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Christion Thompson presents Runaway, a written single.

Christion Thompson
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I just want to run away from it all. Run away from my pain. Run away from my suffering, my problems, my past – I just want to run away from it all.

I feel like I’m alone, isolated from the world. Unable to interact, socialize and be human like everyone else. I don’t know, sometimes I feel like I messed up horribly in a past life or something, because there’s something I must’ve done to deserve this. I want answers, but I feel like it’ll kill my soul if I get them.

I see everyone around me having a good time, talking, laughing without a care in the world. They have their degrees, their jobs, houses, spouses and children. Meanwhile, I’m alone. Stagnant, not going anywhere in life. I’m stuck in the past, wondering what could’ve been. Suddenly, I notice that everyone’s looking at me. And they’re laughing, laughing at me. Everyone’s laughing at me. It hurts my ears listening to it – such a shrill sound it is.

I can no longer stand the laughter, so I start running. I’m running from everyone, their faces and voices. I’m running from all the reminders of my past life, whatever that may be, along with all of the misdeeds and transgressions it consisted of. Then, as I look behind me, I’m frightened to find out that everyone’s chasing me. They corner me. I have no choice but to fight back, even if that means I lose, and my past consumes me.

However, when I do, I find out that it was all a vision – an illusion. I’m scared, angry, and confused. Then, I notice there’s a camera, and it was filming everything. The mixed emotions soon became hatred, and I start lashing out. Behind the camera, millions of people were watching. They were enjoying my misfortune – my misery. I had enough, so I flew into a rage and started destroying everything in my immediate vicinity. Those same millions that were laughing and pointing and feigning sympathy were now screaming in terror, begging for whoever to get me back under control.

They try. However, I had enough. I had enough of being under a spell, I had enough of all the abuse, all the intimidation, the torture, and all the tyranny. I break free from my chains, and out of my cage. Then, I run.

So, I’m running. I don’t know where I’m going. All I know is that I have to run from it all. All the sadness, the madness, all the heartbreak and disappointment, and all the loneliness and humiliation.

As I’m running, I realize that I can see the sun. It’s gentle, authentic, and beautiful. It’s perfectly warm, as if an angel were caressing my face. I also notice that I’m standing in a field. The grass beneath my feet feels like I’m standing on a plush carpet. It’s soft and delicate, and a perfect shade of green.

Best of all, I realize that I’m finally free and at peace. I’m free from everything in my past life, and everything that made me human. All the sorrow, sickness, and suffering were now nonexistent.

I look around in the field I’m standing in. It’s beautiful, full of flowers blooming, birds singing, and butterflies of many different colors. But, perhaps, the most beautiful thing of all was her. She placed a hand on my shoulder and held out a small cup to collect the tears which were falling down my face. For some reason, probably because I was thirsty, I drank the cup of tears. It was far better than any water I’d ever drank in my life. We embraced each other gently, and I thanked her for such a sweet gesture.

We were both perfect in a perfect world, free from everything that hurt and harmed us. This world would be where we ruled, and we had the power to create everything we’d ever dreamed of just by lifting a finger. Here, we experienced true happiness for the first time, and this feeling would stay with us forever.

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