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Beating Quake in a Quick

Although deep-sea wells store energy that can be utilized, methods of doing so have significant factors that can't be overloooked.

Shaking happens when the earth's plates pent up energy is instantly released. But if fracking is present on an area, ground tremors start to rumble.

Fracking, also known as as hydraulic fracturing is a mechanical process which involves the penetration of high pressured into the earth's crust. In 1947, Stanolind Oil Corporation invented the first injection technique of fracking in order to extract shale gas. It has become a worldwide innovation since and many countries invest on oil rigs which involves drilling via hydro pressure to collect oil from the seabed.

For the year 2019, the United States (US) became a manor exporter of shale gas, tight oil, and coal seam gas. While reducing greenhouse gas emissions, its results contributed to the country's economy granting more extensively the benefits of hydrocarbon. It has made natural gas a safer alternative and burns cleaner produving only half of carbon dioxide (CO2) than conventional coal.

Although many are already enjoying the products of fracking, it is still a subject of controversy. Internationally, the anti-fracking movement supported by nation states like france strongly oppose the idea of fracking and continuously insist that it causes environmental instability. Frack-off campaign in United Kingdom (UK) stresses that it has major environmental imapacts along with hazards such as small scale quakes that might endanger the general public.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the leakage of methane gas is closely associated with hydraulic fracturing during an intensive experiment that leaks about 10% in Pennsylvania and trembles are felt throughout the vicinity. This particular incident has cause the generalization of fracking in the US and globally. Many countries started to ban it as it has become a subject for international scrutiny.

On the good side, the European Union (EU) started drafting regulations permitting controlled application of hydraulic fracturing.

Areas without prior seismic records where fracking experiments are conducted have minor earthquakes. Experts said that this would analyze the vulnerability of areas to hazards and later allow the prediction of bigger earthquakes ensuring civilian safety in times of such disasters.

Nothing can best out human ingenuity to overcome perilous situations. Exploiting the advantages of fracking will bring about good results, beating quakes in the blink of an eye.

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