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Eston lives in a dystopian world were past events leave some granted with unimaginable wealth while others can barely keep from starving. Eston live a happy life on the poor side of town with his family and inseparable best friends Jaymen and Slista until him and his family are chosen to move to the wealthy part of town. Eston is forced to leave his friends and his entire life to go to a part of town where everything thing is given to him and he has no problems. In his new life, Eston struggles to remember his old friends and keep the vow he made never to become a spoiled rich brat.

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Chapter 1


Hi, I’m Eston, I just found this journal on the side of the road, I’m guessing it’s something a W.P.O.T (wealthy part of town) kid threw over the fence. Probably thought it’s junk, spoiled little brat. I just don’t understand how anyone can live like that, taking everything for granted knowing that people just on the other side of that fence are starving and dying. That’s why me Jaymen and Slista all swore that we could never become like them and especially that we wouldn’t become like Poxton, the worst of the worst. Just this afternoon me Jaymen and Slista were tossing around some old sweaters the POTS tossed over (that’s what we call the W.P.O.T kids because four letters is too good for them) we were having a great time when Poxton had to go in ruin it.

“Hey Eston,” he chuckled as he zoomed over on his undoubtedly new motor shoes, “what’s two times two.”

“Just because we’re only allowed four years of education doesn’t make us idiots!” Slista replied, she was the fiercest of the group.

“Doesn’t it though?” Poxton responded with a laugh, “Besides my ancestors saved your ancestors’ butts, doesn’t that mean I deserve to be nine years smarter?”

“Careful, you’ve only got one year on us now, and you can go to school for however long you want but you still wouldn’t last a day on our side of the fence.” Slista said with a smile as she gladly received our highfives.

“That may be true, but I honestly don’t really care about your side of the fence.” He smirked before zooming off.

So yeah, that’s Poxton, everyone’s worst nightmare.

The absolute only thing he’ll ever do is strut around making sure everyone worse off than him knows that they’re worse off than him. I know all of that we’ll change, because one day we’ll fight back and he’s going to lose all his fancy things. If I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t think he’d make it a day without them. Anyways, I need to go collect our rations if we want to eat tonight.

4- 20-4086

Today was a very special day for those of us in the poor town, I think it’s about when the POTs first came to “save” us they were fresh out of food, we gave them our food and they then had the strength to civilize our town. I guess today’s the anniversary of that so the POTs donated a ton of food to us (though I’m sure it’s nothing compared to their afternoon snack) it’s all first come first serve and we can take whatever we want, it gets pretty messy so most kids aren’t allowed to be there. That means that while the adults are tackling each other with the hopes of bringing home a feast to their family, us kids have the town to ourselves I mean it, it was deserted.

Me Jaymen and Slista had about seven hours to rule the town. The first thing we did was run to the old well, not the one we actually get water from, that one’s awfully boring and a lot of other kids always seem to be around there. We went to the well that’s nearly three thousand years old, legend has it that two thousand years ago, a little boy fell down it, never to be seen again. I'm pretty sure that's some stupid thing a parent made up to scare their kids out of going to the well, but boy does it frighten Jaymen. When we went to the well, we knew this was our last chance to do this before next year, it's actually illegal to get within ten feet of it, but there aren't any laws on extra rations day. That's way I was determined to seize this opportunity and lower myself into the well on the bucket. They only problem was when we reached the well it was even scarier then I feared. We could see pebbles separating from the bricks as they crumbled to dust and drifted what must have been a hundred feet down into the watery void of darkness.

"Well Eston," Slista asked, "you gonna ride the bucket."

"Slista, have I ever lied to you?"

"Yeah, you said and I quote 'I'm not scared of some three thousand year old trough of water' "

"And I'm not scared."

"Oh look, you did it again."

Can we please just let the record show that I was not afraid of the well, was I the tiniest little bit worried that the robe might not have been able to hold my weight, sure. That's different than if I were say too scared to climb a tree. In climbing a tree you are dependent on your abilities not a rope. Besides, it's not like Slista would ever ride on that bucket, she'd just say 'it's stupid' and 'you're gonna get yourself killed', yet she make fun of me.

Well after that I had the sanity not to ride down the bucket, come on, the rope's older than my grandma, and her grandma. Unfortunately, Slista's really good at pestering me, she eventually got me to walk across the rim of the well. Let me just tell you I did not like it. At one point I was just walking along and the brick I was standing on started to wobble so I leap off without even thinking. Luckly, I landed on another brick but it was so hard to balance, I kept wobbling back and forth and back and forth and I almost fell in twice. I managed to keep my balance, but the brick behind me didn't. After a whole lot of shaking, it met its doom. Jaymen says now there's a mark that we were here and that I was really brave. I'm still freaked out that that rock could have been me.

After that the day was a little less eventful. There are a lot of kids in town, so it was pretty crowded. That's why me Jaymen and Slista just decided to run down to the pond and catch frogs. I caught a huge one with bulging eyes that looked like they would pop out of its head. I named him Speaky because he was very talkative, I had to let him go though because we don't have anywhere to keep him. I keep waiting for the POTs to throw over some sort of box we can keep them in but they never do. Jaymen's brother, Gallet says that in the W.P.O.T people have boxes made of crystal and if they ever get the tiniest little crack, they'll just toss them over the fence. I hope I find one someday, I sure would love to keep a frog.

When I got home I found out that mom and dad got us a lot of food. A whole entire duck and three loaves of bread plus half a melon, I didn't even know melons were real. I am completely stuffed right now and I had the best day ever.

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