We Free Prophets - Volume Two

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President Of World’s Encouraging Rhetoric to the people.

Inaugural speech; revolution.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many political parties, and systems of governance, when almost everyone in the world wishes for pretty much the same thing?

Perhaps it is reasonable to assume that each wish to live in a world at peace. To have a home for themselves and their families, food and clean drinking water, education, free or affordable healthcare, and work that brings pleasure, satisfaction, and a wage that allows a comfortable standard of living, at the very least. Maybe it is not unreasonable to consider that if these basic requirements were met on a global scale, they would form a stable foundation for global civilisation, and a degree of contentment within the human race.

If each of the world’s one hundred and ninety five countries were governed by representatives who strived to provide this standard of living, there would be no political tensions, since the world’s leaders would be working together to create this foundation, and world peace would be granted as a consequence.

However; as it stands, and has stood for centuries, many of the world’s leaders are at odds with one another, which has resulted in an unequal, divided world resting on the brink of a Third World War, and even if such an incomprehensible calamity could be avoided indefinitely; a world that is dying as a result of the pollutive manner in which humankind are encouraged to live.

Equally; if countries claiming to host democratic governments were true democracies, the will of the country’s people would manifest in their societies, since their opinions would lead to the creation of their country’s infrastructure, so everyone would enjoy the benefits of the aforementioned societal criteria – and if true democracy were to spread across the globe, world peace would be achieved, since each nation would be working towards the same goal.

For instance; there should not be homelessness in democratic societies, since the country’s citizens expect to be housed. If a country’s government were truly democratic, efforts would be made to provide the country’s citizens with this basic human right. The same is true for healthcare, education, and fundamental requirements such as food, clean drinking water, and a minimum wage that enables one to live outwith the realms of poverty.

Yet; it is not so. Our so-called democracies do not provide an opportunity for a country’s people to design the societies in which they must live. In effect, democracy only allows a country’s citizens to choose the minority who will design their societies for them – and according to their own criteria, rather than that of the people they supposedly represent.

Therefore; there is homelessness, when habitable buildings stand empty, and hunger, when good food is thrown away if it is not sold by the sell-by date – which feeds vermin and insects on rubbish dumps, rather than the people it was produced to sustain. In fact; there is a great deal of evidence that suggests our democracies are farcical in the extreme, which results in countless absurdities, and to allow this system of governance to continue, alongside other systems of minority rule, will eventually result in the demise of our planet and all its life.

One possible solution, to this clearly unacceptable scenario, would be to convince the minority, governing our kind, to modify governments, and systems of minority rule, to accommodate true, interactive democracy. Unfortunately; this seems highly unlikely, which suggests minority rule must be overthrown by the majority, if the majority wish to participate in the design of their societies, and ultimately; global civilisation.

However; overthrowing existing governments, and means of governance by a minority, cannot be achieved by a violent uprising of the majority, as it has been in many revolutions of the past, such as the French revolution, since systems of minority rule are maintained by force – exerted by those employed to protect governing minorities, such as the police and armed forces; the might of which constantly grows.

Therefore; the only way to implement an alternative manner of governance would be to include these forces in revolution. Although the notion seems absurd, the mechanics of warfare has reached a point of development where members of the armed forces may hesitate, when considering their employment in battle, with the most famous example in recent times being the case of Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov, who refused to authorise the use of nuclear torpedoes against the United States Navy, in 1962, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Vasili is recognised as the man who ‘saved the world’ for if he would have allowed their deployment, it would almost certainly have resulted in the Third World War.

Also; members of police forces, and others working within the field of crime and punishment, question laws they are expected to enforce, and the resulting manner of societal retribution, such as incarceration, and may wish to have a greater say within their field of employ. The members of these forces are citizens too, who also witness the effect the current political climate has, and may have, on the world upon which we all live, and may therefore be inspired by an alternative manner of governance – if it seems likely to eradicate man-made threats to our very existence, and our planet, and allow a fair, peaceful world to manifest.

Although Vasili is a hero of incomprehensible magnitude, it seems incredible that this one man held the fate of our world in his hands, and those operating within the world’s political arena have learned nothing whatsoever from the incident. On the contrary; cold war tensions between Russia and the West during the 1960′s seem almost lame, when compared to the nuclear stand-off currently threatening our world, since there are now ten countries that possess nuclear weapons.

The handful of people who rule this world, with fingers poised over red buttons, are not swayed by crowds waving pieces of cardboard with their concerns scrawled upon them. Neither does this manner of communication illicit the necessary response regarding other grave concerns, such as global warming. In fact; to express our political views in this manner, during this age of digital communication, is an insult to the collective intelligence of humankind – which the messages attempt to convey. For it is stupidity we protest against; fragmented intelligence – dissonant interactions between a minority of self-serving, egotistical individuals.

The consequences, and possible consequences, of allowing global civilisation’s design to be determined by an an almost imperceptible minority are clear to see, for it is the world we live in. In fact; if a blueprint for global civilisation exists, it is obviously flawed in the extreme, and the designers must therefore be dismissed, or assisted in their quest.

The design of global civilisation should be the most thrilling, rewarding, fascinating, awe-inspiring work on our planet, and a project within which the majority should become involved. For this to occur, a far greater percentage of humankind must become involved in the world’s political arena, and a true, global democracy would provide this opportunity.

This does not call for an unlawful revolution; it demands a process which must occur, to eradicate a manner of governance that should not have arisen. These are the early years of civilisation; a solid foundation must be created for future generations to build upon, and it is a responsibility all must accept.

I do not ask you to follow me. I do not intend to lead a revolution, since a revolution resulting in a true global democracy should have no leader. Neither do I offer a manifesto. Now it is time to stop searching for someone to follow, and something to believe in. Now it is time to trust one another, and collectively create something to believe in. My intent, as the President of the World, is to encourage this trust and cooperation – to point the way to a paradise on Earth.

Humankind’s ability to adapt has allowed a frightening surreality to appear as though an acceptable normality, and we have learned to accept that our world order is beyond our control. Now it is time for humankind to recognise the scale of absurdity, and unite, in an effort to eradicate all evidence of it. For that is human nature; to strive for perfection. It is possible. It is feasible. Only conditioning and fear of change will prevent humankind from embracing the notion.

Forever your humble servant

Martin Sharratt

The President of the World.

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