Florida to pick up more soldiers the bus was still pretty empty and no one was sitting next to me. I had headphones in and I was listening to my music on my PlayStation portable. I was minding my business when a girl came up in a baby phat jacket, fur on it. She asked if she could sit there I said yes, she was cute. Not but a few minutes later the girl yanks out one of my earphones and says "hey are you gonna talk to me or are we going to be silent this whole ride?" I couldn't be mad, like I said she was cute so without introducing ourselves properly or exchanging names we start talking about what we're going to be doing in the army where we're from and where we're headed. And I swear I don't know what happened or what was said but the next thing I know this girl's tongue is down my throat and her hand in my pants. At this point Most of the soldiers on the bus or asleep it's pretty late. This girl climbs on top of me in the bus seat and starts going to town on me right there. People woke up and started hooting and howling cheering us on! I couldn't believe it. They gave us these stupid nicknames the bus fuckers. But I didn't care again I feel like the man. When the bus pulled up to Fort Jackson I never saw the girl again. I don't know what unit she went to or where she was frankly I didn't care. I got my nut. In basic training it was the typical army stuff but there were days when we were out in the woods and there was a few girls I had my eyes on. They had their eyes on me too. There were phases in the woods they were called red sticks white sticks blue sticks. Each phase we spent more days out there. Not sure which phase it was tbut one of them I was able to be fire guard with and we had sex in the woods while we were on duty. When we got back she told another one of the soldier girls and together these two planned to have sex with me at the same time in the woods during the next phase. Problem was they got busted. We would take lessons inside the barracks and we all sit on the floor in front of the sergeants desk. I was writing down notes from the sergeant when one of the girls was behind me and she tried to slip me a note sneakily but the sergeant seen it. He came over to me and asked to see it, I tried to be slick and hand my notes from his lesson. He wasn't going for it "you know what I saw, it's the army attention to detail" I handed over the note I didn't even get to read the note yet. He opens the letter and starts to read out loud these girls were writing me to tell me about their plan to both have sex with me in the woods. He tried to shame me but again I was the man, these girls want a threesome in the woods. It didn't happen the sergeant made sure of that. I did later on fuck them one at a time. And that's all the fun I got to have in basic training.

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