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We think of them in these times of misfortune but what about us? We were forgotten, we were dropped. ------------------------------------------- This book is a one short. Good reading.

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Midjenha Morency
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Lying on the branch of a tree, I watch the world while letting my tears flow. The roads of Paris are deserted. We've been in confinement for a few weeks. And people seem to respect the principles.

France was a country full of life, joy, happiness and above all the capital. It feels good and the roads were always busy at all hours of the day and night. Nobody could have believed that the great matches, the races, the marathons, the concerts, the competitions, all those which made France what it is would stop overnight.

An unnamed sadness devours me, my mother has just died killed by this fucking Corona, this pandemic that is ruining our lives. We are alone now, abandoned in the streets of Paris.

Why the State does not take care of us in these times of misfortune? They never calculated us, why would he do it now? They have enough problem like that, with all of his people getting sick.I do not know what to do. I am the oldest in my family and my sisters are now on my responsibility. We're going to starve or killed by the Corona.

My family is not the only one in this situation, there are many others. In our neighborhood, there are plenty. We live every day as if it were our last.

Nobody sees us,

Nobody takes us into account,

They dropped us,

They forgot us,

I close my eyes and let the tears flow ... What else can I do? Still, we can't just sit back and let us die like that. We have to do something.

I carefully descend from the tree and greet the guests. My mother was one of the most appreciated women in this city and her death brings a lot of sadness. I stand on the platform to give my speech, a speech that has just changed.

• My mother was the best woman in the world, she loved us and protected us at the risk of her life. With no husband and no one to help her, she raised us alone. She cherished and loved us. And in his name today, I have just made a decision ... We cannot let this pandemic take away ours without doing anything. People may have forgotten us and the world is not calculating us but we are in the same situation, we are a family and my request for today is to stick together to move forward, to survive, to live.

I smile at the cheers, I think I can say that for once, I will do something good in my life.

The next day, we got to work.

Our dear seamstress went to see how people make nose shields and makes tons of them for us.

Our best men went to steal detergent and other things to survive.

Something to wash our hands,

What to feed us,

What to live for,

Live until it all ends.

We're happy, we're fine.

My mother was right, she is always right. When you work in a team you can raise mountains.

So this evening, I am pleased to announce that we don't care about the rest of the world.

We made a decision, The cockroaches decided to act.



It's short I know. And this book is to be taken with humor of course. The corona stresses us a lot, me especially, so laughing makes me feel good and I hope for you too.


What did you think of this one short?

Surprised or not?

You liked it? And I find that we do not take too much into account these critters there. Keep in mind that this is humor and that I don't like cockroaches, they fly.


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