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A story of how I went through and conquered my breakups

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What love must be like

As a person who has been through two breakups I know how if feels to be broken. No, they might not have been long lasting, but you learn so much over that time you know a little about heartbreak. Heartbreak is a powerful, strong word that means different things to different people. This word most commonly means the lose of a relationship with a loved one or friend. No, your heart does not break, but the feeling of what happens to you on the inside is the reason for it’s title. Those relationships I had caused pain, so much so I am still dealing with it. That pain that happened was because of me. I was the one that broke them. The prevention of this is hard to explain because you can’t really prevent a breakup. But I can say you can do it in a manner that isn’t as harsh I did. I am still fifteen, an age that doesn’t know much about life yet, but I am a fifteen year old that has been through more than the average teen already. I never imagined having two boyfriends already in my life, but they have taught me so much about my love for the Lord and how your expectations are not set too high because there’s are just set too low.

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