The Zodiac Council

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Chapter Three

Blinking over and over didn’t help the purple spots that were floating in my vision. Turning my head, I grunt as pain shoots from my neck into the back of my head. “Sweetie, you need to stay still,” I can barely see my mom but her I can hear she is right next to me. “I’m going to go get the nurse.”

I can see her move in front of the bed, in what looks like sweats and a shirt - something I don’t see often. With in seconds I see her move across the front of my bed again and I feel a cold hand on my left shoulder. The touch doesn’t hurt but the pulsing tension that my shoulder does with the touch lurches me into a scream.

“Shh, it’s okay, you need to try and relax,” she tells me lifting her hand from my shoulder and walking away from my view. The pain that was on my shoulder now leaves but there is a hot sting where her hand was. I feel my mom grasp my hand by my side and I can only image the face that I must be making right now.

“What time is it?” I ask, trying not to squirm at the pain that shoots through my face. Apparently my whole body is not wanting to work with me after my little freak show.

“It’s 2 o’clock,” my mom replies still holding onto my hand.

“I’ve only been out for 2 hours?” I ask, I feel like I have been out for days.

“It’s been three days and 2 in the morning,” I guess I was right, that also explains her sweats. “Your dad, Archer - who obviously likes you by the way and lily have been taking turns with watching you. Everyone else has been coming to visit when they can.”

“Wait that means today is the festival,” I realize. Before she can even reply, I sit up and swing my legs off the side of the bed. "I have to go, I have a responsibility," I stutter out before failing at getting onto my feet.

"Your only responsible for making sure you rest and are good," my mom replies trying to move me back against the pillows she just put up.

"No that isn't, I need to go there. Dad would not be sitting in bed right now when something needs his attention," I reply.

"You are NOT your dad!" she screams, her eyes turning a bright red before settling back down. "You are not your father, you are not on the Zodiac Council, you are a child and you need rest." With that she gets up and starts to walk out of the room, "I'm sorry but I can't seeing you like this." With that she walks out just as Archer walks in.

"I guess that was her giving her shift to me," he says with a soft smile on his lips.

"What in the hell are you doing in my room at 2 am?" I ask softly as I lay back on the pillows that my mom had set up. "My dad would kill you if he ever saw this."

"Well thankfully for me, he was the one that sent me here," he replies. "Your mom sent the group chat that you were awake, your dad sent me because I was in his office."

"So let me get this straight, you have a group chat with my parents and you were at my dad's office at one in the morning?"

"Don't worry the chat also has Lily in it and yes can't a man work in an office until 2 am?"

"Not when that 'man' is a high schooler who hates to do anything that other people tell him too," I reply trying not to laugh way to hard.

"I saw a challenge with doing this festival and you know me being a Sagittarius that I do love a good challenge," Archer snarks back. He has a point about that, but I still can't believe that he came here. Yet it also makes since, dad has never had the time to make sure that I was okay or to congratulate me when it's not for him.

"We both know I am way better company then that stinky old man anyway," Archer laughs. I try to laugh too, but it makes my face sore this time - at least it isn't shooting pain. Archer is always the one that has been there for me when I would try to solve problems that I had. Especially when it came to my parents and having to try to be the star player.

"You know I was going to give you the day off tomorrow but after calling me 'that stinky old man'," I hear my dad's booming voice come from the direction from the door. I turn my head slightly and for the first time I don't see feel any pain.

Smiling I start to laugh as I see the face of shock on Archer's face, "I didn't know you hear that sir," Archer says to my dad who just has a stern look on his face.

"Please leave, I need to talk to my daughter," with that Archer gives a nod and leaves the room. A smile comes across my dad's face and that smile might be the first real smile I have seen him in a years. "I heard he had a little crush, but of course your mother tells me that after I sent him here to be alone with you for hours."

That sounds like mom did that on purpose and to be honest, I kinda appreciate that just for the face on Archer's face. "Do you need me to do anything for the festival?" I question my dad, seeing if he will say something better then my mom did.

"No I don't need you to do anything except lay down and rest,"he replies - which is almost as surprising as seeing him smile after Archer left.

"Okay, if you really don't need me to do anything," I take a deep breath and close my eyes again.

"Well there is one thing," my dad whispers making my eyes shoot open.

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