We Free Prophets - Volume Two

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Chapter Eight

Dear Facebook,

Apparently, the popularity of your site is declining. Well, I have an idea for a new socially-interactive site. Not only do I believe it would be the Internet’s biggest; I’m also convinced it would change the world into a paradise beyond the wildest fantasy.

After this brief introduction, you will find a basic outline of the concept. If you are not interested, I intend to offer the proposal to other social-networking sites. I do hope you are though, because I consider Facebook has the potential to be the perfect host.

I have read recently that Facebook ‘drew fire for six stubbornly childish behaviours’ and this is one reason, for it would take a childlike imagination to embark upon a venture such as this;

The CWO. Or; How To Change The World.

The majority of the world’s population have been governed by a comparatively insignificant minority for thousands of years – it is all we have ever known, so it may be difficult to imagine an alternative.

The closest the majority have come to having an opinion about the structure of their societies is through democracy. Although, those who believe their governments are democratic can see their opinions do not form the societies they live in, because they are not asked for their opinions. All democracy really means is that the majority may choose the minority who will make decisions for them.

There are many quotes that sum up politics rather well, but I feel this one by Paul Valéry may do so perfectly;

‘Politics is the art of preventing people from becoming involved in affairs which concern them.’

However, for the first time in history, there is a chance to render this quote meaningless, by using the Internet as a tool to change the way in which our world is governed.

If you were to imagine a socially-interactive site, of a similar scale to Facebook, where every adult citizen on the planet is offered the chance to debate on the topic of changing the world, and cast votes on proposed policies, you may see how this could be achieved.

Perhaps the site could be called ‘The Consensus Of World Opinion’ – the ‘CWO’ – pronounced ‘quo’ as in Status Quo.

The purpose of the CWO would be to create a true democracy, where the wishes of every individual are taken into consideration, which would help to form a radically transformed global civilisation.

Civilisation would no longer be constructed to the criteria of politicians, but formed as a result of discussion and debate among the planet’s population.

There would still be politicians, but they would orchestrate the wishes of the people, as a democracy should be. Politicians would be welcome to their opinions too, and be able to cast votes or join debates on any topic, along with the people they represent.

Of course, this notion poses a number of problems.

The population of the world at present is around seven billion. Even if there was an age restriction of eighteen years of age, there would still be over five billion people entitled to join the site. Of course; not everyone would wish to vote or debate on topics, but even so, the number of those who would may still be billions. There are other problems too, such as language barriers.

Yet, if every country in the world had its own version of the CWO – such as the CWO.fi / CWO.de / CWO.jp / CWO.ke / CWO.af, and so forth, where citizens could debate on topics in their own language, this difficulty may be overcome.

Without wishing to appear biased, perhaps the language in the global version of the CWO should be English, since it seems to be the chosen language of global communication.

Of course, I am limited to the brain power of an individual, so I’m quite certain solutions to all difficulties would be found. I only propose a basic formula for the concept.

You might wonder what the implications of such a dramatic change in politics would be. There would be no need for groups such as Anonymous, for instance, who try to expose government secrets, because there wouldn’t be any government secrets. And there would be no conspiracy theorists either, since everyone would know exactly how the world functions because they would participate openly in its construction.

The power of heads of government would evaporate, leaving them to live their lives safely among the people. They wouldn’t have the responsibility of making decisions on everything, from healthcare to concerns for the environment, since the entire population of the planet would take part in discussions concerning such topics, and form policies based on their collective reasoning.

Perhaps soldiers, who make war possible, will realise it is an absurd notion to attempt to solve conflict or create peace through war, and lay down their weapons in protest.


(Note; the link is for a song by Buffy Sainte Marie entitled Universal Soldier. I left a comment on the song in 2013, using a gmail account under my real name. The account, together with many others I had created, was hijacked, along with the blogs relating to them. Therefore; the comment appears deeply ironic, since I am supposedly a subscriber to a war-games channel.)

Maybe scientists would refuse to design weaponry and turn their unique talents to other projects, such as the exploration of space and betterment of the planet’s technology.

Perhaps the Consensus of World Opinion will form soon, and just in time, since the weaponry of war has become so advanced, and tensions between political leaders has grown so tense, that the total annihilation of humankind and the planet itself is becoming an ever increasingly terrifying possibility.

Should the CWO exist, some day, there could not be a small group of people responsible for maintaining peace or creating war on the planet, nor could there be anyone who craves for world domination, as there was in the past, such as Hitler or Stalin, and if ever there should be, they would surely be seen as mentally unwell individuals, and treated for their insanely megalomanic tendencies.

Maybe, one day, the destiny of our world will be held in the hands of all who live upon it, rather than a small number of politicians. Perhaps our troubled world will change into a paradise, and for everyone, not only a minority.

Perhaps border restrictions will cease to exist, since every country will become as prosperous as the next, which would allow people to travel wherever they wish, and intermingle as nature intended, for our species as it is for all others.

Maybe, if the CWO becomes a reality, the world’s population will realise they are collectively far more capable of creating a global paradise than the tiny minority who are currently allowed to control the destiny of global civilisation, who, it might be said, are creating a hell on Earth.

If the CWO would have been founded centuries ago, world opinion would not have allowed the enslavement of the African people, for example, or have condoned the action of dividing their great continent like a cake to be shared amongst villains, as it was.

Nor would have been considered morally agreeable to treat peoples such as the Native American Indians or Australian Aboriginals in the despicable way that they were.

Maybe the world would have been entirely different, if the advancement of civilisation would have been morally sound. Perhaps there would be no racism, if it would have been so.

It seems incredible that the leaders of our past managed to justify their actions, without having to explain them to the rest of the world, and, ironically, that we have even been taught to admire them. And, of course, this is a scenario which continues. At present, our global civilisation rests upon the foundations of these atrocities, along with a great many others, so it is unsurprising it seems so unstable.

Although the world did not end in December of 2012, as many feared it would, perhaps the date was supposed to encourage us to instigate a massive change in the direction of our evolution, and the advancement of global civilisation. Maybe it is no mere coincidence the Internet arrived at almost precisely the same time as this ancient prediction, as a tool to sculpt such a transformation.

I do not have the means or knowledge to create a site of the same magnitude as Facebook, which is what it would require to form the CWO, but there are those who do.

Maybe you think of me as an idle dreamer, yet everything that has been created through the effort of humankind was once nothing but a dream. And if individuals such as Hitler or Stalin once dreamed of dominating the world, and came close to succeeding, then why shouldn’t the whole world dream of doing the same?

And perhaps we will succeed.

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