We Free Prophets - Volume Two

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As the first volume of We Free Prophets neared completion, I experienced a revelation regarding the plight of humankind. Empathy grew for those who had a negative impact upon my childhood development, whom I had always blamed for the disturbances in my mental health, for I realised something must have happened to them to make them behave as they did. And since I reasoned that something must have happened to those who had a negative impact on their development, I understood all were only links in a chain of disturbed humans receding into the past, and advancing into the future too, unless the phenomena responsible for the disturbances were eradicated. I assumed disturbed humans are evidence suggesting humankind's evolution is flawed, and the flaw; a consequence of civilisation's crooked construct. I reasoned that if the world were the paradise it could be, the flaw would be eradicated and humankind would advance in evolutionary synchronicity with all the Earth's life, and the planet itself. The revelation expanded until I was certain I knew what had to change to ensure humankind's healthy development, and embarked on a fantasy where I had the power to create a paradisical world. The fantasy forms the concluding chapters in the first volume of We Free Prophets. An obsession with the fantasy inspired further writing, which is documented here, in the second volume.

Martin Sharratt
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Prologue - Finland 2020

During ten years of sporadic online publication, the first volume of We Free Prophets was entitled Privacy Anonymity and other Meaningless Words, which I will refer to as PAM from this point.

PAM inspired further writings, all of which are connected to it in some way, so I have created this, the second volume of We Free Prophets, to enable an appreciation of the connections and introduce the works in order of creation. An account of my life weaves through poems, short stories, blog posts and novellas and concludes in the final chapters.

I begin by recounting events from the moment I turned right, outside the building where I lost my anonymity, in 2007, with thoughts of booking myself into an asylum.

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