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first short story, hope you like it

Bee 🐝
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Take a breath and look around, what do you feel? I always felt like that this is not where I belong. My parents, room, friends or my stuff, they never really felt like mine. Nothing I held stayed with me, nothing I did was good. This is a dream and I will wake up, all my achievements are useless, they mean nothing. People cheat, people hurt, blame because they have nothing in their hands. No matter how tight you hold something, it always goes away. One second ago, you were living the happiest moment in your life and it felt like you would be happy forever but now you are all depressed. Nowhere to go, you can´t understand anything, you just want to die. One mistake can turn your life upside down. You were living happily but somehow you found yourself in a stranger´s bed and betrayed your loved one. Just for a few minutes enjoyment you destroyed your life. Like poison it goes through your veins and you cannot stop. You are now preferring fake over real. No matter how much you cheat, you are not satisfied, you can no longer stop. It was supposed to be only one glass of wine and now you are drunk and out of control, you lost your self-control. Another mistake, you felt into the demon’s trap and drove with your car while being drunk and BAMM…silence, you just hit a pregnant woman. In the court all you can say is “I am sorry, I was drunk”, you sound lame and everyone looks at you in disbelieve. However, it won´t bring the baby back, the mother curses you to death. The demon whispers into your ear, “I never forced you into driving, it was you who did it.” One more time, your body gets filled with hate, while the demon starts laugh at you for being so easy to trick. You go out, without purpose in life, you hate everything and you stopped believing in God a long time ago. A child is playing happily and the next time you go through the park, the very same kid is crying. You cannot understand anything about life and why you are even living. However, there is a girl, she is smiling, brighter than the sun. She wasn’t there yesterday, maybe because you were late yesterday. No matter how many days pass, she is still smiling. You start to hate her, how can she keep smiling. She must have everything, you curse her. However, one day, you decide to ask her that, the burning question inside you but she isn’t there. Days pass, weeks pass and she still is nowhere to be seen. When you are about to give up, you see a girl on a wheelchair, for some reason she looks awfully similar to that girl and your heart starts to hurt. You walk slowly towards her, feeling your presence she turns her head around, that smile again. How can she smile so brightly when she is like this? She motions you to sit down on the bench next to her, you sit down at loss, completely forgetting what you were going to say. Cannot take your eyes from her, you stare at her. She notices and turns to you with a smile but before any of you can say a word, a guy calls her name. He looks with concern at her and is being really careful with his wording. Confused, you ask what happened to her, the guy answers for her. “She felt down the stairs, someone pushed her and that someone is her ex-husband, my friend.” At loss again, you notice her hands on her stomach, cold shives fall down your back, you are too scared to ask. She notices your stares and nods with a sad smile, for some reason, you feel like crying for the girl you just met. You try not to cry, hold them in but because you destroyed your life and remembered the woman you hit, you start to cry. “I …am …sorry, I… am …really …sorry.” Your breath gets hot and the tears blur your vison, you are a crying mess now. All your life you thought, you were the only one who had a miserable life, who had nothing and who could hold onto nothing. The girl pulls out a hankie and gives it to you, after crying your heart out, you wipe your tears. After that day, you follow her, in search for answer why she always manages to smile. Life is miserable for everyone, we just don’t see it. The girl was bullied at school and abused at home by her father, good for nothing, useless trash, some people have it harder than others. Nobody deserves hate, nobody should feel like they are worthless and good for nothing. She was always carefully with her worlds and made people around her feel wanted, feel loved because she already knew the feeling. She wasn’t like you, she didn’t curse others or blamed them for her misery, she helped them to rise because she already was broken, hurting others wouldn’t make anything better, wouldn’t make her happier. The way around, seeing others become happy thanks to her meant the world. However, there was something she hadn’t told you, she couldn’t. It felt like she was living her life to the fullest. “if our life was a movie, it would have been really boring. All my life, all I did was in these years, was going through my phone. That would have been the start and the end. The reason you are sad and the reason you hate this world is because you have nothing you can call your own. You didn’t read to become wiser, you didn’t run, with you, your dreams stayed dreams. I grew up in pain but I always had a goal in life, that is what kept me going on. I am able to put down my phone and start living, are you? I am ready to give up everything, are you? I want to be happy, I want to have something I can be proud of. Stand up, take your first step, of course you will fall but every time to fall and get up, you get stronger. It is not true that I don’t cry, this is what I want you to see, to know. I cry, I cry everyday for my unborn baby and for the people I lost. My best friend betrayed me, my own father had beaten me almost to death, my own husband tried to kill me and killed my baby. Life is never easy, every day I wake up, thinking how would I wake up if my baby was alive. My own blood and flesh was taken away from me. Of course, I would be sad, I would lose the will to live but it is not like I am going to live forever. Live is short, you never know when you will die, do you? When I die, I will be able to see my baby, I will be able to hug him tightly.” After that long talk you felt your heart beating. It was your first time feeling your heartbeat, it was a weird feeling and you didn’t know how to react. With her, you were happy, with her you were safe and you wanted to be with her, forever. However, you knew, you would never be a good husband, once a cheater always a cheater, you didn’t dare to do something like that to her. She deserved better, she deserved to be happy again. The devil´s whisper was getting fainter, all you had in your heart and mind was her, you did want to have something you could call your own. Something that wouldn’t leave you, no matter how much time passed. You opened the box again, it had been such a long time since the last time you had opened it. Your dreams, your wishes and your life flashed in front of your eyes. Your eyes widened and a teardrop felt from your eyes, now you understood what she was talking about, the colors she was telling you about. You ran outside in search of her, she just had started walking again, slowly but steadily and you wanted to make her even happier by telling her that you had found your way. The lights red, you could hardly stay calm. However, your heart felt heavy after noticing her with her husband, you couldn’t get rid of the feeling of coldness and quietness after storm. Everything happened so fast that you couldn’t even blink. After the lights turned green you ran as fast as you could, like your life depended on it, on the other side, the guy had just pushed her. Just as you were about to reach her…she was taken away from you, time had stopped for a second, coloring the roads red. Suddenly the quiet road had become really loud before you could even do anything. You ran with a loud and fast beating heart, hoping it was just a nightmare. The ambulance and then the hospital, all you could do was run after the doctors with your hands and clothes covered in red, with her blood. Your knees gave up on you and you started to pray to the God you had stopped believing in, hoping everything would be fine. 2 hours, 5 hours and six, you had cried so much that it was hard to open your eyes but once you saw the doors opening, you jumped up. Begging the doctor for good news, he just looked down…he didn’t have to tell anything, one last time, just one last time you saw her. The doctor tells you that she had cancer and had actually only six months to live, that if she hadn’t died today, she would have died struggling six months later. Your world collapses, one week later you are at the court again and have to face the man who had hit her. He had tried running away but was held down by the witnesses of the incidence. All the man can say is, “sorry, I was drunk.”, you freeze in place and the judge looks at you. The devil starts yelling this time but you won´t fall into his traps again. The man goes to jail and you visit the woman you had hit, she is pregnant again, you want to say something to her but you cannot. You feel like, you shouldn’t but she sees you, sees the change in you and knows what happened. She smiles at you and tells you never to do that again and that she forgives you. Even thought she forgives, you can´t forgive yourself. After meeting her, you go meet the grave of the person you loved with white roses. There, you meet that friend again, crying, he blames himself for ever letting her meet him. You cry, promising her that you will get better, that you will stop drinking and won´t ever go near it. You cannot let go of her, you get better but if it is her, you cannot forget. Years pass, you are successful, you have something you can hold onto but your heart´s wounds have never healed. You know, you have to get better, you have to move on and you know, you will meet her again. In this life, she only cried, only got hurt, you just realized that, her smile was fake, realized that she only smiled to you so you could get better, so you would heal. You put down the white roses and walk away. “goodbye”

Until we meet again

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