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Chapter 3

This was it, my time to prove to the rest of these men that I am worth being in this clan.

I kept my eye on his moves waiting for him to make the first, I never make the first move as this is the easiest way to overpower someone by reading their movements, Leader has taught me this and I will take it to my grave.

We circled each other not one making a move everyone waiting in anticipation.

He started running at me throwing all his weight into a punch I saw coming, it was textbook for Kajan, by observing his fight through the years I learned a few of his moves, but I know there will be a surprise left for me instore.

I ran up to him full force sliding underneath him avoiding his punch, getting up on my feet I jump onto his back hitting him square in the head with my foot as I land perfectly. Turning around to look at his face down in the circle. He groans getting up as quickly as he can in a daze.

I knew this was my shot to weaken him further I needed to get the upper hand as I won’t be able to use my body weight against him, I would have to use my speed and agility to beat him.

I start running toward him while he was still trying to get his footing, leaping into the air ready to strike, but my attempt was flawed as he caught me gripping on to my leg and starting to swirl me around in the circle, I felt him let go as I was thrown into the air hitting a tree on the other side of the training center knocking my breath right out of me and feeling a snap in my chest.

As I lay there motionless I see Kajan raising his arms in victory possibly thinking that he has won the battle. As people were cheering him on I got up slowly as no one’s attention was set on me, well except for Argon and Leader that had the biggest grins on there faces knowing what I was about to do. It seems that Kajan has forgotten how I fight and how I beat my opponents.

I crept along the tree trunk slowly making sure that I don’t make any sudden movements for some of the warriors to spot me. Climbing up the tree I keep an eye out for Kajan and what he is doing making sure that no one can see me. I see Kajan turning around starting to walk to the spot where I was just moments ago and he freezes with the expression of shock on his face.

Everyone was silent after witnessing that I have disappeared, looking at Kajan waiting for him to do something. He turned around in a rush looking at Leader and Argon for answers they both shake their heads trying to look flabbergasted but I could see the underlining smirks that they have.

Kajan continues to walk to the base of the tree circling it three times, he starts looking up into the tree as I get ready to pounce on him but I wait until he is distracted again for me to make my move.

He starts walking further into the tree lik=ne as I go from one tree to the next in silence just observing him al the way until finally he turns around with a smile on his face and yells out. “Leader it seems that your little mouse has finally decided to run.”

“Now now Kajan, it seems that you might be mistaken, there is but a reason why I consider her my best warrior, you are underestimating her fighting abilities, dear boy it seems that you have been the top warrior for a bit too long Kajan. Your ego has gotten in the way of your smarts boy. Just stand there and think for a minute. She is a lot like you when you were younger.” Leader said with a grim.

The smirk on Kajan face disappeared as he thought for a moment turning around quickly as I took this as my chance and jumped from the tree branch readying my fist putting all of my strength into this one punch to knock him out. As he sees me I see the expression of terror on his face, I have never seen that expression on his face before.

I hit him square in the jaw making him fall to the floor with a big thud me landing just a few feet away from him my back turned. I get up and turn around waiting to see if he will get back up as I am anticipating this.

After ten seconds I don’t see any movement and the crowd starts cheering behind me. Argon picks me up and starts kissing me, as he puts me down I star groaning in pain falling to my knees coughing up blood, knowing I ut too much strain on my chest and whatever bone I broke. I passed out not to long after that.

Waking up I see Argon and Leader talking to each other in front of my den entrance, whispering Argon has broken and sad expression on his face, not knowing what is going on I start getting up groaning the process as I look down and see the bandage across my chest. Argon came running and sat next to me looking into my eyes the broken and sad expression never leaving his eyes.

“Welcome back Killanja”

“Thank you leader how long have been unconscious for?”

" For about 2 weeks my dear, you punctured your heart with one of your ribs, you are very lucky to be alive.”

“I thought you were gone when you collapsed on the floor Killanja, I’m so sorry that I let you do this, I should have stopped you sooner I should ha...”

“Argon stop you know you would not have been able to stop me even if you tried.”

“I know it’s just I can’t lose you Killanja but after that fight, I just might.”

“Argon what are you talking about.”

He looked at me with sad eyes not saying a word, I’m starting to become afraid I don’t know what is going on here.

“My dear the females from across the river have come for a visit.”

“And from the expression on your face Leader, I am guessing they are not here for the annual mating.”

“No Killanja I’m very sorry they are here for you.”

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