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Life's 3 golden rules -- 1)Enjoy your life there where you are 2) do not rush 3) do not lose hope "No matter how hard the past, you can always begin again." . . . . Will the church accept him ever again? no. the church doesn't accept liars, I clearly remember the time he said to love and protect and never leave my side, ever. I was startled when I had to sign the papers, the divorce papers ................................................................... This is a story about Abigail Johnson who has dealt successfully with a very painful past she has stopped enjoying her life after the incidents of her painful life but what happens when she meets a man who is stable but firm to his decision and is determined to put Abigail on the right path. . . . Copyright © 2020

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Chapter 1

lit up a cigar and stared outside my window looking at each and every sky train, just blank and alone from inside. I was startled when I realized that I was an author and that my mind was not supposed to be empty but full of ideas and thoughts but right now I was just empty and trust me all I could think of was my memories with him and how happy we were when suddenly he left me thinking I wasn’t his type. Why would he spend 2 years with me if I wasn’t his type and then when I asked him, he said he took 2 years to understand me. He did not understand I felt incomplete without him, then what the hell did he understand? He wanted to leave all of a sudden when I thought he was there with me. I remember him telling me in fact promising me on my wedding day he would never ever leave me, it was a two-hour session and when a sign just cut every relation of ours, he said he would still support me. What would I do of the stupid support when the divorcee tag was on me! He got out with it easily the one stuck was me and all I could do was NOT help it.

I feared to get out of the house only because of people and media the news everywhere was just “World’s number 1 author recently got separated. See the complete clip of what exactly happened” like what the heck! Who would want to look at it when people were actually really caught up in their own lives all they cared was the headline. Whenever I went outside people would look at me and think of how helpless I was, I never wanted people looking at me and thinking of that but all that I had never wanted only one man made all of it possible.

We rich and famous people have really complicated lives and now I understand why people are always saying that having fame is one of the most irritating things in the world and all the young people out there don’t think that having fame is really lucky, well maybe it is but it is really irritating and all the famous people no longer have any personal life, everywhere you go you have to behave even if it is your home you are always scared of someone coming up and knocking on your door for a surprise interview and after then I have started hating surprises, trust me no surprises, please. My life sucks now I just feel like quitting it but that is my problem, I don’t quit what I start. I am sad all day, like I am totally worthless. I hate the life I am living, I hate the people around me, and I have started hating people all thanks to that one person who left my side just a day before my book publishing. Thank you Jack Smith you have made my life a living hell just when I was supposed to be happy because maybe that is why you came in my life just to destroy it.

// A cup of coffee and ‘safari’ motivated the author for this. In case you are wondering what is ‘safari’ Google it with ‘Serena’ in the end.//

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