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“Killanja are you okay.” Argon said entering my den leaning against the rock formation. I didn’t turn around to look at him, he broke my heart for not understanding why I needed to do this.

“Killanja, I’m sorry. I know what I said to you wasn’t right but I need you to understand it from my point as well. I know you are an amazing fighter but...”

“No, no buts Argon you do not have any idea how hard I had to work to get any type of respect around here, where it was just given to you because you were born a male! I had to fight tooth and nail just to be who I am today! So no Argon I do not accept you apol . . . ” Next thing I know I was silenced with a kiss.

“Look Killanja I just don’t want you to get hurt, you mean the world to me and I love you okay!”

“Argon I please need you to respect my decision in doing this, even if that means that I could lose my life.”

“I’m sorry Killanja but I can’t do that.” He turned around and left my den. This just broke my heart he always meant something more to me then the rest, I see them as my brothers he has been my everything, all of my firsts and hopefully my last as well. After this, I don’t know if I will ever get him back.


Today is the day, the day that I will fight against Kajan. This will determine a new fate for me, to finally be accepted by those who do not see me as one of them.


“Yes leader” I stood up from my bed hands crossed behind my back showing my respect to my leader.

“I saw Argon leaving your tent in a rage yesterday, has something happened between you two?”

I dropped my hands, head down low to my chest I was hoping no one saw him leave my den.

“Yes leader, he just couldn’t understand why I need to fight Kajan. To prove myself to the rest that does not accept me as one of there own.”

“Killanja, you know that you are not the same as the rest of them. You know how you came to us, I have never hidden the truth from you as I see you as one of my own. You do not need to prove yourself to any none believers, they just can’t accept change, some were just raised that way my dear I don’t have a say in how some are raised.”

“I know leader but this is something I need to do for myself. For years they have looked down on me, seen me as a weakling but this fight will prove I am just as strong as they are.”

“I have never doubted your strength, my child. I have trained you just the same as I have them, never giving you any special treatment but I have always told you who you really are where you come from.”

“Yes, I come from the land of women where they are worshipped for there beauty and intelligence, where our men of age go each year to lie with them hoping to get a son to train in the ways of a warrior. You have told me this story numerous times but...”

“No Killanja I know what you want to say to me. Why did they leave me in the river that divides our worlds? We do not know why all I know is that you are a blessing to us, even if some among us don’t agree with me.”

“Killanja you just do what you think is best I will not stop you.”

I ran up to my leader and engulfed him in a hug, something I haven’t done since I was a child. He seemed a bit surprised at first but engulfed me in one of his big bear man hugs.

“You haven’t hugged me like this since you were a child.”

“I know I didn’t know how to say thank you properly so a hug just seemed like the best alternative.”

He took my face in his hands and looked into my eyes we didn’t need to say it we knew.

He left shortly after giving me time before the battle to get ready. I had to get in the right mindset for this he will be my strongest opponent yet.

Kajan waited for me in the ring ready to fight, I looked around hoping to see Argon but sadly he wasn’t there. I hoped at least that he would come to support me this hurt me but did not keep me from my goal.

I stepped into the ring head held high knowing that today I might die.

“Gentlemen, today we witness a fight greater than mine” Servin bellowed with his big ego, what did I expect from the giant slayer.

“Before you stands one of our best warriors found as a wee fledgling in a river building up her strength to the powerful women she is today. And then there is this guy” Everyone started laughing, well those that believe in e laughed.

“This guy with the big muscles and big head thinking he can take on this warrior of ours the one who...”


“O come now Kajan let the man have his fun you know a lot of us don’t like you very much.”

I knew that voice anywhere it was Argon talking at the side of the ring in the front lines. I thought he wouldn’t come, too afraid of what might happen to me in this ring.

I ran to him as fast as I could throwing my arms around him. ” I thought you didn’t want to come.”

“O my sweet Killanja did you really think that I wouldn’t come and support you, I told you I love you, even if it pains me to see you do this I would always be here for you.”

“Killanja get your pretty ass back in this ring so I can show these men that women do not belong here.”

“Killanja do me a favor kick his ass and show no mercy.” Argon said with distaste on his face for the mongrel.

“With pleasure.” I said with a grinning face.

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