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As a child, my life has been nothing but hard work, being found as a baby drifting in the river I had to earn my place. At first, they didn’t know what to with me. People were shouting to get rid of me to chop my head off and send me back to the place they claim I am from but our leader saw something in my eyes that persuaded him that I would be of use, I would like to think it was because I didn’t cry in our leader’s arms. I had to work hard to become the person I am today, the scars across my body are of victories not of defeat.

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“GET UP KILLANJA!” Our leader screamed at me as I was withering in pain inside the training circle. Today is just one of many, I have been training to be a warrior since I was 5 years old. Learning new skills from the people I call my family, looking for there weak spots as I’ve been told to do.

At first they started out slow with minimal combat, teaching me to block all blows coming my way. On my 13th birthday leader thought that it was a good time as any for me to get into the training ring to learn combat. They didn’t go soft on me as they thought I do not belong here. I had to earn my place amongst these fighters.

My best friend Argon did not like to see me in this pain, screaming for our leader to make them stop that I was not ready yet.

Those words pierced my soul for I knew that I had to prove them all wrong, I had to show them that I belong here in this clan, that I had a purpose.

That was 10 years ago as I stood in the very same circle as that day where I was beaten so badly that couldn’t move but today, today is a different story as I look down upon Erothius’s bloodied and bruised face, I definitely broke a few ribs as I can see the skin turning a very dark purple kind of color, I broke the leg as well as it should not be at a 180° angle.

As I was looking down at my broken opponent leader came up from behind and started to congratulate me.

“Very good Killanja I am very proud of your progress.” Our leader said

“Thank you leader”

“Tomorrow I want you to fight Kajan”

I looked at him baffled Kajan was our top fighter, never losing a battle. Leaving people cowering in fear just by the sound of his name.

“Killanja I think you are ready, you fought hard to get up the ranks proving yourself every step of the way.”

“Thank you, leader.”

“Everyone tomorrow is a big day. Kajan please step forward.”

As everyone stepped aside for Kajan to enter the circle, I looked at him with calculating yes, I have been studying him for years and could never find his weakness, he never has the same battle strategy. One thing I do know is that he relies on his strength to defeat his opponents. He is a man to be second with, his entire body littered with scars one of his eyes was missing from an arrow that pierced it a few years ago. He refused to cover up his eye, he said that it made him look more fierce and scary to the enemy.

He was right but all I could see is me winning this battle then I have proven myself worthy of being in this clan.

“Kajan you will be fighting Killanja tomorrow for the top warrior of this clan, you have been the warrior leader for more than 2 decades proving yourself worthy to all of our brother. Now Killanja it is time for you to take on the best of the best.”

I looked at leader shocked, never in my 23 years of life did I expect him to give me the opportunity to become the warrior leader.

Kajan looked at me with murderous eyes ready for the kill, he hasn’t liked me since I’ve come here, always saying that a woman is not as strong or intelligent as men, by men he meant himself. I have proven myself worthy to the rest of my brother he is the only one still on the old ways. He still wants me gone, this will be my chance to prove him wrong.

“Yes leader.” I said trying to hide the smile from my face, he sees potential in me to become the warrior leader I will not let him down.

“You better be ready to die tomorrow mouse, I will not go easy on you.”

“I don’t expect you to go easy on me Kajan I look forward to our fight tomorrow, mabey just mabey I will spare your life and not give your soul the satisfaction to rest in Gothura.”

“Then it is settled.” Leader bellowed. “This shall be a fight to the death. If you choose to spare the life of your opponent then that is your choice, you will decide what will happen to them.”

Kajan had a big smirk on his face, he would either kill me or send me back down the ranks to be a scullery maid.

As everyone cheered I was looking for Argon, I found his shocked sad face in the group of warriors, you could see the pain in his eyes the fear of me being killed by Kajan. He turned around and walked away to his den, I didn’t like seeing that expression on his face. I know this will be a big fight I could lose my life but I will do this to prove myself to Kajan.

As everyone went on with there day I went to Argon’s den, I had to talk to him about this fight I had to reassure him that I would be fine.

As I entered his den all I could see was his sculpted back the lion hide removed, he was slumped over with his head to his chest, I knew that this was going to be a very long discussion.

“Killanja how could you agree to such a fight? Do you know what would happen to you? Did you even consider my feelings?”

“Argon please, you know how much this means to me don’t be like this.”

“Yes Killanja I do know but that does not mean you have to put your life in danger just to please your own selfish actions! You do not think of the impact it will have on me and our brothers, you only think of yourself!”

This hit me hard, he knew from the beginning that I was in this to prove myself until my last breath it felt like he didn’t believe in my dreams anymore.

I turned around and walked back to my den, I didn’t want to talk to him about this anymore he doesn’t understand I mean why would he, he has been accepted in this clan since he was born not me.

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