Imperfect Words

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Being Worthy

“One who doesn’t show compassion to others, does not deserve it in return.” We are defined by our ability to care and to show compassion to those in moments when they need it most. An inability to show care results in similar reciprocation from others. Some see people like this and pity them, putting on a kind face to preserve their own sense of personal morality. Others say it as they see it, being far more outright with their opinions. Both eventually embody a loathing of the individual, one letting it bare and another choosing to withhold personal feelings save being rude. Consequently, an individual to some is an outcast, completely alienated. While the other welcomes them, with him/her oblivious to the distaste emanating from the people who they simply think are kind. With the former, at least you know where you stand and must seek self-betterment to be accepted. The latter, however, lacks the courage to be forthright with their opinions, leaving the unworthy person believing they are among friends, when in actual fact they would scatter at the word. All they are really doing is leading the individual to a path of self-destruction when true realisation dawns…

“How good a person you are is determined by you but validated by your treatment of others because their opinions may not match your self-evaluations.”

“Acting with kindness is and always will be the prerequisite for meaningful human interaction.”

“Others do not define you, but that won’t stop them from alienating you if you can’t treat them as humans.”

“Believe what you want about yourself, but never for one second believe that you are a good person in even the slightest capacity”

“Make change, because the alternative leads to a long unhappy life”

Being Happy

“Do not envy the rich, envy the happy”
True and pure, indescribable bliss. Happiness and love are the two feelings that show the depth and freedom of human emotion. But does love make you happy, or does happiness create love? Regardless, the feeling of happiness conquers all others, dissipating grief and dispelling sadness. The emotion itself, cannot be forced or feigned and is treasured by the select few who dedicate their lives in search for it, discovering the people and things that make them truly happy and enjoying them eternally. Some live will the delusion of it, the will for it to exist in their lives but make their attempts to gain it a quest of material worth. In an intangible form, is the only way that true happiness exists, emanating from things or people, not something that can simply be taken or given, only shared.

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