We Free Prophets - Volume Two

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Chapter Five - Finland 2009 to 2012

I began to see my children more often, once I had moved into the flat, but I didn’t want to be seen with them. In fact; I became increasingly afraid to leave home, because I was convinced the films had made their way to Finland. I was also worried about being known as the author of PAM. It was around this time uncertainty began to overwhelm me. I often concluded that the reasons to publish PAM outweighed those against, yet the opposite was also true.

Sometimes, I sensed PAM was a work of great importance, and at others; nothing more than a pointless obsession, with the initial purpose of providing a soundtrack to the short films rendered ineffective by a variety of circumstances, and its unexpected goal, to change the world, a mere delusion, which led to a sporadic online publication of the work.

I continued to edit and polish PAM, but felt like writing something new, so I started blogging. However, my mental health wasn’t at its best, so a good deal of my blogs were quite odd. One of the first, which dealt with Internet infamy, was perhaps the most well thought out of all, and forms the following chapter.

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