We Free Prophets - Volume Two

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Chapter Twenty Nine

If we do not develop intent, on a universal scale, it seems likely humankind will continue to build an imbalanced, divided global civilisation at war with itself. Carelessly designed, as if it only exists to be destroyed, and has little purpose, apart from providing lives of luxury for a minority, and a standard of living for the majority that ranges from poverty, which more than half of the planet’s population must endure, to a relative comfort. A troubled world we must hide from our children, so it does not disturb their development, and place in the back of our own minds, so we may have a better chance of leading a joyful life.

If life’s meaning does not find new purpose, future generations will only do as we do; continuing to create a world they are dissatisfied with and wish would change. And if the world’s political tensions and the governing minority’s incompetence eventually results in the destruction of this world, through a nuclear holocaust or the consequences of climate change, and our kind ceases to exist, the lives of all who have lived will be rendered meaningless, for humankind’s effort will have been in vain.

Every soldier who has lost their life, throughout history, and every soldier living today, who willingly offer their lives, will be insulted to the deepest reaches of their souls if the ultimate battle against evil is lost.

Yet; where does the evil emanate from? Who are we fighting? Which armies represent the force of good and which of evil? Is the Communist Bloc evil, or the Capitalist Bloc? Or is the entire scenario simply the gravest of ironies; the most feared foe of the human race is the human race itself?

One cannot win a battle against one’s self, if one’s foe is one’s self. There is no victory in battle if the war is a nuclear holocaust, which destroys our world and all its life.

Is it not idiocy to destroy our own kind, all life, and the very planet upon which life lives? Or even consider the notion for a moment? And it is not beyond the realms of idiocy to convince ourselves that this force of destruction, of our creation, which we fear so, is beneficial; that it is not evil at all? That it is, in fact, the force of good, since it maintains peace on Earth?

The death of every soldier will not have been in vain, if the ultimate victory is peace on Earth, for that is a soldier’s ultimate quest. Every brick bricklayers have lain will have been effort well spent, if each combines, at last, to create the foundation of a global civilisation that will not exist uncertainly, as though it is only being built to be destroyed. The lives of all who live, have lived, and are yet to live, will adopt an incredible value, if humankind share a common pursuit; to create a balanced global civilisation at peace with itself.

The world’s governments are surely exploring the opportunities the internet offers them too. If they do not destroy this world, governments may unite to create a global government – a New World Order – to suit their own criteria, with a global military and police force, which may transform into a global military dictatorship or police state. A world where every trace of democracy is outlawed. This is not a scenario resting within a work of fiction; it is a very real possibility, together with many other nightmarish scenarios, and the only way to avert such disaster is for the people to rise together first.

Opportunity is not a permanent phenomenon. If we do not seize the chance, the majority of humankind may have no choice but to continue constructing a flawed global civilisation a minority design now, and what may be a short forever. A construction project that destroys the world as it is being created, and which exists as though it will be destroyed. As though humankind are intent on creating an eventual graveyard of fools, or a colossal cloud of radioactive dust, meandering meaninglessly through time and space.

To be continued ..................

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