The Zodiac Council

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Chapter Two

"Come on you guys we need to actually start stuff," I huff out at my friends.

"We have plenty of time, you need to relax," Archer replies back while leaning back on the grass. Looking around I see that most tents are up but nobody has dropped anything off yet. I still fell like we should be moving, doing something at least.

Getting up to sit next to me, Anthea, gracefully falls on the grass next to me. "I had calculated the tasks, the people and the days at the beginning of this. We don't have anything to do until tomorrow," she tells me. I try to take a deep breath and know she is right - she knows what she is doing, making schedules is a Taurus' thing. "Even Melissa already left, to go back to work."

"We need to start getting ready for school," Cyrus tells us as he is getting up. With all of us following we all pile in the 3 cars there and head the 2 miles to our school. Astro High. Pretty original, I know.

Getting to Astro High, we all start filing out of the cars and head to the back of Nicholas' truck bed. Grabbing our bags, we all split our different ways - Afra, Lily and I head to the English Department. Arriving at our classroom there is a crowd around the door, students whispering.

All of a sudden a scream comes from inside the classroom, pushing my way past all the students I run to Ms. Jay's side as she crumbles to the floor. A hush goes through the students, as Ms. Jay starts seizing. Turning her onto her side, I see a slash on her back that is flaring red. I don't know what happened here, but I know it's bad. "Call a doctor and my dad, I'm gonna try to clear this up," I yell at Lily and Afra who had finally made it past the crowd.

Running my hand over the slash, I hear Ms. Jay suck in a breath and she stops shuttering. I have never healed anybody with my abilities but she's an Aries so I really hope this works. Holding my hand over the top of the slash, I focus my heat into my hand and hover over it. I can see the heat from my hand going into the space between her skin and my hand.

I can hear footsteps running from down the hall, and then my mom runs in with three people behind her. I step out of the way as all three new comers kneel around her, leaning against the wall I can just stare at them as they start to cover her. "Honey, we need to know what happened?" my mom asks as she comes over to me.

"I don't know, I was coming to class and heard a scream so I ran past the crowd, she started to seize so I turned her to her side that is when I saw the slash and told them to call dad. Then I knew she was an Aries to I tried healing her, that's when she stopped seizing so I kept going. Mom is she gonna be okay?" I asks, trying to calm my voice because I can hear it shaking for the first time.

Taking me into her arm, she opens her arms to Lily who is also know shaking, and Afra who is just standing there. Holding us she whispers, "I pray she will be okay." Hugging us for another minute before leaving with the doctors who had finished rapping Ms. Jay.

We all start get our bags that we had dropped while running in and see that Principle Aiden talking to the students that are still outside of the classroom. Walking their way we hear him say, "I am going to cancel school for the rest of the day, and I want everyone to be careful. I'm not exactly sure what happened here, but we just need to make sure everyone is careful," he says before all the students disperse into the hallway.

Coming up from the outside doors is the rest of our friend group, grouping around us asking what happened. "We don't exactly know, and honestly I really don't feel like explaining it again," I huff out. I can see shock show up on all of their faces, but I honestly don't care. I always share everything that happens and right now I don't even know why my own heart is racing. Taking a deep breath I say, "Sorry for snapping, my heart is racing and I don't feel good at all."

"You are probably having an anxiety attack," Delma says. "Someone go get her water." With that I sit against the lockers and I can hear someone running down the hall towards the door. What feels like minutes pass before I am handed a water bottle and I slowly take a sip. I feel that my palms are sweating so I wipe them against my jeans.

"Okay, we should probably go because they are about to close the school," Nodin says while picking up my bag that I dropped for the second time today.

I push myself off the wall and head down the hall with Finnegan holding onto my arm and helping me walk. I feel heat rise to my cheeks, and then I feel heat on my head. "Um Neci, your head hair is on fire. Not burning but on fire," he whispers in my hair.

I let go of his arm and pushed him away slightly. Running out of the doors, I feel my hands start to heat up as well. Running my hands through my hair, the fire hovers over my hand. "I need everyone to back away from me," I yell.

This has happened once before when I first discovered that I had Aries abilities. I might look dumb but it's the only thing that stops it. I kneel down on one knee and put both my hands against the grass. Focusing all my heat onto my hands, I see the grass starting to burn. With that I start to circle my arms on either side of me and start muttering, "Cool."

After a few seconds, I hear a sizzle on my hair and then the fire goes out. I fall back onto the grass and close my eyes. "Neci, you have to wake up," I hear Archer say. With that I black out.

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