What Happens if Death Loves Me?

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SHORT STORY!!! Death does not come easy. No. As sure as the sun rises, it doesn't.

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I Died. At Least, I Thought I Did.

Waking up from death, reminded me of waking up in a hospital bed after surgery. My body ached. Whatever people thought death felt like, they were wrong. Death doesn't feel like a quiet passing. Every move you make feels like fire.

I couldn’t live any longer.

Why don't people understand that death is the worst thing that could possibly happen to you?

The semidarkness engulfed me in a way I never thought possible. Any small hope still in my body shattered. No, no I could never escape this.

The only light that broke through the dark came from a small door too far away. The light glowed around the door frame, seeming to suck the darkness out from around it.

I had to reach that door. The door consumed every part of me. Desptite my broken bones, and the pain of moving, I knew I needed to get there.

What was this? Some kind of game?

I couldn't move. My legs grew heavy when I tried to move and they fell to the floor almost as if a magnet held them down.

I can’t make it. I can’t and I never will. The realization that I’ll always have to see the door for all of eternity knowing I can't make it set in.

I sobbed. The tears ran down my face, forming rivers of sorrow. No. No I would never make it out of here.

“You need some help?” The voice of a boy rang out in the emptyness around me. “You want to be on the other side of that door right?” The voice sounded vaguely familiar, as if it were an old friend I had met a long time ago.

“Yes.” I sounded so weak. “Who… who are you?”

“That’s not important… But I have to help you.” He sounded earnest in in his offer, but I couldn't be sure.


“That’s the only way I can get to that door. Helping you.”

“But why me?”

“You’re more special than you think.” A rough hand grasped mine. His touch burned the inside of my hand and I jerked away.

“How are we going to get there?”

“Trust me.” He sounded so welcoming. I wanted to trust him. I wanted him. It deceived me. “Let’s go.” And we were moving. “I’ve waited a long time for you. I’ve been watching you on Earth.”

“Oh?” The door drew closer with every step we took. The light grew closer and closer. My excitement felt tangible.

“I think I… When I saw you, I knew you were the one.”

“What do you mean?” The door. The light protruding from it lifted me off my feet.

“Open it. Open the door.” And I did. What I saw… no words could describe it. Green grass stretched for miles over rolling hills. The mountains in the distance rose above the clouds, resonating around the oasis. Water flowed down a soft stream making a small trickling noise that reminded me of life. Nothing could take the feeling of wonder away from me.

“It’s beautiful,” I gasped. Happiness coursed through my veins and for a moment, nothing mattered. For a moment, it didn't matter that I would never see my sister again, and it didn't matter that I failed over and over again. It didn't matter that the car smashed into the side of me, killing me.

I just wanted to be here.

“Georgia,” When he said my name, existence felt right. No one said my name like that before. He grasped my hand again, his touch still searing. My heart raced at the sight of him. His hair flamed redder than fire, and I sank into the life hidden behind the twinkle in his eyes. I yearned to know more about him.

“Who are you?” I whispered.

“Georgia, you’ve known me your whole life. I’m the reason your life was good. I chose you Georgia. I’m in love with you.” Shock washed over me in waves of question. How could he love me? How could he love a girl he has never met in his life?

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“I’m…” He looked down, a alight blush rising in his cheeks. “I’m the devil.” I took a step back. What?

“No… why…”

“I was afraid you’d act like this.” He turned his head away, overlooking the scene around us. “I wanted you to stay with me. Here. The place you are seeing sure isn’t heaven. Here on the other side of the door, this is my realm. You never looked behind you did you?”

“Well, no.”

“Exactly. All I can do is tempt you. The door sure tempted you. You must make the decision on your own.” This isn’t real. Tell me this isn’t real. “Would you stay here with me?” I wanted to. I don’t know why the desire reached out to me, holding my heart in its grasp. A single word came out of my mouth, and I regretted saying it the moment it left my lips.


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