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Do not make people name you, you name yourself, you are the priority. If you can fry chicken well why not start doing it, If you are good at babysitting then go for it. How do you think Kentucky fried chicken(KFC) was formed. If you are truly angry with yourself then you'll release your anger and go for what you want" "People are not looking for you, they are looking for what you are carrying, and if you don't manifest what you are carrying the world would ignore you, because you exist doesn't mean you're going to be successful" "Discontent is the seed to change in other words you will not never change what you tolerate. How many times have you said I need to change this yunno and keep doing it, It's because you tolerate it. You will never become what you could be until you become angry with what you are. Anger brings change, your life is defined by which you hate. Whatever you don't hate you allow so if you are truly angry with who you are becoming you will change" Meet Ademurewa Digiola a beautiful young teenager but blinded with what people call her not knowing she is a talented teenager, a girl with a lot of ideas flowing through her head. Her parents ain't making matters good for her either, all they do is make decisions for her. Find out how digi finds the real her.

Alagbe Covenant
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It's so sad how our parents make decisions for us, some people don't realize who they really are due to this.

Ademurewa digiola sat at the edge of her window and stared at the streets of lagos, admiring each and every teenager that passed by taking pictures at the beautiful garden, she wanted to be part, but she took a vow. She wasn't an introvert. Infact, she had a mood as bright as the sun, but she changed being from being that girl.

4 years ago......

It was the day before resumption into a new session, my first year at secondary school. We got back from oyo state at 9 o'clock at night.

"No I want to go to chiamaka's house" I insisted and my mum smiled weakly.

"It's late already digiola, you can go tomorrow I will take you there. First thing tomorrow morning" My mum assured and I wrapped my hands across my chest in disagreement.

"I'm tired now!" My mum yelled still breastfeeding my little sister tamilore "Timilehin, please can you take her to chiamaka's house?" My mum begged and my sister shook her head in disapproval.

"Is it by force to go today! You will talk to her when you get to school" My sister said and rolled her eyes.

"Mummy I want to go!" I yelled and she rested her hand on her forehead tired.

"Timilehin please! Joor oko mi(Please my dear) I will make something for you before you come back" My mum pleaded and she stood up from the couch.

"Ok, but you'll pick her later oo" Timilehin said and I marched behind her excited.

"Ok, just take her there" My mum said and timilehin opened the door leading outside.

"Big head, you are too stubborn" Timilehin said and hit my head playfully, while I closed the door behind me. "I'm very much sure you'll become the social prefect" She added and I grinned.

"Thank you! Just take me there" I said and she laughed. The streets were empty and dark, the moon wasn't out, It was indeed a dark night, all the sounds we could hear was sound of plastic bottles rolling, due to the light breeze that blew.

"Will you wait with me? Or you'll go home?" I asked and she shrugged.

"I have to go home oo! You know i've not ironed my school uniform" She said and I smiled and pressed the door bell.

"Bye!" She said and wandered off into the dark street.



I dropped digi at chiamaka's house and walked a little further into the street.

"Esssss" I heard a husk voice say, I walked as fast as I could but failed. He ran after me angrily.

"When you hear olookiki(Notorious) call you, you wait for me okay" He said and I nodded, about to go on my knees.

"I'm sorry sir" I managed to say.

"No, I'm sorry" He said and looked at me seductively.

"For what sir?" I said and he grabbed my buttocks forcefully.

"You have a nice body" He said and I tried running away.

"Ahh, you want to run away! I will tell my men to come and enjoy with me" He said and laid me down forcefully and dragged my skirt down roughly and widened my legs.

"I'm next"

"I'm next"

"I'm next" They kept on taking turns till I became unconscious.


"Iwo omo yii!!! Kini mo shey fun ee??please tell me, oo ti kpo omo fun mi(You this child!!! What did I do to you?? You killed my child)" My mum yelled and dragged me by the clothe and moved me back and forth angrily.

"Sister mii, ee calm down(My sister calm down)" Aunty toke my mother's sister said and removed my mum's hands from my shirt. I couldn't believe my sister was gone! But my mum kept on yelling at me. It was hard to believe it at all.

I walked into timilehin's room and switched on the light, she was just meant to resume ss3, but I ruined everything. I walked to her wardrobe and caught sight my sister's prom dress, she was always fantasizing about her prom dress. My knees weakened and I trampled on the ground, I stumped my knuckles on the ground forcefully making me bleed badly. I grabbed my sister's carving knife and slid it through my wrist.

"Timilehin I'm sorry, please forgive me" I said and the tears flowed down freely.

"I vow to never have any friends or any serious conversation with anyone! Being social caused this, I'll always be an introvert. Just for you" I vowed and slept off


It was like we lost our happiness, timilehin was always in a good mood and always making the family bubbly. Ever since, my mother began to pour out her anger on me, my dad beat me to calm his self down. I was everyone's punching bag, My opinion wasn't needed in the house at all. I was just there. I was the wicked girl at home, I was the introvert at school and a nobody, I was just there.

"What department should she go" My dad asked my mum. My dad was seated on his office chair, while my mum was seated opposite him and I leaned on the wall. Like I said my opinion wasn't needed.

"Science, maybe a general practitioner" She said and I rolled my eyes mentally.

"Ok" My dad said and signed the form.

"She will be a doctor" My mum said and smiled at my dad "Sha don't kill people" My mum said ignorantly and took a sip of her champagne.


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