In A Coma

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A girl who was recently had been brought into a coma from surgery

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One and only chapter

i was on a walk through my familys corn field on a cold breezy night I come across a road. A road I havent seen before, it was pitch back and the only thing I could see was the yellow streacks on the road. And a car coming 90mph towards me. A car coming 90mph towards me?!

I panic not knowing what to, the driver slams its brakes. I faint and fall unconscious. Next thing I know I'm in the hospital. They told me I need surgery because I had fallen and damage my body. They put me into deep sleep but when I woke up I tried opening my eyes but it was like as if they were glued shut. I coulndt move talk but I could only hear the doctors talking to my father.

I'm in a coma!? This cant be i- what happens? "Your daughter was put into deep sleep and didnt wake up this had put her in a coma," The doctor calmly says to my father my mom was in the other room. I hear my mother walk in and they both hold my hands saying "Everything's going to be okay," thinking I can't hear them.

My heart was broken, I can hear you I'm awake, am i? I want to cry but I cant all these feeling are locked inside. Every night my parents read me a bed time story, and every morning my parents kiss me on the forehead saying goodbye and leaving for work.

A few days, weeks, months past and I havent had a single visit from my mother. My father had told me she lost all hope. For my father he still had hope he did all the stuff they used to do the bedtime story and the morning goodbye kiss.

One day I got a visit from my mom! When I first heard her voice I awoke from shock and excitment! I yell MOM, she darts forwards me and we hug I've never felt so happy the doctors call my father. We all hug again for what felt like hours.

I had to have some physical therapy after laying in a bed for two months. I didn't care though I was so happy we were a family again! My doctors ask if I could hear or open my eyes I said only one thing I could hear and feel. I get to go home I screamed! When it was time to go home we packed my stuff and continued living our live as a normal family.

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