Memoirs Of A Man Whore

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“The Storm”

This is what I like to refer to as the storm. It’s where it got very intense for me. I had something boiling inside me that I didn’t know was there. An addiction in my brain. Vaginas. I had been critiquing them already and hadn’t really thought much about it. I wasn’t too much a phone person before this. I had a simple small screen lg that was more keyboard than screen. I wasn’t getting pictures from girls or asking. But then I got a bigger phone with a bigger screen and I wanted to see every vagina in the world. I started on these apps just with a simple he, how are you? And I came up with a strategy. I would just be straight up with half, and try lines on the other half. “Hey I just want to be honest to save your time and mine. I’d hate to mess with your possibly fragile emotions by filling your head with what I think you want to hear. What a lot of men are on these apps to do. I just want to treat you nice and fuck you when you’re lonely. Are you down for that?” And that line surprisingly worked 80% of the time. I’d move the words around a bit sometimes or summarize it in different ways but most of the time it was copy and paste to probably 300 women a day. A lot of these women I'm still friends with today. And they knew what the deal was. Sometimes I'd go out with these girls and they'd tell their friends who I'd then also hook up with. Like a rewards program. The benefits were great. I'd sit around and google pick up lines. Especially funny ones. I am a funny guy in person. I use that to hide my insecurities. If you can make a girl laugh, you're more than half way there. Copy, paste.... I'd keep using ones that worked and ditched the garbage.

The best part of being honest was that nearly every girl I met I had sex with on the first day. I hated that waiting period ugh. I had other girls to get to. Now I'll admit I did womanize and I did it a ton. But that's easy if you know how to be a nice guy. I always disappear though. I would actually get really bored with a girl most times. At least with the sex part, no matter how hot or cool she was. I was curious if the girl I had just walked past at the store. I know what store she shops now so I'm just gonna go linger around there til I see her again. So as I was saying with the apps, they were great practice. And the nudes seem to be the best part. I started being obsessed with getting them. It was better than online porn to me. I think because I knew I was gonna fuck them so the anticipation helped. I had folders hidden in my phone, email accounts and computer. Sometimes I'd sit around and just jack off to a slide show of nudes. I made a few playlist too. Even girls who I was having ongoing sex with I loved to get nudes from them. I'd talk to them throughout my day and a quick, "hey what are you up to? In the kitchen making dessert? Oh yum. Hey why don't you bend over the kitchen counter and send me some pussy shots? Get some pudding on those titties too." A lot of girls seemed to enjoy it as well. I'm sure you do, don't you ladies? Now I was deeper into this vagina fascination. I would swear that the girl I was just with had the prettiest vagina I'd ever seen. That didn't deter my curiosity of the girl I seen at the gas station, the woman in the car behind me, bartenders. Whoever I saw. My grandpa use to tell me that you could tell a girl had a pretty pussy by looking at her lips on her mouth. Well that wasn't true. But I like to keep that quote around in my head haha. I started only looking at porn that had pretty vaginas in it. I'd specifically type in google "innie pussy", "pretty pussies", "beautiful vaginas" stuff like that. I still do. It's my kryptonite.

Now this caused some hardships on me. I'd meet women who I really really loved. And let's be frank, I love a lot of women. Still do. But my curiosity of other vaginas would always overtake whatever situation I was in. I'd try very hard not to stray away but something in me just wouldn't let me stay true. I'd cheat. A lot. And I've been cheated on a lot too. Never bothered me really to be cheated on. I'd expect it. I also figured they were onto me somehow or another and doing it themselves at times. I am however a jealous person. I'm insecure. I'd get really angry and fight a lot. I know a few girls who got off on me fighting and I felt that they antagonized it. I was hurt a lot but I'm sure I hurt more women than I got hurt by. These pretty pussies were hurting me. I got a job at a Verizon call center. It was the best place I could be. Constant rotation of new employees coming in and going out. I just finished the classes and was supposed to be on the phones working. And at first for maybe two weeks I worked hard. I’m a outgoing person so I was doing very well. I got cocky at a point where I would just leave my desk for hours and walk around the building. Top and bottom floor. I knew nearly everyone and they knew me. I’d flirt with every girl just about. In this building I slept with probably close to 20 girls if not over that amount. I’d go into the class like I was hot shit and pick out the pretty girls and give them the answers. I was so cocky about it that the teachers let me. I know one of the main teachers wanted me badly anyway. She wasn’t gonna stop me. It was just about every two weeks new employees came in and I’d take my pick. Best job ever. Towards the end of this stay in Colorado I come back to Florida. And with probably around 500 bodies on my belt now. I had a ton of fun and it wasn't over. Upon first getting here I started hanging with this group of skater kids. An old man owned this house and lived there too. He didn't give a shit what was going on his house. I think he enjoyed seeing all the young women wandering around his place. It was a four bedroom house in Tampa. Three of the bedrooms were for some of the kids that lived there. Just random friends that managed to get in there rent free. They were always spiced out but were fun to hang with. We'd do drugs like cocaine, mxe, acid, shrooms and of course pot. No hard hard drugs. This was a party house. Never wild out of hand shit. Not usually more than 15 people. Whores were usually the company. That's why I stuck around really I hated most of the people there honestly. But the hoes weren't poppin at my moms house. I pretty much lived in this house too for the next several months. I was doing shitty tattoos too and meeting girls through that. One time I was doing a tattoo on a ugly girl who said she knew someone that would blow me for a tattoo. Show her to me I said. The girl was cute as hell. Later that night the ugly chic came back with her friend. We chopped it up a bit, did some cocaine. After we walked to some guys house. This was disturbing. The ugly gir wasn't just ugly she was fat too. She sprawled out on this bed for some guy to fuck her and it was like looking into a dogs asshole that had shit smeared on it or worse. The ugliest nastiest vagina I had ever seen ugh. Like a giant winged butterfly that landed in cow shit if you can imagine that. I had another one somewhat close to it once. I was at the the two story from the trailer park that I grew up by as a kid. I was there with my ex's friend Bimbo. Well her brother was there with his girl and bimbo went into the bedroom at the end of the night. She had the door open and called my name to come in there. So I did. She pulled me ontop of her told me to eat her out. I pulled off her underwear and started to go down. I left the door open so as I'm going down I get right to her vagina. Now when I eat girls out I do this thing where I kinda grab the clit with my mouth and do a sucking thing while flicking my tongue on it. When I grabbed her clit with my mouth I was able to pull away a good two inches probably with her vagina still in my mouth. With the door open some light from the tv flashed long enough for me to see this vagina I had between my teeth and I gagged. I made up a excuse right there and left. I would later on go on to fuck that girl a few times but never ate her out again. It was actually fun to fuck her. She was married and her husband knew I was screwing his wife. He’d follow us around the trailer park but wouldn’t ever do shit. What a pussy. One time he was out front of his house working on a truck and I went right past him inside his house to fuck his wife on their couch. The girl that the fat girl introduced me, I fucked her and she didn’t even get a tattoo. I didn’t get my blowjob either that bitch! I didn’t see that girl again for quite a while I stayed in that house some more fucking some randoms until eventually I would bitch slap the shit of one guy I was friends with. He accused me of sleeping with his girlfriend. Which I did not. It I did slap him then have his girlfriend come pick me up. She took me to a party and we did fuck that time. By then they broke up. I make it a point not to fuck my friends girls and I expect the same respect. Don’t always get it though. It’s just a homie rule I have. And most times I end up beating up my own friends over it. Only a few times. Most of my friends know that I fight a lot and wouldn’t dare cross me.

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