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Meera and her friends decide to go on a trip to Shimla where she meets the most amazing person of her life, they both fall in love with each other, everything goes perfect but after a few days, Meera is admitted to a psychiatric hospital. A story of love and hope and how the worst phases of our lives pave the path for the best phases of our lives..

Other / Adventure
Sanskriti Singh
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Weekend was near, my friends and I were sitting on the sofa exhausted from the work when suddenly, Shweta said

“Let’s plan this weekend, umm...let’s go to Shimla”

“Ha-ha you can’t be serious, we can’t plan it all of a sudden I mean we need to book tickets of the bus, hotel, and all other arrangements” Himani replied.

Somewhere I agreed with Himani but a mountain trip in this hot summer felt no less than a trip to heaven so I thought about a plan, “what if, I drive us to Shimla then we only need to book a hotel and we can share the other expenses.”

" Well, that’s a good idea but we can hire a driver, I don’t want this to be my last trip” Himani said laughing.

“You can trust me Himani because if I wanted to kill you, I can push you from the mountain peak and that’s a better option as there will be no evidence of your murder ” I said mockingly.

" Okay guys that’s enough I think Meera’s idea is good we should let her drive us to Shimla and it will be our only girl’s trip, wow!!” Shweta said excitedly.

So, Shweta booked a beautiful resort in Shimla, Himani packed our bags, I cleaned my car and checked the fuel. After setting everything up, we straight away went to sleep, we weren’t able to as we all were really excited, but somehow, we did.

Next morning, I woke up at 4:30 as we needed to leave at 6 am as Shimla is 7 hours’ drive from Delhi, I woke everyone up and we all got ready.

The sky was clear as water, clouds were floating in the sky and the sun was rising. It felt like God made the weather beautiful for our trip. We put our bags in the backseat and got seated in the car, it was my first trip where I was driving so, I was excited and nervous, I started the engine and our trip began.

This trip was really special for all three of us as we were together since college and never had a chance to go on an all-girls trip during those days as we were into extra-curricular and studies but now it was the time to fully enjoy ourselves.

2 hours into the driving we were on the highway and car was in high speed, the weather was becoming cloudy, it felt like it will rain, I opened the window and felt cold breeze touching my face which felt like I just opened the ice section of refrigerator in 45 degrees of hot summer. Himani turned on light music in the car, it made our journey more pleasurable, Shweta said,

“Wow!! It’s amazing, you know I have a dream to work in London where I will get this weather every day”

“Oh, you just want to work there because of the weather?” I asked.

“No, I like that country and want to be a chef there and I have also got a call for an interview with the restaurant owner” said Shweta.

“Oh, seriously!! you should do it Shweta, your dishes are just amazing, I don’t know why did you take a corporate job?” said Himani.

“My father wanted me to do a proper job and he thought being a chef isn’t mainstream, but I am getting this opportunity and I really want to do it” said Shweta.

“We will help you to make your father understand your dream,” I said

“Thank you, guys, and hey, I am hungry, let’s stop somewhere where we can eat something ” said Shweta making a puppy face, we laughed a little by looking at her. Soon we saw a Dhaba and stopped there for some time.

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