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Loving Her

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NOTE: THIS STORY CONTAINS SWEARING, ABUSE, GRAPHIC CONTENT AND SEXUAL ABUSE I DO NOT CONDONE RAPE NOR ABUSE! ALSO, IF ANY OF THE ABOVE TRIGGERS YOU, I SUGGEST YOU DO NOT READ THE BOOK! This is intended for persons ages 17+. ~ Skylar Stryker was rich, popular and beautiful. Everyone thought the teenager was perfect, that she lived a life of unicorns and rainbows. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Constantly having to live a life of physical and emotional abuse, Skylar thinks that nothing could be worse but she was wrong, so very wrong. She begins to think that maybe, just maybe she wasn't made for this world. She's at the edge of breaking but she's saved by someone who she least expected, someone whom she learns is broken himself. Together, the duo faces many challenges; Skylar's abusive boyfriend, her abusive parents and Tate's violent past. Will they find themselves sinking or will the couple prosper?

Other / Romance
Rxse Gxld
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(1) Hatred


Saturday 3rd October, 2016
12:29 AM

The night was cold and dark and it was quiet with the exception of the huge fire crackling. Pain radiated throughout my body and a small gasp left my lips as I lift my head.

My vision was blurry before it settled on the burning car a couple feet away from me. The car was upside down and broken glass lay scattered on the road. My body was feeling heavy and it felt like thousands of needles were stabbing my legs.

My head was thumping as I tried to move my body but it felt like little shards of glass were digging deeper into my skin.

I had to get up but my mind was fuzzy. I made out a bloody hand outstretched and panic rose inside my battered body.


I had to get to him.

I tried harder to get up but my body protested and pain flared up as my mouth opened in a silent scream. The sounds of sirens in the distance met my ears and I was relieved.

Help was coming.

I opened my mouth to call out his name but my throat was dry as the Sahara Desert and it felt like glass had cut my throat. I tried once more but the sirens were getting closer, yet I couldn’t care less. I had to get to him. He meant too much to me.

The sirens interrupted the peacefulness of the night as blue and red lights flashed around. The sound of deep voices washed over me. I saw men walking up to the burning car but they didn’t seem to see the body laying a few feet away from it.

“H-He-lp.” My throat began burning.

“Hey, we have a survivor here!” Someone came up to me , “Bring the stretcher!”

“Don’t worry, you’re going to be alright now.” Was all I heard as my vision began to turn black.

“S-aw-y-y-er.” I rasped out before my vision blurred and all I saw before I closed my heavy lids was the police officers quickly moving back before the car exploded.


Hatred;intense dislike; hate.

Three Years Later...

Skylar Stryker

“You will not be breaking up with Adam! He is the best thing that ever happened to you.” My father, Kieran Stryker sneered, “You are a disgusting person, didn’t you think of what could have happened to the business if Adam had told his father!?”

Yup, this was another day at the Stryker household. Where is my mother while this is going on, you may ask? Well she is seated on the leather sofa in a tight red dress with matching heels, her auburn hair in a tight bun and her face caked in make-up.

“Skylar, are you even listening to me?” I turned to my father, he was a tall man with black hair and green eyes. I got my dark hair and green eyes from dad but I was nothing like him nor my mom.

He sighed angrily, “You will go to Adam right now! And say you made a mistake.”

“But I didn’t make a mistake! I hate him!” I blurt out angrily.

They couldn’t make me do this!

“You will! I am your father and you will listen to me!” I flinched when he threw the glass figurine on the ground, smashing it to tiny pieces. My father was a dangerous man hence the reason why I do what he tells me to do.

“I’m dropping you.” He took his keys from the glass bowl at the entrance of the door, I was hesitant as he walked.

“In the car. Now!” He yelled, turning his blazing glare at me. I followed his command and I passed my mother who was reading her fashion magazine. My father owned a dozen hotels and restaurants while my mother was a famous fashion designer.

I entered my father’s Aston Martin one-77 and we were soon off to the Jackson House. I got out of the car and my father drove off but not before warning me. I sighed and prepared myself for the upcoming torment.

I could have left right then and there but I was pretty sure that Dad told Adam that I was coming over to apologize and if I don’t show up then Adam will call Dad and I will be in a ton of trouble. I took a deep breath before walking up the driveway.

I then pushed the doorbell to the huge mansion. The door opens immediately to reveal a dirty blonde haired boy with blue eyes. He wore a white fitted shirt and black shorts.

“Well hello Skylar.” Adam smirked, faux innocence shining on his smug face.

He knew my father would force me to come here and he knew I would listen out of fear.

“Adam.” I clasped my hands together, resisting the urge to run far away from here.

“Please, come in.” He pushed the door open more so I would be able to step in. My family was close friends with Adam’s. His dad Tyron Jackson owned the biggest modelling agency in the U.S. Hence the reason he wants me with Adam, so I could help him earn more money. I turn to Adam who was wearing his signature smirk that sent chills down my spine and not the good kind.

“I came to talk.” I repeat what my father had told me to say.

He motioned for me to continue while he crossed his arms across his chest, standing in front of the door.

“I wanted to say....sorry.” I swallowed the lump in my throat and continued, “I made a mistake.” I whisper the last part.

His footsteps got louder and closer until he was right in front of me. His breath fanned my face and I turned my head to the side. He grabbed my waist and pulled me flush against him.

“You are mine!” He growled, his mouth by my ear. He then captured my mouth with his and he roughly kissed me. His hand slid down my body to grab my ass. “I knew you would have came back to me, even if it was by force.”

He pushed us farther into the house, we were now in the living room. I pulled away only to see Adam’s eyes were dark and filled with lust. I tried backing away but he pushed me against the wall. Pain erupted in back as he pressed his lips on my cheek, kissing down my jaw. My body was frozen in horror as he kept me against the wall. Adam continued to place wet, disgusting kisses down my neck to my collarbone. His cold hands then slid under my tank top and that brought me out of my terror ridden state.

I pushed his chest and since he was taken by surprise he shifted back a little before resuming his place in front of me.

“I’m not ready.” I whimper, looking down as his face redden in anger.

“And why not, huh? Are you going to give someone else your virginity?” He sneered, backing away from me angrily. The veins on his neck popping out.

“Listen to me! You will not EVER be with another man.” He swiftly walked toward me and held my chin tightly, “I will kill any boy who dares take you away from me. Do you understand Skylar?” He pushed my chin up so that my eyes met his.

I stayed silent.

“Answer me, you bitch!”

I nodded shakily, the tears in my eyes threatening to drop.

In a blink of an eye he had torn off my tank top, his hands on my skin. I felt disgusted as he attacked my neck once more, leaving his disgusting pigs mark on my neck. His hands were at the waist of my shorts and I began thrashing against him. Tears flowed down my face. He grabbed both my wrists with his hand and held it above my head while his other hand held my waist. Hot white anger suddenly flowed through my veins and my knee rose to connect with his groin. Adam groaned in pain and bent down to cup his crotch. I took this chance to escape, I exited the house and left Adam groaning and cursing in pain. I ran down the streets and into an alley. I leaned against the wall and cried my pain away.

I hated Adam and my father, they were both sick and demented. What kind of parent forces their daughter into an abusive relationship? They made me sick. As I cried I failed to realize that I only wore a black bra with shorts.

I knew I would have to pay the consequences of kneeing Adam but he tried to rape me!

“What do we have here?” A voice croaked. Looking towards the opening of the alley way, a man comes into view through my blurry eyes. He had a long beard and was losing hair on his head, a round beer belly was prominent through his shirt. He walked toward me and almost fell over. As he got closer the smell of beer and piss got stronger.

“Stay away from me.” I warn, putting my hand in front me whilst backing away.

“Oh but where is the fun in that?” He smirks goes down to scan my body then comes back up to meet my eyes. He then jumps on me and traps me, the horrid man then held my wrists with one hand. I tried pushing him off but for a drunken he was strong. I screamed hoping someone would hear me and help.

I didn’t get away from Adam only to be raped by another vile excuse of a man. He then puts his fat smelly hand over my mouth making my screams come out muffled. I try to raise my knee to kick him in his groin but he effectively blocks it and pulls out a silver object. My eyes widen in terror. A knife. Fear filled me to the brim as he held it to my throat.

“Do that again and I will carve your pretty little heart out.” He sneered. I sobbed quietly as he continued touching my body.

“Please stop.” I continue my pathetic attempt at stopping him, hoping that he has a little kindness in his heart to stop, but he doesn’t, my whimpers fall onto deaf ears.

Suddenly, The man’s eyes were wide with pain as he fell to the dirty floor, my own eyes were wide with horror and relief. A pool of blood now surrounded him. Turning my head to the opening of the alley, I see a man with his gun still pointing at me.

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