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Laraba's boyfriend leaves her for her best friend Alisa. Alisa finds herself at the crossroads of betrayal and loyalty, between her best friend and romance.

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Chapter 1

Alisa watched her best friend dress up. She was surprised earlier that she was putting too much effort in dressing up, as if she was going for a party when her they were just going for shopping in the mall.

"Why are you putting make-up, aren't we just going to the mall?" Alisa asked her.

Laraba- her best friend just smiled and continued applying rouge to her cheeks. She had put on high waist jeans and a hot pink crop top. The jeans highlighted her curves. Laraba was a truly a beautiful girl without make up she didn't need all that and that made Alisa suspicious of her. Maybe she was up to some mischief.

It took Laraba about half an hour to finish what she could have done in five minute, if she was keeping things simple.

"I really wonder what you are dressing up for like that," Alisa murmured, annoyed her that she was keeping her in suspense.

" Chillax, girlfriend you will soon find out," Laraba said, putting a hand in the air.

"But seriously, all that for shopping isn't that excessive?" Alisa stated.


They hopped into conclusion the taxi Alisa had called earlier on. All the way Laraba was chatting on the phone and soon, Alisa had drawn her conclusion; they were meeting Laraba's boyfriend.


Her conclusion was right. He was at the entrance to the mall, leaning on a red sports car, two boys, probably his friends standing beside him, laughing. He was taller than his friends, his hair kept in the Afro style:well combed, jet black and shiny, his body spoke of one who engaged in sports at school and never joked with the gym.

"The tallest one is my boyfriend."

Without further explanation Alisa understood their mission here; Laraba had used the excuse for coming to the mall to meet her boyfriend. Her parents were very strict on engaging in any boy-girl relationship at high school level.

They walked up to the boys and said hi.

"Hello girls nice to see you guys, I am finally meeting the pretty Alisa that my girl has been talking about." Laraba's boyfriend said his dark eyes captivating as they gleamed with sparks of light.

"So this is the Asher I've been hearing about," Alisa said shily. She was a little bit taken by the handsome guy she's looking at.

"The one and only Asher," He said, placing his palm on his chest dramatically making all of them laugh.

He's really funny, Alisa thought.

"You haven't introduced your friends to Alisa," Laraba reminded him tugging at his arm.

"Forgive my manners Alisa, here are my good friends Sam and Chike," Asher said, encircling his arms round Laraba. Sam was the short one, dark and handsome in his own way. Alisa wondered why he was wearing a hoody in this hot weather though. Chike seemed reserved and when he talked he was economical with words. He was a good looking guy as well. From the looks of everything Asher seemed to surround himself with good looking guys like himself.

"Maybe we can match her with one of your friends," Laraba said smiling mischievously. Alisa sent her an evil glare. Asher just laughed and glanced at his two friends.

"That's a brilliant idea, I am interested, who will not be interested In a fine girl like her?" Sam said his eyes gleaming. Alisa let out a long sigh, trying very hard to conceal her annoyance.

"Actually, Laraba we came here to shop right? Why don't we go ahead."

"Alright guys, the ladies want to shop, let's get in," Asher said, by beckoning on his friends.

Alisa could not help herself smiling when she noticed her best friend and her boyfriend walking into the shopping mall arm in arm, they both looked cute together. Laraba's head barely reached his shoulder, giving the sense of protection to anyone who looked at them.

Sam saw the smile and whispered in her ears,"are you thinking what I am thinking? "

Startled, Alisa faced him, puzzled.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

"They make a fine couple."

"I don't know."

"Common I sensed that was what you were thinking from your smile."

"It's really none of your business what I am thinking," Alisa said curtly and rushed into the mall. She had come to shop and that was what she'd do, Laraba could take care of herself. With that in mind, she walked away from the rest of them, to the footwear section.


Alisa had finished trying a pair of brown leather boots when her phone beeped. She picked up the phone from her hand bag, it was Laraba that texted her.

Were are you

Somewhere in the mall, she replied back.


I do not want those bunch of guys near me, sorry sister when I am ready to go I will look for you

Seriously what's the meaning of this?

Alisa smiled and turned off her phone. She was comfortable shopping with her friend but with those boys? No, she won't. She knew her friend was trying matchmaking but she'd not give her a chance to do that. She believed in falling in love by herself when the time was right.


"Your friend seems kind of antisocial," Asher commented as Laraba threw her phone into her handbag, visibly annoyed.

"She's the least antisocial person I know of," Laraba murmured, gritting her teeth.

"Why then is she avoiding us?"Asher asked, his lips curved.

" it isn't funny, she just has this thing for people she meets for the first time: she's reserved towards them."

" oh, then let's let her be." Asher said and added mischievously, " well at least we won't feel uncomfortable to kiss, I guess I have to send away my friends. "

She poked his ribs, " who said I would kiss you."

" won't you my sweet."

He perked her while she laughed and hit his hand playfully.

"I like you a lot," Asher whispered into her ears. Hearing these words made her stomach churn with excitement, she: Laraba of all people, was getting this pretty boy's attention. For what seemed like eternity they stared deep into each others' eyes like a typical Bollywood romance.

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