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#2 in Topic Rosie never grew up in a colourful and vibrant community so when she walks into a school that's diverse as our known universe, how will she react? Damien forgot how to be happy ever since his mother was killed by the brutal judgement of the APD and it's officers. How will he cope with it? And most important of will they keep their forbidden love away from their parents who are at each other's throats? New chapter every Tuesday & Saturday at 5.00 pm CET. [I may throw in some surprise chapters randomly :)] •PG-16 •Racist comments and behaviour •Violence and violent scenes

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This book that I’m writing is somewhat different from the rest of my books. This book represents the reality of how cruel our world can be.

The recent happenings of riots because of the killing of the deceased George Floyd (R.I.P) made me write this book. It inspired me.

It made me furious how people of different skin colour, other than white, are being treated all around the world, especially in North America (USA). White supremacy is still very much alive in all parts of the USA and it disgusts me how innocent people are being treated just because they’re black or brown or yellow or red and so on.

It also makes me sad that there’s little I can do. I don’t live in the US. I don’t live amongst people of other races and colours. I’m not even 18 yet.

But what I CAN do, is spread awareness. I signed numerous petitions, I shared anything that might make people realise what’s happening in the world. And now, I’m writing this book.

Racism is not something that happened recently. It has been going on since the arrival of Europeans to America (on the American soil) but since that time, there were also people who fought against this with their blood, sweat and tears. And we can’t forget about them. We can’t allow them to be forgotten.

The murder of George Floyd was the last straw and it triggered something that should have started and ended many years ago.

I hope all of you will get the justice you deserve.

This book is dedicated and written for all people that were murdered and have suffered due to racism and discrimination of the idiots they are surrounded by.

You are loved.

. . .

You matter.

. . .


Martin Luther King Jr.

Rosa Parks

John Lewis

Malcolm X

Walter Reuther

W. E. B. Du Bois

Alicia Garza

Opal Tometi

and many others...

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