Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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“Hoorah And Some Other Stuff”

I left Fort Jackson and went on to Fort Lee Virginia for AIT. This place was a little more lax and it was easier to get to the girls there. I was a good soldier but I was a bad bad boy. I got so bad that they gave me a five man room to myself in the back of the hallway so I wouldn't influence other soldiers. I was paying off fire guards to allow girls to come on to my side and in the eight weeks of training I probably seen 20 girls. Which may seem like a lot but in my head I was slacking I was also partying a lot wasn't completely focused on girls. After the end of training I was there for what's called a holdover I was about to go to airborne school so I had free room for a few weeks one day I was at the mall, lo and behold who do I see? It was the girl from the bus. Bus fuckers reunite again! I invited her to a hotel room I was staying at we have sex in there. We completely destroyed that hotel room with wild crazy sex. We would meet up again here and there and have sex but the most notable is another bus. There were these three buses parked by our barracks they seem to never move. One night after doing some triple c me and her were fucking on one of these buses and got busted by military police. There were other soldiers standing around there with the military police. Yelling our nickname again. It was quite grand actually. I felt a celebrity status. There were many other girls. I remember one girl I took upstairs to an empty room and one hand I was holding the door shut while the other hand was on her waist while she was bent over and I was banging her out. I also had a regular taxi cab lady with a van whom I paid very well and she did not care I was fucking girls in her backseat while she drove us around. I must've spent thousands on her taxi. One ride alone cost me $200 one time. I got to the next station Fort Bragg where again it was just more girls. I got busted a couple times ended up spending 24 weeks there when it was just supposed to be a few weeks. They thought they were punishing me but in a way they were kind of doing me a favor. I still had a ton of girls lined up. I was scheduling them in my phone, I was booked! In those twenty four weeks probably another hundred girls. If not more. On the base they had two dollar pitchers of beer so I don't even remember every girl I saw. I would hardly ever get names. If I did I forgot by morning.

As I go on in the army I eventually go onto my duty station in Colorado. Fort Carson. That's where my adventures with the strippers started. Towards the end of me being in the army I also joined a band. A well-known family hidden deep in Colorado has huge property and a stage in their basement I didn't take it too seriously at first but the first show we had was over 800 people I couldn't believe it. I was the singer and I was getting mad attention I loved every bit of it. With all that attention came tons of women. I wasn't in the band very long but boy was it fun. A few months probably and I had bagged another hundred girls. I was two weeks maybe away from getting out of the army and someone showed me the personals part of craigslist. I put an ad on there without a picture inviting girls to have sex with me and the first girl that wrote me what is this Indian girl. We met and I had a bunch of money and I mean tons. Impressed her she stayed around for a while we ended up dating I guess if you call it that. Come to find out she had a husband she was hiding from me. She would be with me two or three days out of the week and then say she was at work for the rest the week. I never really thought to ask what she did for work.I didn't care because eventually this girl put me up in a condo bought the newest and nicest of everything. And on the days she was gone I was bringing girls over. That went on for maybe six months. Now when I got out of the army I kept the uniform. I wore the uniform so many places just to impress girls and it worked like a charm every time. This one girl I went to see I wore the uniform to her moms house to pick her up in my truck. I go inside and the mom asked "where are you going and what are you driving?" I told her I was going to take her daughter to the movies and that I had an SUV a trailblazer. The trailblazer was picked out by a stripper I was fucking before. This woman that I just met throws me her keys not only does she throw me her keys she gives me her debit card and says it's on her. Loved that one I stayed fucking that girl for a good another six months meanwhile I never stop fucking other girls and I had a girlfriend I was living with. This girl was from my band. I moved in with her and two other guys were in the house. One day this girl (my girlfriend) says she has to go to Wisconsin for some family stuff. It was time to party! This girl was gone for two weeks and in that two weeks I counted I had 48 girls on my belt. Some I would pass to the other guys in the house some we would pass back-and-forth. We had this one girl we called crazy Christy she would always come over and be bragging about other partys she just came from where she was passed around the house. And every single time it was like the most painful vagina I ever had sex with, she was so tight every time it hurt. I would use that girl to my advantage she was down for anything. We would have parties in the house and in those two weeks they'll be other girls there. Crazy Christie would invite the girls to come have sex with the both of us. Again I'm having sex with two sometimes three girls at a time it was a blast. My girlfriend came back home shortly after, some guy called her phone and that's all I needed to break up with her she cheated on me one time and I left her but I cheated on her 50 times. She had no clue.

I started fucking the girl with the cool mom again. She was awesome, she claimed to be a lesbian before me. One time I got her to send a picture of her and her friends tits to me, nothing really exciting happened sexually with that girl she was fun to fuck though so I thought she should get another shoutout. Now it’s 2011 and this is when I think it got really really crazy. I was introduced to some dating apps. Like 6 of them. Craigslist was dying out when I was told about these apps. It served its purpose for me though. I'm not nasty nasty I didn't fuck every one of them that hit me up. I was somewhat picky. Well I guess I am pretty nasty but yea moving on... don’t get confused I’m definitely bragging. This could probably help someone too with low confidence. Believe me I can come off as very brave or witty but I’m actually very insecure. I’ll throw in a few tips that I use to reel in some women. I used the application platforms to find out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve also written this as a plea for help. Can you turn a hoe into a husband? Collect your opinions, I’d love to hear them.

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