Loving Her

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(3) Resentment

bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

Skylar Stryker

As predicted, nightmares terrorized my sleep. It started off as the drunken man that had me cornered in the alley way. He had his knife pressed into my skin and he was about to slit my throat when suddenly he was laying on the floor, dead. His dull eyes stared up at me and then his face contorted. The face of him staring up at me. Sobs racked my body.

“It’s your fault that this happened, Skylar.” He smiled as the skin on his face began to burn until there was nothing but bone. Still, he didn’t seem to notice as he stared up at me. “You deserve this. You deserve this for killing me. You killed me, Skylar. How could you kill me?” More tears slid from my eyes as I rapidly shook my head. I wanted so desperately to scream that I didn’t mean to but I couldn’t speak.

A loud gunshot had my attention turning to the man standing at the entrance of the alleyway. The darkness kept his identity hidden but hope filled my heart. I thought the man was Tate, my beautiful stranger. All my hope vanished the moment the figure stepped into the light. It was Adam and he wore a malicious grin as he pointed the gun in my direction. A silent scream left my throat as he fired the gun.

I rid the horrid nightmare from my mind and focused on my reflection before me. I wore a black and white striped long sleeve top with black skinny jeans. My face was layered in light concealer to hide the bruise on my cheek. Unfortunately, there were bruises around my wrists from where Adam and the drunken man held me which was the major reason for the long sleeve.

I glanced at the alarm clock on my night table to see it was eight o’clock, there was thirty more minutes until school started. I grabbed my backpack and shoved my Phone in my pocket before leaving my room. I was lucky that Mother and Father left for work earlier.

My phone rings snapping me out of my thoughts. I head into my black matte Mercedes while checking my phone. It was Adam whom have been texting and calling since last night but I ignored his calls and messages but I knew he wouldn’t leave last night unforgotten. Hence the reason I was driving myself to school as he would usually pick me up and 8:15. Putting my car in reverse, I exit the compound and head to school.

Once I had parked my car in front of the big blue building and stepped out I could tell from the looks on everyone’s face that they were shocked and confused that I didn’t come to school with Adam. Pasting a bright smile on my lips, I head to the blue metal doors and walked to my locker, greeting my fellow oblivious classmates. When I reach my locker, I enter my code and got my books for first period.

“Hey Sky!” A voice startles me and I turn to see my close friend Milan Turner standing there with her boyfriend Khaleb Hall who was buddies with Adam.

Ironic right? It would have been a perfect little love story if I wasn’t being forced to be with Adam and if he wasn’t a psycho.

Milan had brown hair that she always kept loose and she had big blue eyes. Overall Milan was a very pretty girl and I had known her since we were in pre-school.

“Hey Mila.” I smile, nodding to Khaleb whom nods back in greeting.

“You excited for the party?”

Milan must have seen the confused look on my face as she quickly explained.

“Oh you know Adam’s party that he’s hosting in three weeks? ”

I nod my head in fake recognition.

“So will I be seeing you there?”

I opened my mouth to decline but a voice quickly responds, effectively cutting me off.

“Of course she’ll be there. Won’t you babe?” Adam slipped his hand around my waist and my body tensed upon his touch. He looked at me with a sickly sweet smile that could have fooled anybody but his eyes told a different story. I knew what he was doing, He was daring me to deny. He was a bloody great actor.

So, I plastered a smile on my face and nodded to Milan.

“Yeah, I’ll be there.”

Just then the bell rings and everyone rushes off to class.

“Hey, why don’t you guys go ahead, we’ll catch up.” Adam tells Milan while he and Khaleb do their guy handshake. Milan wriggles her eyebrows and winks at me before leaving with Khaleb. As soon as they were gone and Adam made sure nobody was in the corridor, he slammed me against the lockers. Pain erupted from behind my head and Adam sank his nails into my sides. I whimpered slightly as he brought his face close to mine and snarled.

“You think I forgot about last night? You stupid bitch, you still owe me something.” His grip on my waist tighten, making his nails sink deeper into my flesh. Tears sprouted from my eyes and I swallow down a sob.

“What is this I hear about a boy dropping you home, last night.” Adam sneered.

My heart began beating quickly in my chest as tears welled in my eyes. Did my father tell Adam about Tate dropping me home? Fear settled into my bones quickly, I immediately began to fear for Tate’s life. Who knows what Adam could do to Tate.

“I-it was no-one, I-I promise.” I struggled out as fear dug its claws into my heart.

“What did I tell you about other guys, Skylar?” Adam leaned in, so his lips were by my ear. To anyone else it would look like we were embracing each other.

I look down trying to take my mind off the pain exploding at my sides, I knew it would draw blood.

“You’re very lucky, I wouldn’t punish you right now.”

Gee, how thoughtful of you, I thought sarcastically.

“But later you will be punished.” A whimper escaped my lips as Adam dug his fingers deeper into my sides before pulling the top of my shirt down, revealing the skin where my shoulders and neck met. Intense pain shot through my body and it was then I realised that Adam had bit me. I bit my bottom lip as the pain intensified and tears rolled down my cheeks. He finally retreated and pulled away from me.

The asshole actually bit me.

I couldn’t stop the flow of tears that ran down my face as Adam adjusted his jacket. His eyes trailed down my figure and approval lit up in them. The place he bit throbbed in pain.

He sent me a wink and opened his mouth.

“See you in class, babe.”

When he left, I dropped myself onto the floor as fat tears rolled down my pale face and in that moment I’ve never hated my life more. Few minutes later, I decided to head to the washroom to clean myself up before heading to class.

I picked myself off the floor along with my bag and walked to the washroom but with each step, pain flared up in my sides. I entered the washroom and immediately looked in the mirror, staring at my reflection.

My black hair was still in its ponytail but a few strands had came loose and my eyes were red while my face was sticky with tears, the concealer I had applied earlier was coming off. I pulled my top up a bit only to see five crescent shaped marks etched into my skin, it was red and it hurt like a motherfucker but the pain couldn’t compare to where Adam had bitten me.

I look at the mark and it was also red and swollen. I splashed water on my face a few times and reapplied the concealer before releasing my hair from its hold and fixed it so that it covered my neck a bit.

I took a deep breath before exiting the washroom and heading to class.

I opened the door to my first period class which was AP English. Everyone’s eyes snapped to me as I opened the door and immediately my eyes met a pair of steel grey orbs.

There, sitting to the back of the class was my beautiful stranger, Tate who saved me last night. He sat in the back next to the window and the sunshine that filtered into the class fell onto him. Making him look like a devil in angelic light.

I felt my breath leave my body as I stared at Tate.

He was dressed in a grey t-shirt and his legs were clad in a black jeans along with white sneakers.

“Miss Stryker, thank you for joining us.” I turn to the AP English teacher, Mr. Davis.

Mr. Davis was a man in his mid thirties and he had black thinning hair on his head along with brown eyes that hid behind thick black rimmed glasses.

“Sorry sir, It won’t happen again.”

“Better not,” Mr. Davis nodded sternly, “Take your seat.”

I nodded before turning around, I glanced at Tate but saw Milan gesturing for me to come to her but a seat away from her was Adam, who was glaring at me with one eyebrow raised. My breath was stuck in my throat and for a second I wanted to just run out of the class but instead I plastered a fake smile on my face and took a seat in the middle of Milan and Adam.

I was more than aware of the fact that Tate’s gaze was on me and that my heart fluttered for some unknown reason. Then I felt Adam’s hand on my thigh and I tensed. By now everyone had turned to Mr. Davis and were paying attention to what he was teaching so nobody saw where Adam’s hand was.

I was tense during the two periods and when bell rang for third period, I couldn’t have been more excited to be out of Adam’s presence. Everyone was already pilling out of the classroom but before I could leave, Adam gripped my wrist painfully tight and pulled me back to him.

I watched as Adam pulled off his letterman jacket before he held it out for me. I looked at it confused and he walked closer to me, shoving the jacket into my hand.

“Put it on. Now.”

I immediately shrugged the jacket on, it was big on my small frame and then I instantly knew what Adam was trying to do.

“Don’t even think about telling anyone about what happened, do you hear me?” Adam grinned as he caressed my cheek with his cold fingers, “Then again, you aren’t stupid enough to tell anyone.” Tears pooled in my eyes and Adam saw.

He then glanced behind me and his eyes hardened and his body became rigid. His fierce eyes looked down at me before he smashed his lips on mine. The kiss was harsh and forceful and when I didn’t respond he bit down on my bottom lip, hard. I let out a whimper as the metallic taste of my blood entered my mouth.

“Kiss me back.” Adam demanded with a warning in his tone.

I shut my eyes and moved my lips to his and as I did this, Disgust filled my stomach.

I hated him. I hated him so much.

The bite on my neck and the marks on my sides began to burn until Adam pulled away from me. He grinned when he saw the tears in my eyes, his fingers continued to caress my cheek, lovingly but his eyes held a type of maliciousness in them.

“I’ll see you later, babe.” Adam pulled me to his chest as his lips graced my ear, “Remember what I said.”

With that Adam left and I stood there completely frozen.

“Miss Stryker! Why are you still here?” I jumped at the voice of Mr. Davis and turned around. I quickly apologized before leaving the class and heading to my next one, which thankfully, Adam wasn’t a part of.

My next class was History and as I entered the class, my eyes fell on the grey eyes of Tate, who stared at me with a clenched jaw. I felt every cell inside my body freeze and I was so focused on Tate that I didn’t notice that everyone had taken their seats and our teacher had arrived.

“Miss Stryker, take a seat please.” I felt my cheeks heat up in embarrassment and I quickly took my seat in the middle of the class.

“Alright class! Turn to page two hundred and five in your textbooks.” The voice of our History teacher, Mr. Ragbir echoed throughout the small classroom and I turned to the required page, all the while trying to calm my racing mind.

“Okay, before we leave, next class we’ll start working on our projects.” Groans and mutters filled the air as our middle aged teacher rolled his eyes before gesturing to the class to be quiet, “I will be putting you in groups of 2.” More groans.

Just then the bell rang and everyone began piling out of class. I froze when Tate walked past me, his arm brushing mine. I wish for a split second that he would have turned around and met my gaze head on but he didn’t and for some reason my heart ached.

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