The Zodiac Council

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Pulling out the knife from my chest, I smile. "Was that suppose to hurt?"

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Chapter One

Pulling out the knife from my chest, I smile. "Was that suppose to hurt?" Throwing the knife right back at Archer, he reflects it with his bow.

"Would you guys please get out from back here? If my boss figures out you guys are back here, I am so getting fired," Melissa pleas with us while shooing us out from behind the counter.
"There isn't even anyone here," Archer points out while hopping onto the counter. "Plus, I don't understand you. You're parents have been working and saving their money since before you were born, you are rich and still work."
"Virgo, hardest workers of the signs - you have heard me recite this since I could talk. Also Neci, you need to bandage that up," she replies while pointing her finger at the knife wound that you can see through my shirt.
Putting my hand over it, I can feel that it is already starting to burn, "It's fine, it's already stitching up." All of a sudden all three of our phones start ringing and I see my dad's contact come up. "Shit, we are late!" Picking my phone up, I already hear Melissa closing up, and Archer opening the front door. "Hey dad, we are already coming," I say as I answer.
"You were suppose to be here 5 minutes ago, get your behind here now," he huffs out before hanging up again. With that I fly past Archer who is still holding open the door, and sprint towards the town hall. Getting there within seconds, I slow down as I walk up the marble stairs up to the meeting room. Getting to the doors, I start to knock on the door as it flings open.
In front of me, are all my friends' parents as well as my own. Also known as "The Zodiac" the most powerful beings in this realm. My mom just shakes her head as my dad's eyes shoot flying daggers my way.
"Sit," my father commands as the seat in front of my slides back a couple of inches for me to slid in. Sitting down, my skin starts to burn more and more and even though I know the cut is closing it hurts like hell.
As my mom starts going over problems in the lower counties, I sneak my phone under the side of the table. Texting Lily, I request that she brings me some ointment to take the pain away. Within seconds I get a reply saying she has some in her bag and will be there in a few seconds. Hearing a knock on the door, a small hand slips in and a bottle comes my way. Catching it brings all the attention back to me, "carry on," I mutter earning a scowl from my dad.
Hearing my mom finish up, the doors open to show all my closets friends in a straight line. Anthea, Nodin, Lily, Cyrus, Melissa, Finnegan, Audrey, Archer, Afra, Nicholas and Delma. Coming in they all sit down next to their parents, who barely acknowledge them and are still staring at my own parents.
"Welcome children," my mom's soft voice carries around the room. "We have called you all here today to talk about the 'Astro Festival' that will be taking place next weekend. While we have prepared everything, it will be your job to make sure everything gets into the places it needs to be by Friday of this week. More specifically Friday by noon."
Okays and head nods are exchanged to all the parents, but between all of us worry flashes through our quick exchanges. "Jobs will be start tomorrow, and no you may not give your job to Melissa," my father says giving a stern look to everyone of us. Melissa just gives a small smile and shrugs her shoulders, like it doesn't matter. This time, I know he is being serious though, this is a test. To see if we can not only work together, but to see if they should give us positions around the table now. With that all the parents get up and walk out the room, leaving us all in silence.
All of a sudden Delma stands up, raising all our eyes to meet her flaming blue eyes. "I can't stand this, we have finals coming up, we have sports, we other things in our lives other then this shit!" she yells her voice getting louder and louder until Finnegan gets up and puts his hand over her mouth. Her eyes go back to her normal blue and she starts to slumping against Finnegan's skinny figure.
Lily runs over to her dropping on her knees as Finnegan lies Delma down on the carpeted floor. "She has been doing this randomly for the past couple of days," Lily tells us. "She's becoming depressed again, and anytime shes tries to talk to her mom about it she makes her shush. Saying that she has everything she could ask for, go take a drink if you need to get rid of your worries. But you know Delma, she won't touch alcohol unless its forced into her hands."
"I need to get home, I have to much stuff to do, someone text me so I know she gets home safely," Cyrus says while giving her forehead a kiss before walking out.
"Always the golden Leo!" Nicholas screams to walking away Cyrus, earning a punch in the gut from Audrey.
"He doesn't need to hear that right now, douche. To his dad dating a Pisces is bad, but we all know that Cyrus doesn't just like her, he loves her. In his world, that shouldn't happen," Audrey. "Come on let's get her home," with that wind picks up and starts to carry Delma out. I watch as Finnegan concentrates on lifting her up, he has really been working on his gift - being an air sign that actually has the element air is something that you can't take lightly.
For Finnegan it isn't as much as a responsibility as it is for me. I'm the only one for fire, have been for about 50 generations. That's why my dad is so hard on me, at least that is what my mom tells me.
Walking out behind everyone, I close the door to the meeting room and sit my head against the door. Taking a deep breathe, I try not to scream. I don't know if I can do this, not alone at least.
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