The Perception Life

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Life is not always what we perceive it to be ...

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The Perception Life

Behold she stands with the shining ring in her hand; smiling and trembling with bliss this is what she hoped for when she dreamed of this. Looking down at him on his knees - what an Instagram moment he is indeed - likes and comments would flood in with ease.

Taking his hands she sighs in bliss and holds her cheek to ease the need. Crying just to get this joy out with her friends and family bout she just wants to shout. Flashes of light blinds her eyes as he tries to catch her eyes but bits his lips to shallow the itch.

Trembling, she bends to her knees and puts her lips to his and whispers, “I hate you every fiber of my being until my core threatens to explode and today is the day that will be our last.”

Slowly she stands and smiles up to the sky in relief as she bids this life goodbye.

Turning to her family she presses her hand to her cheek as he holds his breathe in, ” sorry folks, i know you’ve all come a long way for love but to my heart I cant lie. I hate this man deep into this life and into the next. He has hurt me more than one lifetime can express.”

Lifting her hand she points her finger then wipes the makeup packed under her eye. Bruises shone brighter than the flashing lights in the night.

Whispers erupts and she bows her head, “for the years I saw you once or twice - did you not think something was not right? From my trembling voices on the phone - you all never comment. If you look close - really close you could see my eyes never lied. But you choose to see the perception life.”

Take a breathe she does and held the cheek they thought she was smiling in bliss - she tenderly touches and wipes to see his fingers like a map across her face.

Behold she stands with a shining ring that slips from her hand and rolls to their feet - the flashing light dims and they part with shining cuffs in their hand. Sighing , she smiles in bliss and walks away from the IG life that she once dreamed with this thought in mind, “be careful of what you wish for as not all that glitters is gold.”

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