Loving Her

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(7) Terror

extreme fear.

Skylar Stryker


My head jerked up when someone barged into my room. My mother stood at the threshold of my bedroom with a fierce glare on her face that was directed at me.

I pull the ear plugs from my ears and turned my attention to her as my body tensed.

“You’re father wishes to see you in his study.”

My mother’s voice was cold and hard. The moment that she finished her sentence, she left my room as if it was on fire. I wasn’t surprised at her behavior but that didn’t mean that it didn’t hurt.

I pushed my text book to the side and slipped out of bed. Then I proceeded to my father’s office with slight trepidation pulsing through my body. I didn’t know what to expect.

When I reached outside of my father’s office, I hesitantly knocked on the expensive wood. My father called me in and so I entered the room.

My father sat behind his desk as he flipped through a document in front of him. He wasn’t paying attention to me as I closed his office door and took a stood in the middle of the room.

My body was tense as I awaited for him to acknowledge my presence. When he didn’t, I spoke up.

“You called me?”

He finally spared me a glance with his cold eyes before looking back down at his document. After a few moment of silence, he spoke.

“The Jacksons are expecting us for dinner on Saturday.” He drawled, “I’m telling you now so that you can prepare a dress for the event.”

I desperately wanted to decline because Friday was Adam’s party. I didn’t want to see Adam for two days back to back. But, I knew better than to disagree with my father. The last time someone spoke against him was when I was ten. A young man from Germany came to work for my father as my babysitter. After seeing how I was treated, he decided to talk to my father about it. That was the last time I saw him but from what I’ve heard, my father got him deported.

A frown unconsciously pulled at my lips and it didn’t take long for my father to notice.

“Is something wrong with that arrangement?” His voice boomed as he glared at me. My eyes widened and I looked down at the cherry hardwood floor.


“Good, you may leave.”

I was out of the room before he even finished his sentence. Just as I entered my bedroom, my cellphone rang. I grab the phone from my bed and my face paled at the caller ID.

Hesitantly, I answer the call.

“Why the fuck weren’t you answering my calls?” Adam’s voice boomed from the other side. I winced.

“Father called me into his study to tell me about the dinner with your family Saturday night.”

He hummed, “Good, I was just about to call you and tell you about it.”

I took a seat on my bed and played with the end of my skirt.

“My parents will be having other guests over so I want you on your best behavior. Do to understand?”

I suddenly felt small, “Yes.” My voice was a whisper and I could tell Adam was grinning smugly on the other side.

My body froze when I heard a feminine voice talking to Adam.

“Adam, come back to bed.” The girl whined.

I didn’t feel sadness nor heartbroken at the situation. As a matter of fact, the only emotion I felt was anger. He was such a hypocrite; how could he say that he didn’t want me with other guys when he was with other girls. Not that I minded but it made me so furious how he always kept me on a tight leash while he was free to play around.

“I’ll be right there, Diane.” Adam said, loudly. It was obvious that he wanted me to know that he was with someone else. Except it didn’t faze me. I knew for awhile that he was cheating on me but I didn’t care.

Just like that, he hung up. I sighed and placed my phone to charge then I walked into my walk-in-closet to gather my pajamas. After collecting my silk clothing, I dropped the items on my bed and made my way to my private bathroom. Five minutes later, I walked out of the bathroom and began to dry my hair with an extra towel.

Then I caught sight of the leather jacket that sat on the arm of the leather couch that was pushed to the corner of my room. Slowly I walked towards it and picked it up. I brought it up to my nose and took a deep breath; the scent of leather and cologne filled my lungs causing tears to spring in my eyes. Memories of the night I was almost raped twice filled my mind. I press the leather jacket to my chest and fumble to the ground. The cold tiles welcome me as tears freely flowed down my face in streams.

It felt like there was a weight weighing heavily on my chest. There were times where I wondered why I was still here. That it should have been me that died that night. My parents would’ve definitely liked that more. The thought just caused more sobs to leave my body. That night, I fell asleep on the cold tiles of my bedroom; naked with tears streaming down my face as I clutched onto my Beautiful Stranger’s jacket.


Day of the party

“What do you think?”

I turn to Milan and assessed her outfit. She wore a dark grey cropped sweater that ended just under her rib cage and a pair of black high-waisted shorts with black high heeled booties. Her brown hair was in big curls and her face was lightly covered in make-up.

I smile, “You look gorgeous.”

A large grin over took her face and she sent me a wink. “Thanks Sky and you look absolutely gorgeous as well.”

I thank her and turn back to the mirror. My outfit consisted of a black, cropped halter top with a high-waisted black leather flare skirt and a pair of designer black strap heels. My black hair was pulled into a high pony tail and my face was lightly dusted in make-up.

Milan had invited me over to her place to get ready for Adam’s party and after Khaleb would pick us up. I was applying a coat of red lipstick on my lips when Milan informed me that Khaleb had arrived. The moment we entered Khaleb’s expensive red car, I turned my head to the side so I wouldn’t witness the loving kiss that Khaleb planted on Milan’s painted lips.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy for my best friend but it was hard seeing them be so in love especially when I wished I had that normal, healthy relationship with a guy I genuinely loved.

The drive to Adam’s house only took five minutes and when we arrived, the place was packed. It was obvious that Adam had invited almost the entire school. There were people littered around the drive way and the sound of EDM music traveled from inside the house. Once we entered the house, the music got even louder and people were dancing with red cups in their hands.

An image of Adam attempting to rape me flashed through my brain causing a sliver of fear to seize my heart. A sudden feeling of dread filled me and I didn’t want to be here. Fortunately, I was broken out of my trance when Milan nudged my shoulder. I turned to her.

“Do you want to get a drink?” She yelled over the loud music.

I nod my head, my throat thick with fear. Khaleb lead Milan and I through the thick crowd with his tall, bulky frame and soon we were situated in the kitchen where a bar with a bartender was set up.

The bartender was a fairly good looking guy with dark red hair and honey eyes. When he smiled, he showcased a set of pearly white teeth. He also appeared to be in his early twenties.

Thankfully, the music wasn’t as loud in the kitchen so it was easy to hear the bartender speak.

“What can I get you lovely ladies tonight?” He sent a wink in my direction.

An awkward feeling crept up my spine and I looked down at the floor.

“I’ll have a beer and my girl will have a Sex on the Beach.” Khaleb ordered, wrapping an arm around Milan as he noticed the smirk the bartender was sending her way.

“I’ll have a-”

“She’ll have a Rum and Coke, Jerry.”

I look up at the person who just cut me off and tensed a bit when I realized that it was Adam. He was standing directly behind me, almost pushing me into the counter that separated me from the bartender. He looked down at me with a raised brow as if daring me to protest with what he ordered. I bite my lip and look away, accepting defeat. Adam then ordered a beer for himself.

“Hey man! Awesome party!” Khaleb greeted Adam.

They then began talking about all the people whom they saw so far at the party which I was a bit thankful for since it made Adam back away from me for a little bit. When my drink was finally placed in front of me and I was about to reach for it, Adam stopped me. I look up at him curiously but he just motioned to someone behind me.

“I think that girl is calling you.” Almost hesitantly, I turn around but saw no one trying to catch my attention.

When I turned around, Adam had a small smirk on his lips.

“I didn’t see anyone.”

“I must have been wrong then.” Adam chuckled before pushing my drink in my hand, “Here, drink some.”

Knowing that I would need some liquid courage to get over this night, especially with Adam acting nice, I chug almost half the glass. I enjoyed the bitter taste of the alcohol but didn’t miss the satisfied smile that Adam gave me after. I was a bit cautious as I studied his expression. There was a glint of an indescribable emotion that peered through his eyes and it made me wary.

For the next hour, the four of us chatted and drank. After I finished my second Rum and Coke, we moved onto shots of tequila. For once, despite the dizziness, I felt free. There were no negative thoughts that plagued my mind and I felt normal. After my third shot of Tequila, I fully felt the effects of the alcohol. My head was spinning and I could barely stand straight.

“Hey baby, let me take you to my room so you can lay down.” Adam murmured in my ear as I lean against his tall frame. “I think you’re done for the night.”

My brain couldn’t comprehend his words and a giggle left my lips. “Whatever you say, sir.” I said, trying to be serious but obviously failing as a series of giggles escaped me.

Adam led me away from the dance floor and away from Milan and Khaleb. Before I knew it, Adam was unlocking his bedroom door and placing me on his soft bed. I whined and tried to get back up.

“I don’t wanna go to bed! I was having fun!” I argued.

“Oh, we’re going to have lots of fun, baby girl.” Adam’s voice was different. It sounded much more malicious. I frowned at his words as he pushed me to lay back on the bed but much more forcefully this time.

My blood ran cold and fear seized my throat. “A-Adam, what are you doing?” I tried getting up and I panicked even more when I felt a needle sinking into my arm.

I began screaming but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good seeing as Adam’s room was further away from the party and no one would be on this side of the mansion. My brain got foggy and my body fell limp. I was still conscious but barely.

Adam raised my skirt up and pushed my underwear to the side. Tears sprung from the corner of my eyes as he began running his finger up and down my dry slit.

“N-no, Adam. Please stop.” I managed out, terror running through my body.

“Shh, I promise you’ll like it, Skylar.” Adam whispered before I heard the sound of a belt being unbuckled.

I couldn’t believe what was going to happen to me. All this led to me being raped. I should have known that something like this would happen. For God’s sake, it’s Adam. More tears streamed down my face and I just closed my eyes and hoped that it would all be over soon.

Abruptly, Adam’s weight was thrown off of me and the sound of cries and shouting met my ears. More shouting ensued before someone pushed my skirt back down and I was in strong arms. The familiar scent of cologne and leather filled my lungs causing me to open my eyes and look up.

Steel-grey eyes stared down at me and I gasped.


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