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Mindful explorations into living a life of simplicity, minimalism, and meaning. I write more on freedom and living simply at www.artisanoffreedom.com

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Embracing a Simple Life

Life is simple.

This remains a mantra I hold dear. Albeit, a large part of my life has been anything but simple. Like most people, I’ve had my fair share of mayhem, and madness mixed with serenity and beauty. In many ways, I can’t complain.

But in the sullen moments when it feels like I’ve lost a grip on my life, and my mind is bursting with overwhelm.

I wish life can become once again, as it was in my early childhood. That care-free girl, who would run untethered. Noticing the subtle wonders, and entertainments of the day.

Whatever happened to her? Would I notice her today if I saw her?

I mean life is complicated enough before entering the club of motherhood. Talk about overwhelm on overdrive!

I’ve had some days that are bat crazy! So crazy I have no energy left to regain balance. I’m swept along with the eventualities of the day.

Those days filled with havoc and end-less to-do-list. Where I want to curl up with a ridiculously long book. One with a never-ending all-engulfing plot. In the middle of no-where. Me and my uber-long book. Peaceful at last.

Some days all I crave is simply peace and quiet. Forget world domination, changing the world, extreme financial buoyancy.

No for this girl all I want on most days in quiet and calm, beauty, and creativity. I wouldn’t say that’s being demanding hey?

Yet with standards for pleasure set so low, I rarely even get those days. Somewhere along the way, we’ve been lied to.

We are told to be seen we have to get things. Boosting our egos with electronic toys, gadgets, and clothes, in a never-ending frenzy.

The essence of our being got lost along the way. No longer was it okay for us, to be content with what we are?

No longer was it good enough to be human, and enjoy the joys provided by nature, through our senses and inner wisdom. We had to hustle non-stop, burn out our bodies and mind, and forget any notion of sanity and tranquillity.

I’m here to say. It’s okay, It’s okay to not be on ON mode. Most of modern-day society has bought into a lie. A lie that to be successful one has to struggle tooth and bone and be constantly doing.

We have to stuff our days with things and activities. Meetings and commitments. All whilst trying to maintain top-health, mental sanity, and a sense of balance.Oh please!

A complicated life is heralded as a sign of importance. I mean look at how many meetings we have to attend, how many emails we have to process. Gosh, it must be important!

Are our hyperactive lifestyles due to unrestrained egos? A heavy dose of low self-esteem? proving relentlessly to the world how worthy we are? It does beg the question, doesn’t it?

I’m deciding to steer a different direction. To design a life according to my needs, personality, sensitivity, and aspirations. I don’t want to be a workhorse. A slave to technology. Another cog in the giant corporate machine. That is no way to live.

Choosing to live with simplicity is a giant step in reclaiming my human sovereignty. A step to living a healthy life. Health is wholeness and balance. What is more balanced than living simply?

I enjoy that simplicity diminishes the fear and overwhelm of life.

I’m not so scared of debt, and not having enough. I know if I live mindful and frugal, these afflictions will stay far from me.

I don’t fear not being successful in the eyes of others. As I am defining my own success. Which is living a peaceful and whole life. I know most people haven’t even defined their own success.

They are living in comparison and with a scarcity mentality.

I’m exiting that camp. Hence, it bothers me not, if others think ill of my life choices. The most important thing is that I have endeavored to make my own choices.

Simplicity is a big part of my transformation to a life of peace. To tell the truth, I’d had enough.

Enough striving.

Enough hustling.

Enough of things.

Enough of clutter.

Enough of commitments.

Enough of those bills!

I felt overwhelmed, my mind was cluttered, and I needed SPACE to think and breathe. As a creative soul, it’s important I have a lot of white space to create both mentally and physically. Simple living and minimalism afford me this.

Space is beautiful and sweet. Space to breathe, space to reassess, space to declutter my life, and my head. To see what lay ahead, or how I could best use the rest of my time, attention, and energy in this lifetime.

I wished to once again, seize control of my life. Carpe diem as Horace states. But for me, I wanted to seize my life.

As I’m creating space, I can decipher the light from the cobweb of confusion created by mental clutter. Life becomes more manageable, and the beauty if unfolding more into my days.

Make no mistake. Life is simple.

Own this truth, and it will change your life. How did we come to miss the mark of joy and care-free days?

The shadows of my childhood memories remain. The days pre-internet and pre-youtube. When entertainment came from real-life people, nature, and good books. Once in a while throw in the occasional stimulating movie.

When I was young my relationship with things apart from a few toys, were loose. They didn’t make a mental imprint, as they do now.

Many things were co-owned with other family members. So I didn’t feel the full weight of ownership and addiction to things, as I do as an adult.

As we age, we assume full responsibility for our physical possessions. Or we co-share with a single person often a spouse or romantic partner. Hence our attachment to our things is often potent.

If we are not careful we lose ourselves, and mastery of our things and they control us. We become slaves to our things.

I yearn for a lighter life. Fewer things more life. less clutter, more control. I knew this was possible. I had to garner the courage, headspace, and will to make some changes.

Some small, others radical to once again make my days not such a painful battle to get through the to-do-list.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we crafted lives where we did not need a to-do list?A life where we had enough time, and mental well with all. To intuitively know what needed to be attended to. Without feeling overwhelmed.

If I’m honest my to-do-list was often a sanity checker. I felt like a deserted soul without it. Felt scattered and directionless, without my magical list. because with so much to keep up with, I didn’t dare go without it.

Now in my late 30s, I yearn for life, less encumbered with material possession. A decluttered life where I can connect with myself, and even remember the intentions I want to live by. I believe, in my heart, life doesn’t have to be so painful. I mean does the hustle ever end?

The too-muchness of modern life is exhausting. it’s mentally draining and saps the beauty out of life. Life is simple.

The time has come to regain focus, dust off the cobwebs from the things that matter.

Reconnect with our good judgment and start to slow down and simplify.

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