Loving Her

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(5) Enchanting

Enchanting;delightfully charming or attractive.

Henry Tate Porter

It had been two fucking weeks since Tate last saw the dark haired girl and even though he told himself he shouldn’t care, he did. It hurt his heart not knowing whether or not she was okay, especially after what had happened the first time they met.

He recalled the memory as if it happened just yesterday. He remembered when he first heard the screams of a female and it had brought him back to a distant memory of his mother screaming for help. It had sent him into overdrive and he reacted mostly on instinct, before he knew it, his gun was out and he had just killed a man. When he looked down at the dead man, he was happy that he had done what he just did.

Then he saw movement in the darkness and the most dazzling emerald eyes stared at him in fear and a bit of wonder. Her enchanting eyes were what drew him to her and he felt a need to posses and protect the young woman before him. When he realized that she wore no top, he became angry and when he couldn’t find the cloth anywhere near them, he instantly knew that the dead fucker on the ground wasn’t the person to tear it off.

It made him wonder what had happened to her before but he kept his mouth shut.

“Hey man,” He was broken from his thoughts by his half brother, Sean, “You good?”

Sean and Tate shared the same father but had different mothers. Their father was a man who couldn’t keep his dick in his pants which resulted in the duo having many other siblings. You would think the man stopped after finding out he was having an eighth kid. Despite this, Sean and Tate were close.

Tate nodded his reply with a sigh, “Just tired man.”

He wasn’t lying either. Tate was tired, he didn’t understand why he had to come back to high school but it was the request of his mother when she was on her death bed. He had dropped out of high school in his first year because he had to work to support his mother. Back then it was just him and his mother living together, his father didn’t care at all. Why would he? At that time he was in Bora Bora with a blonde bombshell who was more plastic than there was in the ocean.

When he told Sean that he was looking to go back to school, Sean had suggested he go where he and the rest of their buddies went.

“Mom asked for you last night,” Sean said suddenly as he stared intently at his brother.

Sean’s mother, Maria had taken Tate in after his mother died last year. She was almost like a second mother to Tate.

Tate absentmindedly placed a hand over his clothed stomach where a dark blue-black bruise had formed.

“I was busy,” Tate stated as he leaned against the hood of his car but Sean hadn’t missed the gesture his brother made.

Sean scoffed, “Sure.”

Tate didn’t bother to reply as his attention was brought to an expensive car parking a few spots next to them. What really caught his attention though, was the gorgeous dark haired female in the front seat.

The voices of all the students surrounding them were silenced as he stared at her. He found himself assessing her when she hopped out of the car. She wore a black turtleneck top and a pair of skinny black jeans. Her silky hair was styled in a way that it hid most of her face which disappointed him a bit.

She had a bright smile on her face as she scanned everyone around her but to Tate, he could tell that it was forced. There wasn’t any light in her eyes as she assessed the people around her.

She was hiding something, Tate discovered as he analyzed her posture.

Then her eyes caught his. She froze slightly when she realized how intently Tate was watching her. Tate saw a crack in her bright mask, he saw the fear in her eyes break through.

She couldn’t be afraid of him. He would never hurt her intentionally.

Then she was turned away by a blonde guy who wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

Adam Jackson.

He was more of a jackass than a Jackson. He was a bully who was spoiled rotten by his super rich parents. He showed off the money that his parents worked. The man needed a reality check.

Tate couldn’t fathom why such a sweet girl would want to be with such an asshole. It was unbelievable. Then he wondered where her boyfriend was the night she almost got raped, he should have been there for her.

Tate forced himself to turn away from the hypnotizing brunette and he instead focused on his brother who had began talking to two of their buddies, Owen and Oscar.

“Man! You should have seen his face when Oscar pulled out his knife!” Owen exclaimed with a laugh as he nudged the dark haired male next to him.

“You’re exaggerating.” Oscar rolled his hazel eyes at his twin brother.

Owen looked over at his brother, “No man, I swear, the man looked like he was going to piss himself.” Once more, the eighteen year old burst out into a fit of laughter.

Tate shook his head and rose a brow, “Would you mind not speaking about those things publicly?”

Almost as if recognizing where they were, Owen quickly apologized.

“We should probably head in, Erik said he isn’t coming.” Sean announced, looking down at the text message on his phone.

“His sister?” Tate inquired as the rest of them watched Sean curiously and sadly.

Sean nodded.

“Well, let’s go then.” Owen muttered as he began walking towards the school doors.

Just after Tate hopped off the hood, he couldn’t help but glance back at the dark haired female who danced around in his mind constantly. He was surprised when their eyes locked together. She quickly looked away but not before he saw a blush forming on her cheeks.

He smiled smugly as he followed Sean into the school.


Tate and the rest of his buddies sat on the bench furthest away from everyone else. The chatter and laughter of their fellow students surrounding them. Everyone at his table contributed to the noise also which caused Tate’s head to throb viciously. Pain pricked at his body and he had to muffle the groans that threatened to escape him. He didn’t want his brother to know that he had went to the club the night before. He had promised him that he would stop but he was addicted to the thrill of adrenaline he would get every time he went into a fight.

The money was good also, despite him not needing it but it was always good to have money for safe keeping.

“Hey babe,” Everyone at the table were silenced by the high pitched, seductive voice coming from behind Tate.

Tate glanced behind him and saw a gorgeous dark haired girl making her way towards him. He watched as the girl sat right beside him, ultimately making him uncomfortable.

“Me?” Tate asked, confused.

The girl rolled her chocolate brown eyes, “Yes you, silly.” She giggled.

She then put her palm on his shoulder and squeezed it as she stared deeply into his confused eyes, “So I was wondering if you want to come to a party this Friday with me?”

Tate furrowed his brows, “I’m sorry, what’s your name?′

The girl froze but a second later laughed it off, ”You’re so funny! My name is Destiny but you can call me anything you want.” She winked.

His eyes widened and he opened his mouth to decline but he was cut off by Owen.

“We’ll see you there.” Owen grinned.

Destiny seemed a bit disgusted for a second before she flashed a bright smile at them.

"Great." Destiny forced out the word before getting up, “I’ll see you there Tate.” Then she walked away, her hips swinging with every move.

Wow.” Owen sighed dreamily as he stared at Destiny’s retreating form.

“You’re an idiot.” Tate said to Owen the moment Destiny left.


“I don’t want to go to some stupid high school party.”

“Well, you’re going now, brother.” Sean interrupted them, flashing a mischievous smile at Owen who whooped loudly.

Tate shook his head at the both of them.

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