Eria's Struggles

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Eria is a young girl who faces heartbreak and grief along with rising hormones. Follow her through her highschool experience. ( This book is under construction and will be updated weekly) thank you for taking time to look at this story I hope you like it .

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The Letter

Dear Maemae

How are you sweetgirl. I miss you so much, love please forgive me I know I said I wasn't gonna do it anymore but honey it's so hard to do. You mean the world to me please love please forgive me. How is..

I toss the guilt written letter to the ground no longer caring about the contents of it.My mother always does this when she wants money put into her penitentiary account. Throwing my head back with a long exasperated sigh falling from my lips my head hit's my pillow. Sleep inviting me to seek comfort once again before I get ready for school. I just barley close my eyes when Mimi calls from down the hall.
"ERIA!, GET UP LOVE YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL AGAIN"........."AND ON THE FIRST DAY TO BE EXACT ". A groan leave my lips as I roll my body of my bed as my feet touch the floor a shiver comes over me goosebumps raised on my arms. Walking to my closet I rub my arms in attempt to get the tiny bumps that infested my skin at the moment to go away. Peering through my little 4x4 closet I choose a black hoodie with some kinda band graphics and a pair of skinny jeans. I slip on my vans and make my way down stairs the smell of bacon and eggs hitting my nose my mouth salivates at the thought of Mimi's French styled eggs,the creaminess of the eggs and the crunch of the bacon is all that fills my mind at the moment. Going to the dining counter Mimi sets a plate of mouthwatering breakfast in front of me. After a moment of silence Mimi's says."Eria dear, don't forget that after school you need to go to the hospital to see your grandfather okay hon". I glance up and give a slight nod to mimi in acknowledgment and give a understanding smile. I see the clock and it reads a quarter till 8. I kiss mimi and thank her for breakfast promising to go see pawpaw after school with one final hug.I make my way down the steps and onto the sidewalk. Thinking about the long and treacherous walk to school.

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